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The VLP Advocates bringing hope to a family near you and justice.

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1 The VLP Advocates bringing hope to a family near you and justice

2 because youre up for a challenge

3 a break from class and because youll need

4 The VLP Advocates was formed in 1999 through a partnership between and the Volunteer Lawyers Program, the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law in order to bring civil legal services to those who have nowhere else to turn. a joint program of Southern Arizona Legal Aid and the Pima County Bar Association,

5 The University of Arizona law school Community Service Program in which the VLP is a key component teaches our students shared responsibility for their community hands-on, heart-connected - Dean Toni Massaro in a way.

6 because you can make a difference

7 and because youll have fun

8 There are four volunteer opportunities for you to choose from... The Child Support Project Youll meet with unrepresented litigants before their divorce hearings to ensure that their children receive the child support to which they are entitled.

9 Bankruptcy Court Hearings Youll work with volunteer attorneys to help low-income clients protect their wages, homes, and vehicles from creditors.

10 Domestic Relations Clinics You will meet with a client to provide basic information and advice regarding family law issues. Most clients are women with children, oftentimes domestic violence victims, who need help completing family law forms.

11 and the Intake Project You will perform initial interviews for walk-in clients at Southern Arizona Legal Aid, gaining one-on-one experience with clients while fine-tuning your interviewing skill and fact finding ability. At the end of each interview, you and the volunteer attorney will assess how best to direct the case for referral.

12 (but really because itll make mom proud ) because itll look good on your resume

13 Volunteering offers you the opportunity to... receive substantive law training help real clients make contact with local attorneys get out of the classroom appear in court be recognized by the legal profession and go to special VLP events (free food!)

14 because you will be a light in the dark

15 VLP has increased my enthusiasm and drive to become an attorney, and has made me proud of the profession that I am pursuing. - Jean West, second year law student

16 because it feels good because you will help because you will bring hope

17 And because heroes are just people with big hearts Hope. Justice. VLP Advocates

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