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COMPANY PROFILE MEMCO Multi Electromechanical Trading

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1 COMPANY PROFILE MEMCO Multi Electromechanical Trading
MEMCO Multi Electromechanical Trading

2 About Us MEMCO ( Multi Electromechanical Trading Co. ) was founded on 2002, by the Obaido & Bteibet Group and Eng. Mohammad Badawieh, who have vast experience in Trading and Contracting for more than Sixteen years in Kuwait and Jordan. MEMCO is considered one of the most innovative in providing the latest Electrical & Mechanical products in Jordan. Our aim is customer satisfaction in all aspects. MEMCO business structure is configured in Four large sectors; Power Electric Utilities, Water & Mineral Resources Authorities, Electromechanical Contractors and End users. MEMCO is adopting the state of art marketing and sales tools by having professional crew in distributing & promoting the products of the manufacturers whom we represent .

3 PRODUCTS MEMCO specialized in sales and supply of Electromechanical products which includes: 1. Power & Telecommunication Cables Power & Distribution Transformers 2. O/H Line conductors and Accessories 10. Cable Joints & Terminations 3. Cutting and Crimping Tools Cable Lugs and Connectors 4. Kwh Meters & Water Meters Earthing and Lightning Systems 5. Cable Tray and Ladder Systems 13. LV & MV Switchgears & Components 6. Aluminum & Fiber Glass Ladders 14. Testing equipment 7. Load Break Switches & Isolators 15. Lighting Fixtures 8. Diesel Generators Explosion Proof Materials

4 CLIENTS Our main Clients are the following:
1. Power Electric Utilities Electromechanical Contractors 2. Electrical Local Suppliers 10. Royal Palaces 3. Armed Forces Jordan Cement Factories Co. 4. Jordan Oil Refinery 12. Arab Potash Co. 5. Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. 13. Hotels 6. Hospitals Civil Aviation 7. Water Authority Consultants 8. Panel Builders

5 Particulars of Company
Name Of Company: Multi Electromechanical Trading Company P.O. Box # 2087, Amman 11953 Khalda-Amer Bin Malak Street, Ali & Nabil Al-Assaf Building, 2nd. Floor Amman-Jordan. Telephone No Telefax No E- mail

6 Board of Directors Eng. Mohammad T. Badawieh General Manager
      Mr. Khalid Obiado   Mr. Al-Sae’ed Bteibet

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