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Unleashing Next-Generation Cable Puma5 and the gateway to DOCSIS ® 3.0.

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1 Unleashing Next-Generation Cable Puma5 and the gateway to DOCSIS ® 3.0

2 The Battle for Next-Gen Broadband The advent of advanced IP services has ignited the competitive front. Cable Fiber DSL

3 Cable Responds with DOCSIS ® 3.0 Rapid deployment of 3.0-certified devices will begin in 2008. Maintain focus on D3 and dont get distracted by quick fixes. D3 paves the way for next-generation IP applications.

4 DOCSIS ® 3.0: Under the Hood D3 enables cable operators to play defensively and offensively in the face of competition. D3 provides channel bonding, IPv6 capability, and AES to enhance the subscriber experience. As an upgrade, D3 significantly extends the life of an MSOs investment.

5 Getting to D3 Introducing the worlds first DOCSIS ® 3.0 solution Cable modem architecture for advanced IP services

6 TI Presents Puma5 Provides manufacturers with the fastest path to DOCSIS ® 3.0 Enables MSOs to deliver enhanced features and maintain competitive edge Builds upon TIs field-proven cable technology Flexible, scalable architecture optimized for enhanced performance Delivers highest voice quality and data speeds to complete the gateway

7 Investing in the Right Markets at the Right Time OCT 2004 - TI announces 1 million VoCable chipsets shipped AUG 2005 - PUMA4 VoCable platform launched AUG 2005 - Kinetic Strategies reports 66.5% VoCable market share for TI 1H 2005 - OEM shipments exceed 2.5 million EMTAsTODAY - TI has 65% market share1999 - TI acquires Telogy Networks for VoIP

8 Thank You Certified lightning.

9 The DOCSIS ® Roadmap

10 DOCSIS ® Evolution DOCSIS ® 1.0 (High-speed Internet access) Specification first issued on March 26, 1997 DOCSIS ® 1.1 (Telephony, gaming, streaming media) Specification first issued on March 11, 1999 Quality of Service (QoS), service security, operations tools DOCSIS ® 2.0 (Capacity for symmetric services) Specification first issued on December 31, 2001 More upstream capacity than DOCSIS 1.0 and 1.1 Improved robustness against interference DOCSIS ® 3.0 (Bigger, better, faster…)

11 DOCSIS ® Features Much higher bandwidth through channel bonding Starts at 160 Mbps downstream, 120 Mbps upstream and goes up from there Multiple 6MHz (or 8MHz) channels are bound, treating them logically as one A minimum of four channels are bound, can be more Channel bonding in both upstream and downstream IPv6 for advanced networking capabilities Expanded address space (2128 or 3.4 dodecillion) Improved operational capabilities And much more…

12 DOCSIS ® Benefits Higher shared channel capacity, more raw bandwidth Higher peak capacity to an individual cable modem More-efficient usage of the capacity through statistical multiplexing gains Virtually unlimited addressing for IP devices Support for device mobility through IPv6 Simplified device provisioning through IPv6 auto- configuration

13 Cable Technology Roadmap From a pipe to multimedia center

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