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Common Mistakes in ENGLISH Teacher: Silvino Sieben 3ª Série EM.

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1 Common Mistakes in ENGLISH Teacher: Silvino Sieben 3ª Série EM

2 Remind Remember

3 She remembered his name. We remember that its Janes birthday. Remind him about the homework. Dont forget to remind the teacher about the test.

4 Earn money Get money Win money

5 She works every day to earn her money. He won the money in that spelling contest. Jon got money from his mother.

6 Too Also Either

7 A: I like blue. B: I like blue, too./I also like blue. A: I dont like suspense movies. B: I dont like them either.

8 their there theyre

9 their Shows ownership. –Since it was their puppy, they had to pay the leash law ticket. –They couldnt believe what their eyes were seeing.

10 there Shows direction. In or at that place. Into or to that place. –Put the papers over there in the basket. –She is there now. –We went there last year.

11 theyre A contraction meaning they are. –Theyre the cutest couple. –He said that theyre so mean to him.

12 Wear Use

13 Shes wearing emerald earrings. He wears suit and tie to work. Tina wears lipstick to go to parties. I use the computer at work. She is using his comb. We need to use language properly.

14 than then

15 than A comparison –She is taller than I am. –He is smarter than his best friend.

16 then At that time, or immediately afterward (like next). –Prices were lower then. –Then, she jumped out of the car.

17 Than, then I want more candy ____ him. I went to the store, ____ I went home. Just ____ the phone rang. She was funnier ____ her brother.

18 its

19 Its A contraction for it is –Its about five minutes until class is over. –I will give you your grades when its convenient.

20 its Shows possession. Can be used to replace a person or an animal. –My dog has a collar; its collar is blue. –The book is great. Its main character is funny.

21 Its, its ___ no secret that Miss Perkins is cool. I left it, _____ in her classroom. The pencil fell from ____ place on my desk.

22 by buy bye

23 by Location, to and beyond the vicinity of. –She is standing by the door. –Dont let the school year just pass you by.

24 buy To purchase. –Will you buy me that candy please? –Dont forget to buy kleenex for class!

25 bye Farewell, indicates a greeting when leaving. - Say bye to Linda for me. - Bye, teacher! See you tomorrow.

26 By, buy, bye She is standing ___ the tree waiting for him. She had to ___ gifts for her whole class. She had to say ___ and leave.

27 choose chose

28 choose To pick something in present tense. –Today I will choose my favorite student for an award! –Choose your friends carefully!

29 chose To pick something in past tense. –Yesterday, I chose a necklace for my mom. –He chose not to follow the rules, so he got in trouble.

30 choose, chose She ____ him as her boyfriend. She had to ___ valentines for her whole class. ____ which one you like better.

31 passed past

32 passed To walk by not to fail. –You passed the test with an A! –He passed by me in the hallway.

33 past Before the current time. –Forget about your mistakes; they are in the past. –In the past, the TAKS test was easier.

34 passed, past She ____ him a note. She ____ her TAKS test. Yesterday is the ____.

35 Good Well

36 well Satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree. Its an adverb –You did well on your test! –How is my wife? She is doing very well.

37 good morally excellent; virtuous; satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree. Its an adjective. –The food was good. –Have a good day!

38 Good, well The game went ____. That dinner you cooked was so ____. My day is going pretty ____.

39 No Not

40 No Adverb She had no time to visit him. Theres no food in the fridge. Prohibition signs No parking. Short answers No, I dont.

41 Not Used with verbs and auxiliaries You must not leave. They do not (dont) know her. Thom did not (didnt) come. She will not (wont) study tonight. Im not a doctor.

42 No/Not She did ____ know his secret. We have ____ tomatoes. ____ swimming in this are. They should ____ go there.

43 As long as since

44 As long as Conditional conjunction She wont go to the party, as long as you take her. Ill stay as long as you need me.

45 Since Time conjunction Weve been friends since 1998. Tina has been a model since she was 11.

46 Between Among

47 The boy is between the two houses. That green apple is among the red apples.

48 Thank you!!

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