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A Tradition of Excellence… Exceptional Performance Coleman Cable Overview.

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1 A Tradition of Excellence… Exceptional Performance Coleman Cable Overview

2 Leading manufacturer of electrical, electronic, low voltage, communication, assembled and fabricated wire & cable products More than 2.0 mil sq. ft manufacturing & distribution facilities Asian engineering and sourcing office 9,000 + active customers More than 70,000 stock keeping units (skus) ISO 9001:2000 certified quality supplier Sarbanes-Oxley compliant 2007 NASDAQ listed as CCIX Three Decades of Proven Performance

3 Diverse Product Line Extension Cords Range/Dryer/Power Sply Temporary Lighting Temporary Power RV Cords Coil Cords Safety Products/GFCIs Booster Cables Lead Wire PVC/MTW XLPE Irradiated Silicone Welding Cable Trailer Cable Stage & Lighting Battery Cable Fabricated Copper Boat Cable Fire Alarm Security Alarm Plenum Speaker Coaxial Tel/Data Home Automation Media Control Access Control Thermostat Assembled Products Electrical/ Industrial Electronic/ Lo-Voltage Planned New Opportunities Industrial Thermosetting, Power, Control & Instrumentation Cables Portable Cord: SEO, SO Control Cable PPE, G, W, GGC DLO Cable Compact 600 (SDN) Corra/Clad MC Pump Irrigation Custom Engineered

4 Electrical / Industrial Cable Seoprene ® SEOOW Portable Cord Royal ® SOOW Portable Cord Royal ® Welding Cable Royal ® Bus Drop Cable Royal ® DLO Triangle ® Bare Copper Wire Tray Cable Seoprene ® SEOOW Control Cable Royal ® SOOW Control Cable Compact 600 ® Machine Tool Wire/TFFN/TFN Thermostat Wire Corra/Clad MC Cable XHHW

5 Telephone & Station Wire Category 3, 5, 5E, and 6 Coaxial, Plenum, and Twinaxial Commercial Sound & Intercom Home Automation/Combination Cables Security, Access Control and Fire Alarm Multi-Conductor, Multi-Pair Low Voltage/Data Cable

6 Assembled Products Extension Cords & Appliance Cord Sets Handheld & Temporary Lighting Surge & Multi-Outlet Portable Power Distribution RV Cords Booster Cables Solar & Low Voltage Lighting Timers & Accessories GFCI Cord Sets Power Supply Cords Holiday Electrical

7 Appliance Wire Automotive Primary Wire Battery Cable Brake Cable Bonded Wire / Rip Cord Electronic Wire Flexible Cord Machine Tool Wire Marine Cable RVI Cable Speaker Wire / SPT Trailer Cable Welding Cable Medical Grade Copperfield

8 Serving Multiple Industries Construction: Residential, Commercial, Industrial Security / Home Technology Plant Maintenance / MRO Marine Mobile Home / Manufactured Housing Entertainment Agricultural Food Processing Submersible Environments HVAC/R Commercial & Residential Sprinkler Systems Low Voltage Lighting Material Handling Equipment Aircraft Equipment Office Equipment Electronics Lighting Robotics/Automation Wind Farms Temporary Power Panel Builders Harness Assembly Military Specs Automotive Appliances Well Pumps

9 More than 2 million square feet manufacturing & distribution National Footprint

10 Best-In-Class Logistics New 500,000 sq ft. Warehouse 10 Major Distribution Warehouses MRP and WMS Systems More than 70,000 skus More Than 3,000 stock skus 97.2% First Fill Rate Average 1.16 shipments per PO Stock orders ship within 24 hours Strategic Alignment with freight carriers

11 Manufacturing Capabilities State-of-the art manufacturing processes Advanced process controls & Quality Assurance processes Vertically integrated copper fabrication Flexible Manufacturing for Unique Specifications & Applications Specials / Custom Products to meet customers unique requirements: Industrial Flexing Cable, Special Composite Cable, Mil-Spec Constructions, Specialty Control Cables, Retractile Cords, Pendant & Reel Cable, Wind Turbine Cables and more

12 Custom / Engineered Products Industrial Flexing Cable Special Composite Cable Mil-Spec Constructions Festoon Cables Retractile Cords Pendant & Reel Cable Geometric Shaped Cables Wind Turbine Cables From stock or by custom design…theres a Coleman Cable for you!

13 Recognized Brand Names Consumers are Familiar with CCI Trusted Brand Names Seoprene ® - SEO Portable Cord Royal ® - SO Portable Cord & Welding Cable Polar/Solar ® - High Performance Extension Cords Signal ® - Sound, Security, Fire Alarm, Voice/Data, Coax Baron ® - Irrigation, HVAC, Thermostat, Underground Lighting Cable Road Power ® - Retail Automotive Accessories

14 E-Business Product Information, Specification Sheets, Brochures, Technical Reference EDI Order Processing Standard Industry Transaction Sets: PO(850), Invoice (810), Advanced Ship Notice (856) Email Order & Shipping Confirmation Track-It Real-time order tracking on CCI website No log-in or password required CCI Xpress Password-Secure web-portal for access to status on all POs, catalog search, check stock/pricing and place orders. Systems interfaces to drive down cycle time and transaction costs.

15 Quality products, services, processes & people. Customer-focused with individual attention. Universally recognized brands. Diverse product offering. Best-in-class manufacturing & distribution platform. Advanced engineering solutions. Industry leading fill rates. Extensive E-business interfaces. A Tradition of Excellence… Exceptional Performance

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