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Boy’s Life 8 By Robert McCammon.

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1 Boy’s Life 8 By Robert McCammon

2 Quotations “ Traveling, traveling: to see Kings Ludwig, Nicholas, Zanthas, Daman, Farron, Burl and Swane. Traveling, traveling: to castles of red sand, hewn of blue trees, formed of fire, shaped of sculpted clouds. Traveling, traveling, with planets and stars beyond and invitation books open to a single name. The solitary traveler has left this world. He will not pass this way again.   “ It’s just…I sure would hate to live that way. Could hardly move. Sure couldn’t see the sun. And every day would be just like the day before, even if you lived a million days. I can’t stand the thought of that. Can you, Cory?”

3 Quotations “ Miss Blue Glass took that parrot to Dr. Lezander a couple of weeks ago. It had a brain fever or somethin’ birds get. That’s what the doc told her. Anyhow, the parrot kicked the bucket.”   “And why don’t they do that to everythin’? Just put a whole town’s stores under one roof so the rain won’t fall on you and you won’t get cold. Wouldn’t that be a jim- dandy idea? And then you’ll have stores and roads and houses, but you won’t have towns anymore. Not the way they are now.” 

4 Quotations “He fell on his knees at the arraignment and professed, sobbing to shake Shakespeare, that he was Born Again and had been duped into following the paths of Satan by his own misguided sons. They must take after their mothers, he said. He vowed to devote his life to being a minister, if, by the grade of the Lord above, the judge would offer him up a cup of mercy.”

5 The Big Questions Fantasy or Reality. Discuss the fantasies and realities thus far in the book. What realities in this section of the book are some of the pitfalls of growing up? Is there more evidence being revealed to indicate who the murderer is? What is the effect of progress on Cory’s dad?

6 Static Character Dynamic Character Red Herring Theme Imagery
Literary Terms Static Character  Dynamic Character  Red Herring  Theme  Imagery

7 Matching from BL9 The Demon Leatherlungs Dick Moultry Mr. Cardinale
 . Four Black Girls  Franklin  Heaven  Blockhead  . J.T. Marchette  . Vincent Price  . Bruton Recreation Center Leatherlungs Mr. Cardinale Dr. Lezander Owen Cathcoate Mr. Lightfoot Ray Bradbury

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