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New UL Cable ties for electrical installations

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1 New UL 62275 Cable ties for electrical installations

2 What is UL 62275? It replaces the current U.S. standard UL 1565 (Positioning Devices) It is based on the international standard IEC (Cable Management Systems-Cable Ties for Electrical Installations)

3 What is UL 62275? It is harmonized with Canadian standard CSA C22.2 No and Mexican standard NMX-J-623-ANCE Establishes a scheme for standard type classifications and performance ratings

4 Why the new UL 62275 standard? To support global standardization
To reduce the number of separate standards To promote high value, consistent quality and safe and efficient application To simplify product selection based on standardized classifications and ratings

5 When does it take effect?
Published February 12, 2010 Manufacturers can comply with the requirements now Completely replaces UL 1565 in February 2013

6 How will I recognize a compliant product?
New “Type” designations When tested by UL, the or Mark will be used, with appropriate Type designation Additional performance ratings

7 New UL “Types”

8 UL Markings Type1&11 Type2&21

9 Where can I get more information?
NEMA cable ties web page Future “What do I need to know now?” bulletins NEMA Application Guides No. 1: Air-handling spaces No. 2: Exposure to ultraviolet light No. 3: Corrosive atmospheres No. 4: Exposure to high or low temperatures No. 5: Flammability and fire effects No. 6: Mechanical properties

10 How will my customer know about the new standard?
Scheduled NEMA communications Cable tie manufacturer sales/marketing communications Public standards notifications

11 GLOSSARY UL – Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission CSA – Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group) ANCE – Association of Electrical Standards and Certification NEMA – National Electrical Manufacturers Association ANSI – American National Standards Institute NEC – National Electrical Code NFPA – National Fire Protection Association

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