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Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer

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2 Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer
Law Enforcement & Military Applications The ONLY Scientifically Validated Truth Verification System Available. NATO Codified

3 Director of Operations IVS-Tactical Truth Systems
Captain John P. Slater (Ret.) Expert Witness- Federal – State Courts CID Commander 20 years Law Enforcement Law Enforcement Instructor Voice Stress Analysis Instructor U.S. Navy Seal Instructor SME / SO1,3,5 (Iraq) 5th Group Military Intelligence Division F.B.I Hostage Rescue Team; VSA training in Iraq United States Naval Special Warfare; SME Theater SME, Columbia, South Africa, Afghanistan

4 Vagus Nerve Innervations
How does the FVSA work ?? Vagus Nerve Innervations By measuring frequencies from over a dozen Internal organs the FVSA will show the Trained Examiner the Areas of Truth and Deception.

5 These frequencies produce images called frequency response prints.
The FVSA is a laptop computer loaded with software that will display levels of frequencies produced by internal organs when responses are given from questions asked. These frequencies produce images called frequency response prints. Measured frequency changes are made between 8Hz-16 kHz and are regulated by the Autonomic Nervous System. The frequency response prints depict changes in frequency release which can be evaluated and quantified.

6 Frequency Prints The Difference TRUTH - Non Deceptive LIE - Deceptive

7 Image Selection Short Cuts. Graphics are clear and concise
Image Selection Short Cuts. Graphics are clear and concise. No inconclusive results! Deceptive or Non-Deceptive ??

8 Credibility Assessment

9 Do you have trusting people with access to your weaponry ???

10 How can you determine if you have trusting workers. The F. V. S. A
How can you determine if you have trusting workers? The F.V.S.A. can help!!

11 For multiple entries, the F. V. S. A
For multiple entries, the F.V.S.A., can screen workers at a rate of 450 individuals per hour as they enter and exit secure facilities. The Analyst will check the box for the examination process.

12 Numerous templates to choose from to suit your needs.

13 Templates can be developed by your Analyst to better serve the circumstances of your needs.
With a simple list of questions asked, you will be able to determine thefts, treason, or sabotage in seconds.

14 charts and provide ease of testing.
Semi-Automated system, will automatically save the charts and provide ease of testing.

15 The Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer
Provides clear and precise information about candidates for employment or promotion where being considered for positions that require security clearance. As we all know, people will lie for many reasons. It could mean absolutely nothing or the individual is part of a terror network trying to infiltrate your facility. Background checks will only reveal acts that has previously been committed, only if the individual was caught during the act. The F.V.S.A. will help you determine if the individual has committed acts that went unreported or if the individual is trying to infiltrate your organization for terrorist acts or for criminal espionage. Validating information that a candidate provides is only part of the process. With the F.V.S.A., the Analyst can determine beyond all certainty, that the individual would or would not be a good candidate for any position.

16 The Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer
Vetting Sources- Is their information accurate? Are they working as a double agent? Are you having internal thefts or suspect espionage? Are you fearful of classified information being leaked? Can you really trust the people that are under your command?

17 The Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer
The F.V.S.A. can not only screen new candidates for positions of trust, it can be utilized for on going due diligence. Periodic testing to make sure your staff remains trusting!

18 Sample Questions Questions may be asked to suit the individual needs.
Have you ever trained with militia forces that plan on causing harm to the country of Pakistan? Have you been contacted by anyone to sell classified information? Is it your intentions to cause harm to anyone at this facility? Have you violated any terms of your secret clearance? Have you ever provided Top Secret information to non-authorized individuals? Questions may be asked to suit the individual needs.

19 Scenario “ Weapons Cache ”
Additional usage for F.V.S.A. Scenario “ Weapons Cache ” A Military Analyst interviews a source that he suspects has ties to a Taliban group suspected of hiding along the Pakistani / Afghanistan Border. The source confirms that the Taliban has stored a very large cache of weapons on the Pakistani Border however will not reveal it’s location. The FVSA Analyst produces a map of the areas along the border. The FVSA Analyst describes the areas and marks the areas in “Sectors”. The source is asked, Are the weapons cache hidden in Sector 1,2,3,4 etc. The source states “No” in each area. By reverse analysis, the Analyst begins dissecting the areas that deception is determined to smaller sectors. Resulting in a smaller area of search for the Pakistan Military to find the weapons.

20 Questions Are the weapons hidden in sector 1?
When the individual responds to these questions stating “No”, By reverse analysis, the location of concern will be identified.

21 Specialized Reverse Analysis Scenario “ Weapons Cache ”

22 The Process After conducting the first examination, a second examination needs to be conducted to minimize the area of search. The area that is determined deceptive will result in the same questions being asked again breaking down the second sector into smaller regions.

23 Scenario “ Weapons Cache ” The grid is broken down to smaller areas from the previous deceptive sector.

24 Scenario “ Weapons Cache ”
The grid can be broken down to smaller sectors until the Analyst has developed enough information to pinpoint the target.

25 REVERSE ANALYSIS This examination format has been utilized in locating the bodies of Murder Victims, Stolen Property, Weapons and High Value Targets. This process has been taught to the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement in several countries to help locate High Value Targets. This process can be conducted in person, from audio recordings, 2 way radio, body mic’s and telephonically (Cell Phone / Land Line).

26 Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer
Examinations can be conducted over any subject matter when the truth needs to be known. The F.V.S.A. is the only NATO Codified Instrument available. There are no language barriers. Drugs / Alcohol has no effect on the accuracy of the system. Examinations may be conducted in person, telephonically or by audio recordings. Scientists valued the F.V.S.A. accuracy levels at 98% in bench mark testing with zero false positives. IVS-TTS has received no less than 100% accuracy levels in real world testing.

27 Advantages of the FVSA Short, Effective Training Periods Efficient
Testing can be conducted in less time Multiple uses Employee screening, crime investigation, vet sources, validate information. No known countermeasures If they can make a cognitive response to a question, they can be tested! Non-invasive No wires or straps. Relaxed setting, no restriction on movement Resource savings Guides investigations, saves valuable time Confidential analysis Charts can be confirmed without security leaks. No language barriers Used in their native tongue or w/interpreter Variety of Instrument Models Analyzes voice recordings Unlimited support No “inconclusive” results

28 FVSA Homeland Security Border System
Screens Individuals in 3.5 – 7 Seconds Airports, Port Entries, Entry of Secured Areas Automated – 3 Day Training Touch Screen Template Abilities

29 FVSA IVS-TTS can install software packages on your existing laptops or provide you with systems already set-up. Lifetime warranty on the software! 5 year replacement warranty on the laptops that IVS-TTS provides!

Upon graduating from our Analyst course - The Analyst will learn new interviewing tactics that will increase his or her confession rate by 40%. These specialized tactics have been instructed to hundreds of U.S. Military personnel and thousands of Law Enforcement Officers around the globe. Our team operates under a very strict non-disclosure agreement and all training provides sensitive Intelligence gathering tactics for lower level, mid-level and high level Analysts.


32 Thank you! Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Questions…

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