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Welcome 2012 NJSBCL Annual General Body Meeting Saturday, March 31, 2012.

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1 Welcome 2012 NJSBCL Annual General Body Meeting Saturday, March 31, 2012

2 NJSBCL - Vision Encourage & Promote Tennis Ball cricket



5 OFFICERS POSITIONS President, Secretary,Treasurer, Marketing / Advertising / Media / Grounds Head, Public Relations / Communications Head, Head Strategy, NJSBCL Main event head, NJSBCL 8x8 Event Head, NJSBCL Event Management Head OBJECTIVE : To create Better Management Structure for 2012 & future QUALIFICATIONS Minimum one year as EC member Background of outstanding work and involvement required over the past seasons PROCESS EC members for the season select Officers via Nomination and Election process

6 OFFICERS 2012 President - Avinash Gaje Secretary – Ranjith Rajan Treasurer – Mahendra Dhamdhere Marketing / Advertising / Media / Grounds Head – Amin Khatri Public Relations / Communications Head – Ridwan Kabir Head Strategy – Vipin Bhardwaj assisted by Vivek Nair NJSBCL Main Event Head – Mani Kandan NJSBCL 8x8 Event Head – Rahul Gupta NJSBCL Event Management Head – Vipin Sharma

7 Executive Committee Voluntary Body Nominees, Proposed by Teams Selected through a Polling Process by Team Captains Responsible for the functioning of the League, the Season, and achieving short and long term goals 2009 13 Nominees all were selected as Members 2010, 16 nominees all were selected 2011 16 nominees all were selected 2012 20 nominees all were selected

8 NJSBCL Executive Committee 2012 Abhy Majumdar Amin Khatri Avinash Gaje Girish Gowda Ketan Shah Mahendra Dhamdhere Mani Kandan Parag Shah Purvang Patel Rahul Gupta Ranjith Rajan Ridwan Kabir Sachin Sinha Srinivas Chirra Srivatsan Rajagopalan Vick Patel Vipin Bhardwaj Vipin Sharma Vipul Kothari Vivek Nair

9 NJSBCL Committees 2012 Information Management ( Sachin, Rahul & Vipin S ) Score Sheet Validation & Results Points table management Statistics & reports from website NJSBCL website maintenance Operations & Service Management ( Mani, Abhy, Srini, Ridwan, Sri, Purvang & Girish ) Rule Book & its interpretations League Formats & Scheduling Dispute Resolution Umpiring assignment & Training Team Registrations & On boarding process

10 NJSBCL Committees 2012 Public Relations & Communications – (Ridwan/ Vipul/ Vipin S) League Communications Print media Social Media Marketing/ Advertising/ Media/ Ground – (Amin, Ranjith, Vick, Ketan) Advertisements & Sponsorship Ground acquisitions & collaborations Insurance Marketing & Media exposure

11 NJSBCL Committees 2012 Strategy – Operational Improvements (Vivek, Vipin B, Ketan) Internal Operation Review General code conduct Member welfare Strategy – Community Engagement (Vivek, Vipin B, Parag, Rahul, Purvang, Sachin) School Cricket Community Cricket Government & Semi Government engagement Social & non profit organizations

12 Committee Functioning Organization hierarchy structure created with aim of empowering committees to take decisions Each committee / Functional leader to create work space to capture work items/ Decision points EC meets every week for 1 hour where each lead presents progress in respective areas They Propose Decisions/ Solutions /Option to the remaining EC members Most of the time their recommendations are adopted If the resolution does not come in, voting is done to decide on issues, their options have to be voted upon in 24 hrs timeframe, based on majority vote decision is adopted

