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Journalism 2300: News Photography

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1 Journalism 2300: News Photography
Week Seven March 7, 2011

2 Announcements Test will be at end of class

3 Announcements Test will be at end of class Camera Contest:
Can do this in place of Weather assignment for March 25 Still need to send me 30 photos; submit best to Duluth News Tribune

4 Photo Contest The Duluth News Tribune, the Zinema 2 and New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham are hosting a photo contest in the Northland to celebrate the opening of the documentary “Bill Cunningham New York” — a film by Richard Press. While Cunningham chronicles fashion on the streets of New York, we’re asking you to take documentary-style photos capturing everyday fashion on the streets of Duluth. The rules: You must be 18 years or older to enter. Photos must be submitted to by March 23 to be considered. Finalists will be featured in the Scrapbook section April 3, when public voting begins. Winners will be announced on opening night April 8 at the Zinema 2. Prizes include dinner at Zietgiest Arts Cafe, a movie at the Zinema 2, and your photo featured on the film’s website.

5 Words Matter! Photograph a public misspelling 5 points extra credit
Here’s what I mean!

6 To be a better photographer…

7 …you need to take a lot of photos!

8 The week in pictures MSNBC:

9 Photographer profile How’s it going?
Do a brief (5 minute) PowerPoint presentation for the class on March 21, March 28 Include 10 images on individual slide pages that best portray the photographer’s work Include one slide with biographical information, portrait of the photographer IMPORTANT NOTE: presentations to me by noon on March 20

10 Let’s review who you have…
Molly: Mark Trockman, Lakeshore Weekly News, Wayzata Luke: Steve Muscatelo, New Ulm Journal Brady: Bruce Olson, Montevideo American News Anna: Jennifer Horton, Equine photojournalist, Iowa Erica: David Burnett, freelance photographer Gram: Paul Walsh, AP freelance, Duluth Evia: Bea Wiharta, Reuters, Indonesia Matt: Jamie Squire, Getty Images Kim: Kirtstin Hatz, Shakopee Valley News Amanda: Matt Kane, Delano Herald Journal

11 Reegan: Tom Carothers, Woodbury Bulletin
Tara: Nadine Kasel, Food Service News, Twin Cities Jessica: Eric Johnson, Austin Daily Herald Amelia: Annie Griffiths, National Geographic Laura: Scott Wallace, National Geographic Jennifer: Philip Kamras, Times Union, Albany, NY Ean: Kate Wiltshire, freelance, Dubois, WY Bailey: Stacy Axelrod, Daily Tar Heel, North Carolina Wesley: ????? Lisa: Joe Lemke, Spin Magazine Alexa: Jennifer Cappucio Maher, Inland Valley Daily News, Upland, California Bobby: Sun Sailor, Plymouth, MN Heather: Jason Wachter, St. Cloud Times

12 March 21: March 28: Ean: Kate Wiltshire Wes: Matt: Jamie Squire
Alexa: Jennifer Cappucio Maher Anna: Jennifer Horton Gram: Paul Walsh Heather: Carl Burton Reegan: Tom Carothers Bailey: Stacy Axelrod Jennifer: Philip Kamras Lisa: Joe Lemke Amanda: Matt Kane March 28: Bobby: Sun Sailor Jessica: Eric Johnson Amelia: Annie Griffiths Evia: Gea Wiharta Kim: Kirtstin Hatz Tara: Nadine Kasel Erica: David Burnett Molly: David Brewster Laura: Scott Wallace Luke: Steve Muscatelo Brady: Bruce Olson

13 Major Assignment III: Portraits/Personality Photograph
Environmental photograph of a person in an appropriate setting Photographs due: Friday, March 11 Who have you/are you planning to photograph? Using Picasa, send a link with your best photos to:

14 Major Assignment IV: Sports
Cover a sporting event of your choice Practice stopping action Look on the sidelines/crowd for reactions Submit best shot: Doesn’t have to be action Deadline: April 1 What have you/do you plan to attend? Let’s go around the room

15 Major Assignment V: Spot News
Capture a spot news event: Fires Crimes Accidents Weather! Doesn’t have to be while snowing If a blizzard/high winds, look for snow piles! Might have to reduce aperture for snow – might be too bright! If out in the snow, protect camera Have your camera with you spring break!










25 Let’s look at your Winter Outdoor Event Photographs
Overall good job! What was the biggest challenge? Biggest surprise? What did you learn?

26 Curt Perano starts his second Beargrease Marathon on Jan. 30
Curt Perano starts his second Beargrease Marathon on Jan. 30.  Originally from New Zealand, Perano moved to the U.S. in 2007.

27 A skier crosses the American Birkebeiner finish line, a 50K race, that begins at the Telemark Resort in Cable, Wis. and ends on Main Street in Hayward, Wis. on Feb. 26. Thousands of skiers traveled from around the world to participate in this event.

