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2 2 Key content areas in deck: Methodology Social Media Data Overview Fisher Price popular products Fisher Price Sentiment Parents buying decision criteria Fisher Price slang used OUTLINE

3 © INTREPID 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 3 Methodology Tools use: SM2 - a social media monitoring and analysis solution helps to track conversations, review positive/negative sentiment for brand, products, competitors and partners across social media channels such as blogs, wikis, micro-blogs, social networks, video/photo sharing sites and real-time alerts. "Fisher Price" " mom" AND "Fisher Price" " Fisher Price" AND "dad" " mother" AND "Fisher Price" " Fisher Price" AND "father" " kids" AND "Fisher Price" " kid" AND "Fisher Price" " Fisher Price" AND "children" " parents" AND "Fisher Price" " toy" AND "FP" " toys" AND "FP" SEARCH KEYWORDS Date range: 5/15 – 6/15 Non-English written Sales Advertisement Jobs Advertisement Fisher Price baby gear results FILTER FINAL RESULTS Overview of data sources Impactful sources: 5094 results

4 © INTREPID 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 4 Social Media Data Overview 3484 results Parents reviews (54% conversations ) Parents advice or tips on Fisher Price toys (13 % conversations) Fisher Price toy photos (10% conversations) Slang use of Fisher Price terms (13% conversations) Others

5 © INTREPID 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 5 Fisher Price Popular Products Tech Products A portion of customers tend to look for FP toys as second hand products rather than buying brand new ones. They either found the old design is more attractive or the price of used products are more acceptable New, innovative products could not be for this segment of customers

6 © INTREPID 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 6 Fisher Price Sentiment I bought the whole Precious Planet collection and I love every single thing from it! This Bath Toy is adorable even my 3 year old loves it. Anyone who loves animals def. needs to look into the Precious Planet collection, ADORABLE!!!! - June 12 th – Mrs.Lindsay R.Slape I read reviews stating how poor this product was, but I thought my daughter would love it since she loves dogs so much. First the cord is too long- it could easily be wrapped around their necks. Second, she doesnt really know to drag it so she just picks it up by the cord and jerks it awkwardly. Third, it is not well made. Basically, this is a complete waste of money!!! - June 15 th – Erinn McPherson I agree about the picture quality of the fisher price camera being less then great. MY DD had one and she loved it at age 3. She played with it tons, it isnt about picture quality for a 3 year old, it is all about the fun of taking the pictures and seeing them on the little screen. It is a great camera for a 3 year old, he will love it and have tons of fun with it. - June 15 th – maddiesmom0116 My son received a Fisher Price camera as a gift when he was the same age as the OP's child. The photos were so bad that we ended up returning the item. He has used an old cell phone with a camera. Believe it or not the pictures were better than the FP. He has also used an old digital camera that we had and loved it. - June 15 th - Totoro

7 © INTREPID 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 7 Parents Buying Decision Criteria Childs reactions over the toy were found more influential to parents than other factors such as price, educational purposes or reasons that made parents do not like about the products. Sound in this context referred to parents reviews on volume, rhythm, and voice coming from toys Small toys were considered as having potentials of choking hazard, and made in china toys were seen as containing toxic chemicals Some toys were seen as heavy for young children (to hold, carry or move) Overall design referred to structures of the toys (simple or multiple functions), ways to assemble (easy to assemble, easy to replace), color, and pattern

8 © INTREPID 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 8 Fisher Price – Slang – 13% of total conversations Fisher Price (adj): used to describe things with plastic, fake or too colorful looks Fisher Price (adj): used to refer to something as less modern or less technological. Fisher Price (n): means as toys, however, used in teasing ways Great definition: Apple - very expensive fisher price activity center for grown-ups. - June 7 th – Andrew J Wippler i,m sure apple TV looks way better than Google TV. idk about you all but i think Google seriously needs a good designer. all their stuff looks like fisher price toys (nothing against FP i think they are doing way better job than Google). - June 3 rd - Johnny My iPhone feels like a Fisher Price toy compared to my iPad... - June 1 st – Luke Turcotte Theme Cloud for Fisher Price Slang used


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