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Module CSY3021 Network Planning and Programming RD-CSY3021-08/09 1.

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1 Module CSY3021 Network Planning and Programming RD-CSY3021-08/09 1

2 Network Planning Planning LAN Planning IP network Addressing Interconnection devices VLAN (Virtual LAN) Planning WAN WAN technologies Frame Relay, ATM, DSL, Network Security VPN (Virtual Private Network) Firewall NAT (Network Address Translation) RD-CSY3021-08/09 2

3 Network Planning Planning a network can be quite a Herculean task. Planning involves: Estimating Bandwidth requirements Planning Network reliability Reach and Mobility Security Convergence Operating Costs RD-CSY3021-08/09 3

4 Capacity Planning Raw bandwidth capability is growing rapidly Bandwidth requirements have moved up LAN 10 Mbps to ~ Gbps WAN: 56Kbps on Modem to Mbps to ~Gbps Planning LAN cabling requirements Applications driving bandwidth requirements Use of Internet as a Business tool voice communication using Internet (VoIP) Multimedia nature of traffic Need for wireless bandwidth RD-CSY3021-08/09 4

5 Capacity Planning - cont Wireless bandwidth Increased mobility of personnel New emerging wireless standards Integration with GPRS RD-CSY3021-08/09 5

6 Planning Network Reliability Networks expected to be up and running round the clock Minimise Downtime Planned downtime Maintenance, upgrade, reconfiguration Unplanned downtime RD-CSY3021-08/09 6

7 Minimise Planned downtime Choosing equipment that can be serviced without disconnecting Hot standby/ redundant E.g., Server farms Equipment should be capable of handling multiple protocols and standards. e.g., equipment upgraded from Ethernet to Fast Ethernet RD-CSY3021-08/09 7

8 Planning Reach and Mobility Networks becoming increasing wireless PAN, LAN, WAN Wired network designed for Variety of equipment Laptops, PDA, mobile phones Variety of protocols, speeds, formats RD-CSY3021-08/09 8

9 Planning Security Applications carrying more business critical data Selecting equipment with in-built security options Mobile users need to access network from outside Security on Wireless network RD-CSY3021-08/09 9

10 Convergence Design flexible network Handle multitude of available protocols Select core network equipment – Switch, router and gateways to handle multiple protocols New wave of Integrated Communications Convergence of application, services and devices Voice meets data Wireless meets fixed-line RD-CSY3021-08/09 10

11 Operating Cost High operating cost for WAN connectivity Operating costs are also a function of consolidating various WAN services with one service provider versus spreading it across various service providers. Charges may vary depending on the communication protocol being used. Frame relay, ATM and IP may have different rates RD-CSY3021-08/09 11

12 Network Design Hierarchical network A network with different layers Each level of the network has it own function Minimise costs Avoid spending money to buy unnecessary feature of equipment to each layer requirements Save bandwidth due to modularity of design Scalability is the major goal Fast convergence Route summarisation RD-CSY3021-08/09 12

13 Typical Network Layout RD-CSY3021-08/09 13

14 Task Get yourselves in groups and discuss What is involved in planning a home network? Prospective solutions ??? RD-CSY3021-08/09 14

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