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July 19, 2013. Horizon West Area 28,000 Gross Acres Six (6) Planned Villages / Communities Includes one (1) Town Center ~41,000 Planned Households.

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1 July 19, 2013


3 Horizon West Area


5 28,000 Gross Acres Six (6) Planned Villages / Communities Includes one (1) Town Center ~41,000 Planned Households at Buildout

6 Killer freezes during 1980s High population growth Development pressure on grove lands Plans for Western Beltway (SR 429) Decision: Continue piecemeal planning approach (Urban Sprawl) OR Create a more sustainable vision

7 Community designed to create innovative, livable and sustainable places based on: Individual Villages Also known as Specific Area Plans (SAPs) Regional Town Center Hybrid of Conventional and Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) Codes

8 1993 – Horizon West public/private partnership established 1995 – Framework Policies adopted in Comprehensive Plan 1997 – Lakeside Village SAP 1997 – Village PD (Zoning) Code 1999 – Village of Bridgewater SAP 2004 – Town Center SAP 2006 – Village H & Village F SAPs 2008 – Village I SAP

9 Exempt from the stringent Development of Regional Impact (DRI) process Development Framework created in 1995 and incorporated into Comprehensive Plan Unique Design & Development Standards established through a Village Zoning Code

10 Preserve open space and environmental features Requires developments to provide community amenities and public infrastructure Minimum Residential Density (units per acre), to ensure cost- efficient public services Land Use and Product Diversity

11 Neighborhood Connectivity is Key Walkable, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods that are less dependent on the automobile Network of sidewalks and bike paths are required Transportation grid with multiple access points (i.e. cul-de sacs are generally prohibited)

12 Villages contain 2 to 4 Neighborhoods Each Neighborhood contains an Elementary School, 5-acre Park and small Retail Center Overall Village and Neighborhood size is based on School Capacity Village Center District is the focal point Provides a Greater Development Mix: Retail, Office, Residential, Civic and Recreation Uses

13 A Mix of Lot Sizes and Product Types are Required Single-family neighborhoods include a range of lot sizes (1-acre lots to Townhouses) Apartments are generally located closer to the Village Center (Concentric Land Use Pattern) Alleys (rear-loaded product) are strongly encouraged, but are only required for blocks with 50 wide lots or less

14 Estate Rural District: 1 acre lots Estate / Estate Home District: 2-3 units per acre Garden Home District: 4 units per acre Village Home District: 6 units per acre Townhouse District: 8 units per acre Townhouse / Apartment District: 12 units per acre Apartment / Condo District: 16 – 20 units per acre


16 Located along the Western Beltway, between Independence Parkway and Scott Road Fundamentally More Urban 6,400 Residential Units 5.5 Million Sq. Ft. of Office 2.0 Million Sq. Ft. of Retail 384K Sq. Ft. of Warehouse 1,200 Hotel Rooms

17 Provides other Institutional uses: Valencia Community College Heath Central Hospital Higher Density Housing located in the Traditional Town Center Core Provides a Regional Employment Center and reduces vehicle miles traveled

18 Building Permit Activity Approximately 7,000 residential units constructed Approximately 700 - 900 dwelling units absorbed annually Sources: Orange County Building Division and Planning Division, 2010

19 65% Single-Family Detached 35% Townhouses and Apartments

20 Lakeside Village* 10,400 households 5,200 acres Village of Bridgewater* 8,900 households 4,500 acres City of Winter Park 10,900 households 4,500 acres City of Ocoee 12,600 households 9,000 acres City of Winter Garden 11,500 households 10,900 acres *Estimated projected build out per SAP acres; numbers are rounded Source: Orange County Planning Division, 2009

21 Public Education Knowing Location of Planned Uses (Due Diligence) Acknowledging Growing Pains Associated with Planned Communities (Patience) Balancing Developer Expectations & Market Demands with Horizon West Framework

22 For more information or to complete a short online survey about Horizon West, please visit www.ocflnet/horizonwest


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