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Stamford Central School 2011 – 2012 Budget Just the facts…

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1 Stamford Central School 2011 – 2012 Budget Just the facts…

2 Budget Issues for 2011-2012: ERS rates set at 16%, up from 11% (a 40% increase) TRS rates set at 11%, up from 8.6% (a 33% increase) State Aid cuts equal to $557,415 (12% of SCS total state aid package) State Aid cuts equal to $557,415 (12% of SCS total state aid package) ARRA Funding ends (roughly $600,000 total in the Federal funding) Educational Standards increase with less funding (College AND Career Ready) Race to the Top partially funded Student Enrollment Changes

3 SCS Enrollment:

4 SCS Enrollment History K-6 and 7-12

5 Projected Enrollment for SCS Rural Schools Association and Cornell 400 363 361 350

6 School Year:060707080809091010111112 Revenue from Aid (in $millions) Enrollment 462449400363361350 % of frozen pupil count 10097877976 % X Aid (in $millions) Difference in Aid (in $millions) SCS State Aid History

7 The Budget Process in 2010-2011 1.Continual Fund Balance Projections from CBO (BOCES) Starting July 1 2.July 2010 – Examined Commissioner Steiners new demands on NYS curriculum and teacher evaluations and their implications on the budget. 3.August 2010 – Established Board Goals for the District to help prioritize how moneys are spent. 4.Implemented 5 Fireside Chats to keep lines of Communication open with the public. 5.September 2010 – Informed Board re: Funding Cliff and other budgetary issues as raised at the Statewide School Finance Consortium meeting.

8 The Budget Process in 2010-2011 6.Completed the ST-3 and SAMS required paperwork (affects state aid amounts). 7.October 2010 – Attended Questar III State Aid presentation with Business Manager. 8.Completed RTTT application for federal funds. 9.December 2010 – Ran projected expenses for next budget year with Business Manager and informed Board of potential need for cuts. 10.February 4, 2010 – Ran first draft budget with proposed runs.

9 The Budget Process in 2010-2011 11.January and February 2011 - Held a Board Budget workshops for considerations to make up the nearly $800,000 in losses in the budget. Did more two more draft budget runs. 12.March 2011 - Presented four fictitious budget runs to faculty to demonstrate the enormity of the amount needing to be cut from the budget 13.Created several budget workshops for participation by all stakeholders – faculty/staff, taxpayers, and students. Presented several more draft budget runs. 14.March 2011 – Attended further presentations by Questar III with Business Manager. 15.April 1 – received new state aid runs given the state budget passing and created two draft proposed budgets for Board consideration. Presented to the Board at April meeting for Board adoption.

10 No Summer School; if Drivers Ed is offered, it will be self-funded. CSE Chairperson Service will be purchased through BOCES. (63% aid-able) Special Education BAP Primary and High School classes will be in-house with no additional costs to the district; not BOCES placements. 15% of all Athletics, including non-league extra games. Four high school core teaching positions will go to 0.60 FTE. K-12 Vocal Music to 0.60 FTE. All transportation for field trips (grant-funded transportation will be allowed). SO, what are the cuts?

11 7-12 Business Education position and School Safety Officer position eliminated. K-12 Principal to 10 months plus 20 days. Superintendent, Business Manager, and Confidential Secretary to the Superintendent cut 2% (The Friday Give Back). Pre-K transportation run. One BOCES transportation run in the morning. Pay phones to track phone.

12 What is a possible contingent budget ? $ 8,563,668 -822,127 7,741,541 X 1.92% 7,890,179 +814,747 $8,704,926 2010-2011 Adopted Budget 2010-2011 CPI (1.6%) X 120% Less capital expenses 2010-2011 Plus capital expenses 2011-2012 $8,485,840 2.98%9.84 %

13 Long-term solutions? Shared Services Study Results coming in June/July 2011. Electric Consortium with Roxbury Central School and Jefferson Central School. Upgrade to WinCap in order to work more effectively and collaboratively with local school business offices and BOCES. Develop a Five-Year fiscal and academic plan to maintain fiscal stability while keeping student programs in tact during this budget crisis.

14 Proposition 1: The 2011-2012 Budget Be it resolved that the Board of Education of Stamford Central School District be authorized to expend the sum not to exceed $8, 485,840.00 for the school year commencing July 1, 2011 and ending June 30, 2012. (excludes $750 for the Village Library)

15 Proposition 2: Purchase of 65 Passenger School Bus Be it resolved that the Board of Education be authorized to purchase one 65 passenger school bus not to exceed a cost of $115,322.02 which will be paid for using fund balance or previously established bus reserve. (There is $300,000 in the bus reserve.)

16 Proposition 3: Vote for Board of Education Member Voters are asked to elect one Board of Education Member to a five (5) year term to conclude June 30, 2016. 1.Mr. Michael Kane 2.Mr. Rudolph Stripp These community members have filed a petition and are seeking election to this vacancy.

17 Any Questions??? Budget Vote: May 17, 2011 12:00 to 8:00 Room 115

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