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HHCRO – An energy company perspective..

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1 HHCRO – An energy company perspective..
Crispin Jones, E.ON UK

2 HHCRO.. 7.1. Under HHCRO, suppliers must deliver measures which result in cost savings and which improve the ability of a householder to affordably heat their home. HHCRO focuses on low income and vulnerable householders, living in private housing (generally), where residents are in receipt of specific benefits and meet other related conditions (the ‗affordable warmth group‘ or ‗AWG‘). This chapter provides information about achieving HHCRO. Ofgem Supplier Guidance, Mar, 2013 (32/13)

3 Who and what.. +Homeowners +Privately rented households
+In receipt of stated benefits +Require AW (HHCRO) measure - Cavity Wall Insulation - Loft Insulation - Boilers

4 Who pays?

5 Example.. Measure Estimated Cost of measure Annual Savings (EST)
Lifetime of saving Total Saving Cost-efficiency Boiler #1 £2,000 £310 12 years £3,720 £0.53 Annual Savings Boiler #2 £600 £7,200 £0.27

6 Guidance.. 8.37. The repair or replacement of a qualifying boiler should be scored from the starting position of ‘no heating system present’... Supplier Guidance, p.74 8.37. -1. Space heating system: direct-acting on-peak portable electric heaters throughout; ignore any secondary heating system which may be present. Supplier Guidance, p.75 8.38. 3. SAP 2009 sections A3.4 and S10.1 (yellow box), which suggest that a non-working boiler should be entered as if it were working, do not apply to ECO scoring of qualifying boilers. Supplier Guidance, p.75

7 Brokerage results for 9th April 2013
Measure Brokerage (Low) Brokerage (High) AW £0.22 £0.24 Brokerage.. Brokerage results for 9th April 2013

8 Guidance D-day – 1st May 2013

9 Technical When is a boiler broken / inefficient?

10 The hard bits... AWG eligibility Householder Tenancy Definitions .

11 RdSAP assessments Before we begin work on a property, it is assessed by a DEA using the approved RdSAP software to determine the current energy use and given a SAP rating Proposed measure determine the Post-install SAP (re-calculated if boiler not known at survey stage)

12 Confirm benefits We will use our Pre-qualifying team to obtain information from the customers on the receipt of qualifying benefits Assessment of the customers benefit criteria will then be checked by assessors. These will visit the home to assess the work needed and establish that the benefit criteria has been met

13 ESAS (Energy Saving Advice Service)

14 Why HHCRO?


16 E.ON’s approach... Partnership Domestic Energy Assessors Measures

17 Vaillant.. Network of loyal installers across England, Wales and Scotland Expertise from the first call DEA assessments Quality service Comprehensive aftercare “Local installers, fitting British made boilers, with high quality service”

18 Responders to Warmth.. Marketing and installation support provided by E.ON Valued, local service Dedicated helpline “successful local initiative, offering impartial help to vulnerable people”

19 Strong Relationships….
“…..We have an excellent ongoing relationship with eon that has provided us with significant upgrades to the energy efficiency of our housing stock over the last 12 months…..” “….All of team E.on, from your rep , foreman, plasterers and electrician’s…..have shown nothing but consideration and professionalism …..” “…..We have an excellent ongoing relationship with eon that has provided us with significant upgrades to the energy efficiency of our housing stock over the last 12 months…..”

20 Customer Confidence Eon have become experts in the field. Utilising our experience we wish to work in partnership with you, to: Satisfaction householders needs Combat fuel poverty Enhance your HECA achievements Deliver our ECO target

21 Diolch yn fawr / Thank you
Crispin Jones Affordable Warmth Obligation Manager E.ON UK Sherwood Park Anneseley Nottingham NG15 0DR Tel:

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