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WOMEN’S RESOURCE CENTRE OF BERMUDA Mission: Empowering women 20 years serving women 1987 to 2007.

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1 WOMEN’S RESOURCE CENTRE OF BERMUDA Mission: Empowering women 20 years serving women 1987 to 2007

2 VISION To be recognized as a centre for promoting permanent, positive change for women

3 CORE VALUES Women are our priority We will be accountable to our donors, volunteers, clients and the community We will treat our clients, donors and each other with respect, integrity and confidentiality We will provide programmes and services that are of the highest standards as defined by international accreditation We will be an advocate for women’s issues We will provide programmes that are client focused, collaborative and compassionate We provide our services regardless of gender, economics, race religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation

4 WOMEN’S RESOURCE CENTRE ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Office Manager Court Advocate Administrator Part time 1 Full time Counsellor 1 On-Call Counsellor Board of Directors

5 WHO ARE OUR CLIENTS? Women aged 15 to 60 +, we see approximately 300 women per year Average age is 30-39, single, with 2 or more children The women are generally working with at least high school diploma Most are renters and not home owners but are head of the household

6 WHAT WE DO Counselling 10 week Crisis Intervention Course Hotline Crisis Provide support for victims of SA at the SART room Parenting Classes Member of Sexual Assault Response Team Governance Operations Court Advocacy Provides legal advice regarding DVOs and SOLs Prepares documents for court Provides court accompaniment for clients Liaise with lawyers, Magistrate’s, bailiffs Community Education Police Training Education in Schools Community groups Business Women’s group Counselling as required

7 COUNSELLING SERVICES General Counselling Crisis Intervention Course 24 hour a day Hotline SART Room Support Parenting classes

8 GENERAL COUNSELLING First priority is crisis intervention such as sexual assault or domestic violence Counselling is provided for a period of 3 to 6 months Our case loads consist of issues such as: Sexual assault Domestic violence Childhood sexual abuse Harassment/stalking Depression Immigration issues Any issue women are trying to come to terms with

9 ANNUAL 10 WEEK CRISIS INTERVENTION COURSE This course has been presented annually for 20 years The objectives are: Public education (118 participants in last 4 years) Recruiting volunteers for the hotline (13 recruited in last 3 years, 16 enrolled for training this year) Presenters come from agencies who work with DV and sexual assault victims

10 HOTLINE Two night time supervisors Managed by 17 volunteers 2 volunteers on the phones at all times Operational from 6 p.m. to a.m. daily and all weekend Volunteers are an integral part of the Sexual Assault Response Team There has been a steady increase in calls to the hotline in the past 3 years. Increasing 33% from 2004 to 2006

11 SEXUAL ASSAULT RESPONSE TEAM Hotline volunteers and clinical supervisor are on call to attend the SART room 24 hours a day We provide support and information for victims and/or their families and friends who attend with them Within 2 business days WRC makes a follow up call to offer a counselling appointment to the victim Counsellors provide crisis intervention counselling and on- going support until the trial date if required Counsellors provide further information on the court process and will attend with the survivor during hearings and trial

12 PARENTING PROGRAM 2003 TO PRESENT One program is for parents of children 2 to 12 years old One program for parents of children 13 to 18 years old (to start fall of 2007) Each course is 5 weeks with 10 hours of instruction Each course has maximum of 12 parents

13 COURT ADVOCATE PROGRAMME Supports and drafts documents for client in obtaining relevant documents for protection through the courts Reduces harassment by providing summary offence letters to warn perpetrators to stop behaviour or risk arrest. Provides limited protection both at workplace and at home Liaises with police in obtaining status of complaint and ongoing investigations Works with client to obtain documents through legal aid Liaises with other agencies to obtain child support, emergency housing etc.

14 COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAM Aim is to raise awareness of issues surrounding domestic violence and sexual assault Provides programmes in schools aimed at prevention and identification of positive, healthy behaviours Provides police training Provides education to community groups as requested Provides education to business as requested

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