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Higher Physical Education Preparation of the Body

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1 Higher Physical Education Preparation of the Body
Phases of Training

2 Phases of Training When planning a training programme, it is important to have a goal or goals in mind, thus giving an aim for your overall programme. In Badminton your aim may be to be able to continue to play effectively throughout long physically demanding Badminton matches during the competitive season. This may be in several months time. In this situation you need to have several shorter-term targets to maintain your motivation and keep your interest. These targets must be achievable but also challenging. As you achieve each target, your training programme will be adjusted to make your body work harder to ensure continuous improvement

3 Phases of Training There are three main phases of training across the year, these are; Preparation period (pre-season) Competition period (in season) Transition period (off season)

4 Preparation Phase (pre-season)
General training is normally used at the beginning of this phase Training is concentrated on general aerobic endurance As you work through this stage the intensity of you training will increase As you approach the end of this phase more specific training will be introduced to your programme

5 Preparation Phase (pre-season)
Continuous running Fartlek training Interval training Circuit Training Weight Training On court fitness training

6 Competition period (in season)
During this phase you maintain your physical and skill related fitness and aim to ensure you benefit from your pre season Emphasis is now on fine tuning skills or working on strategies or set plays During this phase you may have to peak for a particular event. This may involve a tapering down period in order for your body to be prepared

7 Competition period (in season)
Light CRE work Badminton Working on your Smash / drop / HOC Positional play for doubles Other Corner kicks Zone defence Netball shooting Handspring

8 Training Phases The Transition Period (Off season)
The Transition period is the phase after the competition phase, when you are no longer actively competing. During this time, you will need a period of rest but also need to keep yourself generally fit so that you have a good basis to start for the next year’s training. You may wish to take part in other activities

9 The Transition Period (Off season)
Swimming Cycling Other sports Physiotherapy Holiday (rest)

10 Page 54 of text book Copy out both training graphs

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