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Real case studies from (KW) High-Tech industry. This presentation is about: Turning an idea into a business...and beyond.

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1 Real case studies from (KW) High-Tech industry

2 This presentation is about: Turning an idea into a business...and beyond

3 Making Ontario A World Leader In The Digital Economy McGuinty Government Partners With Communitech To Create Digital Media Jobs In Kitchener-Waterloo (Feb. 2, 2012) Premier Dalton McGuinty present at newly opened expansion of the Communitech Hub

4 The Tannery – Kitchener 19th-century tannery transformed into high-tech facility - The Communitech Hub

5 Communitech Hub The Communitech Hub is expected to create or retain more than 4,000 jobs. More than 458 new companies have been created since it was launched in 2010. Fostering innovation and partnering with business that are creating the next generation of jobs is part of the McGuinty government's plan to strengthen Ontario's economy and create jobs for families.

6 What is digital media? Information that is created and shared virtually rather than physically

7 Required elements for starting a business Idea validation – Market readiness assessment Funding Logistic support Connections Resources Talent Education

8 Waterloo Region – Community driven innovation

9 Business and economic environment Home to more than 700 tech companies (IT, digital media, biomedical, aerospace, environmental tech and advanced manufacturing) World class graduates available from University of Waterloo This is a community that self-consults, with one generation mentoring the next. Iain Klugman CEO of Communitech

10 Structure Communitech A not-for-profit organization supporting technology companies in Waterloo Region and promotes the area as a technology cluster. Services: Venture services program; peer connections; Networking; mentorship Communitech is powerful example of the kind of entrepreneurship and innovation that is driving the Ontario economy. Our government is proud to support enterprises like Communitech, building confidence in our economy and bringing jobs to Ontario, for Ontario families." – Dalton McGuinty Premier of Ontario

11 Structure Business incubators / accelerators: Accelerator Centre (Waterloo) Communitech hub (Kitchener) Facility dedicated to the growth and commercialization of Ontarios digital media industry VeloCity (University of Waterloo) Low cost business accelerator services for University of Waterloo students and graduates

12 Structure Accelerator Centre facts: 100% of graduate companies remained in Ontario. 84% remained in local community over 1400 hours of educational services delivered to Client companies clients have added over 600 new jobs to their communities helped the Clients bring in over $72 million in external funding clients generated over $45 million in revenue and counting

13 Structure Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) Created by Communitech in 2009 as a national Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research to create companies, jobs and wealth for the nation 15 regional nodes – Canada wide; Communitech Hub is the headquarters

14 Still something out there left to be invented? Another business idea left to be discovered?

15 The answer is... YES! Advancements in various technologies open the path to new businesses

16 Miovision Technologies Founded 2005 Automated Traffic Data Collection system. Intelligent solutions designed to help data collectors, traffic consultants and municipal governments reduce the cost of collecting, analyzing and reporting accurate traffic data. The product help reduce traffic congestion, minimize environmental impacts and improve the overall safety on the roads. Capabilities: vehicle count; Traffic studies; Data collection; Signal timing ; Traffic Reporting Markets: Public Sector Municipal & State Governments Transportation Engineering & Planning firms Traffic Data Collection Consultants

17 Aeryon Labs Founded in 2007 Design and manufacture small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems for aerial sensing applications. Aeryon Scout is an easy-to-use, battery powered, unmanned aerial intelligence gathering system. A professional tool capable of point- and-click autonomous map-based navigation through a touch-screen user interface, the Scout requires minimal user training and allows a single user to operate both the aerial vehicle and camera payload system. The Scout is targeted at the backpack of every soldier and the trunk of every police car Markets / applications: Military Law Enforcement Fire safety Civilian

18 Dejero Founded in 2009 Innovative technology for transmitting broadcast-quality HD or SD live video over bonded cellular networks, WiFi or Ethernet. The revolutionary solution gives greater mobility, including access to locations such as airports, high security areas, rooftop events and can even broadcast from a moving vehicle. Dejero expands broadcast newsgathering capabilities. Markets / applications: Broadcasting, Media, Surveillance, Military, Education News Journalist, Web Media, Emergency Response, Education, Military Local news, Video Blogging, Citizen Journalists Customer Support, Remote Medical Diagnostic

19 Dejero CTVs live coverage of the Torch Relay for 100 days across 27,000 miles of Canada was a hugely popular introduction to the 2010 Winter Games. The innovative technology developed by Dejero will revolutionize how broadcasters cover live events. Robert Hurst, CTV News President

20 Key elements for success: Valid business idea (addresses a demand, open a niche etc.) Market ready – immediate opportunities for commercialization Innovative (patented) technology Field proven / Reliable Recognition – awards, press releases Cost effective – fraction of the cost of an existing/traditional solution or new affordable solution Complex product – powered by proprietary software Easy to use – complex technology packed in a friendly easy to use interface. Solution made possible due to advancements in various related technologies Business and Tech community support (Communitech) Start with a product with basic functionality that sells and grow from there

21 Whats next? - Keep Innovating ! Improve the product (quality, features) More compact versions Improve the processes Expand on alternate markets / verticals consumer market news journalist / web media emergency response / diagnosis remote monitoring/ surveillance

22 Expertise needed Information Technology Computer engineering Software engineering Web development Electronics /Electrical engineering Wireless / RF engineering Mechanical engineering Manufacturing engineering

23 Suppliers machine shop sheet metal shop PCB manufacturing houses PCB assembly houses cable assembly houses other custom parts and assembly

24 Need for any changes in the business model ? increase demand for rapid prototyping (physical models) when digital prototyping reached certain technological limit or not effective


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