13 2012 Season Sponsors


15 Bonus point system Introducing a non-impact Bonus point system this year for Div-1 TWO bonus points if a team wins by 25 runs OR 5 overs (pre-playoff rounds only) Just to trial to understand the implications, and will not affect Rankings this year EC to consider full implementation in 2013 Forfeits First time = $150 fine plus $150 caution deposit to continue season (any tournament) Next season = $150 caution deposit, plus Div-1 team will be demoted to Div-2 Second time = Loose deposit, plus back-listed from future seasons Ground grabbing & Abuse/misuse New Guide-lines provided Work with other teams, leagues & entities First incidence = warning + $150 fine, Second incidence = expulsion from league Tie Breaker For deciding teams that make the play-offs, the following points in ORDER will be considered- –The winner of the head to head competition, If still equal or not applicable –The team with the highest net run rate calculated to third decimal point, (TOTAL NRR for the round against all teams, as you see on Points table on NJSBCL website), if still equal –We will use NRR against common opponents For Knock-out rounds –Tie breaker will be in the form of a super over as per rules defined in the rules book Key Rules for 2012

16 Promotion from Div-2 to Div-1 For next season, the top 6 teams from Div-2 will be promoted to Div-1, based on the following criteria –The 4 semifinalists –Top 2 of the loosing quarterfinalists based on their ranking in the points table, at the end of the pre-playoff rounds Grounds Teams should back-up from grounds/fields already used by a team in any league NJSBCL will warn first time, and suspend from league for repeat offence Maintaining the grounds as per the requirements is very important. NJSBCL will closely monitor any violations/complaints. First time will attract $150 fine, second time will get suspension from league New Trophy NJSBCL is introducing a new trophy from 2012 – NEXT-GEN trophy for the team that has maximum number of players 21yrs and under, who have played atleast 5 games Score sheets To be uploaded by the end of Tuesday following the match. Unlocking requests allowed till Friday Updates to be completed by Sunday Five points will be deducted from faulting teams after 4 weeks (from May 12 th weekend)

17 Player Eligibility for Play-offs Must have played in 1/3 of the total # of games played by the team Any match where the score-sheet with player names has been uploaded for games where toss occurred OR atleast ONE ball was bowled, will be considered as game played Fielder placement restrictions For Semis & Finals, not more than 5 fielders can be placed on either side of the wicket. The ratio of fielders between both sides of the wicket should always be 5:4 (in Semis & Finals) Run-out by Mankaded New ICC rule implemented. Bowler can run the non-striker out any time before delivering the ball. No warning required NO-BALL by foot Return crease / side-lines re-introduced at the bowlers end. Bowler has to bowl from within the box. Back-foot should not touch the Return crease/side line Retiring a Batsman Retired hurt – If umpires agree with an injury / illness. Batsman can come back to bat Retired out – If the umpires do not agree with an injury/illness/reason. Batsman cannot come back. He is considered OUT

18 Reporting disputes / suggestions etc o Should be directed to, and not posted in the common forum o If you expect a response, then email to NJSBCL forum posting rules o No posting of complaints o No posting of personal or commercial ad o No posting regarding other cricket leagues o No marketing/sales postings o No foul language and abusive postings

19 2012 Season Schedule Highlights Total number of teams participating is 84 from 72 last year. 32 teams playing in Division I –6 new teams moved from last year Division II. –Divided in 2 groups of 16 teams in each group. –All teams will play total of 19 matches before play off. –15 Round 1 matches and 4 Round 2 matches. 52 teams playing in Division II There are 16 new teams registered this year. Divided in 4 groups of 13 teams in each group. All teams will play total of 19 matches before play off. 13 Total matches in Round 1 out of which 12 will be within the group and 1 match will be on Inter group. Round 2 will consists 6 matches which will be Inter group.

20 2012 Season Schedule Highlights All Teams ** needed to send neutral umpires for assigned matches. All Playoff matches will be on neutral 360 degree grounds. No bye weeks other than 3 regular holidays. (Note: Independence day will be observed on June 30 - July 1 weekend) Playoff starts from Pre-quarter for both divisions like last year.

21 Thank You Lets have a fun cricket season !!!

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