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But First; Gaining a Little Perspective Mississippi Lakes.

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2 But First; Gaining a Little Perspective Mississippi Lakes

3 .

4 Cycles Come and Cycles Go

5 Mississippi Lakes The power of understanding your world may not change it, but it can help make the ride a little less stressful

6 Balancing Why Lake Development Makes Such Good Sense in Mississippi Economic Development Economic Development Public Social Benefits Public Social Benefits Environmental Stewardship Environmental Stewardship

7 Consider Our Natural Resources Mississippi receives approximately 60 inches of rain per year Mississippi has a lot of rural land, over 26million acres Has over 83,500 stream miles in 10 major river basins –27,463 miles are perennial streams –53,754 miles are intermittent streams » Source from 2006 section 305 (b) report Mississippi Lakes

8 Surface Water Resources Pascagoula Basin 1994-06 19.60 in. (33%) Wolf River 1971-06 27.29 in. ( 45%) Pearl River 2000-06 17.78 in. (30%) Black River 1936-06 18.55in. ( 31%) Tombigbee 1982-06 23.75in. (40%) Basin Run-off in inches/year measured at gauge stations Mississippi Lakes

9 State Area is 47,689 square miles Lakes/ponds 529 sq mi 1.1% Reservoirs 171 sq mi.36% Catfish/sewage 27 sq mi.06% Post NHD(30yrs.) 33 sq mi.07% Man-Made Water Features Total 760 sq mi 1.6% Mississippi Lakes The Question of Cumulative Impacts

10 The New Economy Technology & Service Industries Have become The U.S. Economy Drivers Means Fewer Factories And Industries For Mississippi Counties Will Need New Strategies To Succeed –Residential lake developments offer one such opportunity Mississippi Lakes

11 Housing Growth 1940 to 2030 Red indicates 16-128 Housing Units Per Sq. Km. Boomers Moving To Pretty Places

12 People Are Coming to Pretty Places Mississippi Lakes


14 Environmental –Local stream miles and wetlands converted into lakes –Requires mitigation to offset stream loss and wetlands loss –Regulated by DEQ, Corp of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife, EPA, DMR, Archives and History, Ms Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks –Regulatory approach is avoid, minimize, mitigate in order to maintain environmental value functions Economic Benefits –Capital investment by private sector (Private Lakes) –Greatly increased property value –Increased economy with new residents –Long-term public revenues through property taxes Balancing Resources, Development and Benefits MISSISSIPPILAKES

15 Mississippi Lakes Active Public/Private Partnerships For Lake Development Tishomingo County Choctaw County Pearl River County But Not All Lakes Are Private

16 Mis sissippi MississippiLakes Natural Oxbow in the Delta Man-Made

17 The Rural County Lake Model 200-acre Lake Designed & Engineered For Bass Fishing Green Space For Nature Walks Wildlife Viewing Horseback Riding Near State Or Federal Managed Lands? –Hiking –Hunting –Other outdoor activities 200 Home Sites Recreation Subdivision Boosts Local Economy Mississippi Lakes

18 Lake & Dam Construction Costs $750,000 - $1 Million –Payroll & secondary generates about $371,000 –(using $1 Million) Lot Preparation & Infrastructure (using $3 Million) –Roads –Water & sewage treatment –Common ground (piers, trails, etc.) –Generates about $1.4 million in county Construction of 200 Homes At $200,000 Each - Results In $40 Million Market Value –Generates about $22,500,000 locally State and/or Secondary Spin Offs - Spending About$7.5 Million Rural Lake Development Initial Economic Impact Mississippi Lakes

19 Continued Economic Impact Rural County Ad Valorem Rate Using.09486 Homestead Exemption Is 10% Of Assessed Value (non-exempt is 15%) For Primary Residence: $200,000 x 10% x.09486 = $1897/yr. 200 units x $1897/yr. = $379,400/year For Secondary Residence*: $200,000 x 15% x.09486 = $2845/yr. 200 units x $2845/yr. = $569,000/year * majority of development Mississippi Lakes

20 Development & Habitat Restoration Create 4.8 Miles Long x 560 Feet Wide Lake From Old Channel Bed –Currently dry in summer & full in wet season Prime Hunting Location –Near Panther Swamp –Near other managed wildlife areas 200 Unit Sportsman Development Could Generate Over $500,000 In Ad Valorem Taxes Dry season current situation Lake George Project - Yazoo County Mississippi Lakes

21 Lake George Project 4.8 Miles of Main Channel 200 Lake Front Homes Outstanding Hunting & Fishing Landowners on proposed lake level Mississippi Lakes

22 Lake Eddins, Jasper County 500 Structures & Growing Last Year Lake Eddins Paid $375,000 In Ad Valorem Taxes 700-Acre Lake Development Made Up Of: –Retired couples –Working families –Weekenders Mississippi Lakes

23 A successful Rural Lake Development Lake Eddins, Jasper County Mississippi Lakes

24 The Suburban Model Lake Developments Near Larger Population Centers Command Top Dollar For Waterfront Often Have Golf, Tennis and Other Shared Amenities Ad Valorem Taxes At These Developments Can Exceed $2 Million A Year Mississippi Lakes

25 Canebrake Lamar County

26 Balancing Development, Resources and Benefits Converted 1.5 Miles Of Perennial Stream & 1.3 Miles of Intermittent Stream (Created 250-Acre Lake with 6 miles of shoreline) 1.5 miles / 27463 miles = 0.00005% of Perennial Stream Resource 1.3 miles / 53754 miles = 0.00002% of Intermittent Stream Resource Canebrake in Lamar County Mississippi Lakes

27 Canebrake Lake Canebrake Generates $2,225,117/yr In Ad Valorem Taxes, Public Dollars ( Schools and County Government Services) $2,225,117 / 2.8 stream miles = $794,684/mile/year In 20 Years = $15,893,692/mile 700 Unit Home Development At $350,000/home = $245 Million In Economic Activity (Continued) Mississippi Lakes

28 $245 Million/2.8 Stream Miles = $87.5 Million/Stream Mile/20Years Tax + Build Out = $103.4 Million/ Stream Mile/20 Years Ad Valorem Revenue Keeps Going Each Year Ad Valorem Revenue Keeps Going Each Year Canebrake Lake Mississippi Lakes

29 The Boomer Generation Is Building Secondary Homes In Pretty Places Mississippi Has The Natural Resources For Beautiful Lake Settings Private Sector Will Invest Large Amounts Of Capital For The Build-Out Successful Developments Create Long-Term Revenues & Social Benefits For Local And State Citizens Why Lake Developments in Mississippi? Mississippi Lakes

30 Asset Development Office email: Sustainable Development Mississippi Style NON-TRADITIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES

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