28 Janice Reifenberger of Duluth walks out of the water after jumping into Lake Superior at the Polar Plunge on Feb. 19.

29 The Minnesota Forest Lake 8th Grade Baller-inas Dana Larson, Abbie Vanbergen and Kahlie Phillips take the Plunge on Feb. 19 at the Forest Lake 2nd Annual FLake Festival. The annual winter plunge 'Gettin Cold for a Cause' is put on by the Forest Lake Rotary Club. The Baller-inas showed up with the rest of the Century Junior High School girls basketball team to jump in.

30 Paisley Nardini (right) and Karli Scheving brave the cold waters of Lake Superior and shiver to stay warm at the Polar Bear Plunge last Saturday in Duluth, MN.

31 Jumping into the icy Lake Superior water, Amy Larsen and Matt Prois participated in the Polar Bear Plunge on Feb. 19 for Special Olympics. The pair named themselves the "Smart Wool Ninjas" and joined over 800 other jumpers in the event.

32 The Fox 21 News Team takes the Polar Plunge in Canal Park on Feb
The Fox 21 News Team takes the Polar Plunge in Canal Park on Feb. 19 to benefit the Special Olympics of Minnesota.  Left to right: Dan Hanger, Jason Vincent, Makenzi Henderson, Greg Chandler, Jacob Kittilstad. 

33 Dave Johnson emerges from the warming tent after jumping in Lake Superior for the Duluth Polar Bear Plunge on Saturday, Feb. 19. Nearly 850 people took the plunge and raised more than $142,000 for Special Olympics.

34 Rena Lettsome, Katie Oja and Matt Oja of Duluth jump into Lake Superior during the polar plunge. The jumped along with the UMD Pharmacy team on Feb. 19.

35 On Feb. 19 1,700 people particiated in the Springsteel Fishing Derby held in Warroad, MN. Here, brothers Rod and Scott Storey of Warroad, wait patiently for a fish to bite their line shortly after the Derby started.The biggest fish caught during the Derby was a 19 pound Northern caught by Damien Treichel.

36 These fishermen struggle to free a truck stuck in the cracking ice and snow on Lake of the Woods, just outside Warroad, MN.  They were there to participate in the annual Springsteel Fishing Derby, which was nearly canceled do to concerns of unsafe ice conditions.

37 Mike Foosness has a fish on at UMD's Big Jig ice fishing contest on Feb. 13th.  Proceeds from the event support Bulldog athletics.

38 Sean Johnson (right) shows off his puppy, Dash, to Kelly (left) and Maggie (middle) Smith of Duluth. Sean entered Dash into the "Cutest Puppy Contest" at the Fitger's Complex in Duluth on Jan, 29. The contest is held annually as part of the John Beargrease weekend. Fiona, an Alaskan Malamute won the competition.

39 With a helping hand from Mom, Piper (2), gives the Great Dane named Dino a hug on Jan. 29 at the Fitgers Complex during the John Beargrease Cutest Puppy Contest.

40 A young boy plays on the ice skating pond at the 12th annual "Warmer by the Lake" which was held at Bayfront Festival Park on Feb. 12. The event was sponsored by Duluth Parks and Recreation. People of all ages skated on the ice skating pond, went snow shoeing, roasted marshmallows and enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies.

41 UMD juniors Matt Newton and Jeremy Brown battle for position behind the net while playing pick up hockey on March 2 at Fryberger Ice Arena. The park has two outdoor rinks as well as one indoor, that are used for both pickup hockey and youth games.

42 Jillian Goman, an 18 months old is playing with her mother at Chester Bowl Park, Duluth Minn on Feb. 27.

43 Many people await their turn to ride up the ski lift at Spirit Mountain on Wed. Feb. 2.

44 Two students in Duluth, Jon Lindsay and Zack Davidson, hit the slopes at Spirit Mountain in honor of Military Appreciation Week on March 2. All military members and their immediate families received discounted rates on a number of amenities.

45 April Rosten and Trent Templer of Detroit Lakes roasted marshmallows on the shores of Lake Superior at Beacon Pointe Resort.  The resort offers nightly campfires all year round.

46 Kathryn Thompson gets some exercise as she walks her two dogs, Bear and Walter, down the driveway on her farm outside of Montevideo, MN.

47 Let’s review photos in small groups
Share challenges/successes What would you do differently?

48 Final Project: Let’s build a web page
Google Sites:

49 Let’s take the test! Have a great spring break!

50 Photography lingo Shoot: take photos Sharp photo: in focus
Soft: out of focus; not sharp Flat light: Even, with no highlights Bracket: Take several shots of same scene at different exposures Shoot a lot of frames! Take a lot of photos – memory cards are cheap!

51 Picasa 3: Editing, selecting photos
Set up Google Account: Go to: Download Picasa 3 Upload photographs Under File menu, select New Album Type in Date/name of assignment Select photos, drag to the album you created Edit photos, put the final photo selection first in album Select the final photo, and write cutline where it says: Write a caption! NOTE: Add full name to the end of the caption

52 Sharing album with me Select the album you want to share
Click on the Share button on upper right side of the album screen Sign in to your Google account In the Share Photos screen, in the To: box type

53 Carry your camera with you!

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