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Alcohol and you A guide to responsible brotherhood.

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1 Alcohol and you A guide to responsible brotherhood

2 Beta Chapters Drinking Policy Alcohol is forbidden at any and all PSP meetings (including rush and initiate meetings). Duh! Punishment for violation is EXPULSION. Dont risk it!

3 Beta Chapters Drinking Policy Any active brother, alumni member or initiate who is found to have been drinking alcohol while wearing PSP letters in public view can be disciplined according to National Operating Policies. If you are 21, you may drink at official chapter events – approved in advance by chapter vote (our annual formal, for example). Just dont wear any letters!

4 Beta Chapters Drinking Policy We expect brothers to behave responsibly and keep their priorities straight! Active members might occasionally gather in a common location where alcohol is present. These types of gatherings are neither encouraged or discouraged; they are not officially recognized as Phi Sigma Pi activities. In these situations, brothers are expected to respect the law and public safety.

5 What you need to know about alcohol We all know the law: get caught drinking under 21 and youre busted. If you buy for a minor, youre breaking the law, too. What follows are some things you may not know about alcohol…

6 What you need to know about alcohol THE GOOD << Individuals with more muscle mass are less affected by alcohol. Thats because muscles contain water, which absorbs alcohol from your bloodstream. So… start working out! (Dont do it while youre drinking, though; thats unhealthy.) A recent study revealed that heavy drinking among members of Greek organizations does not necessarily lead to increased alcohol use later in life. Theres hope for everyone. The presence of food in the stomach slows the rate of intoxication (although the amount of alcohol absorbed remains unchanged). Eat up! Vomiting is part of the bodys defense system to keep more alcohol from being consumed. Listen to your body!

7 What you need to know about alcohol THE BAD Excessive drinking can decrease the amount of testosterone in a mans body and even cause impotence! …Or so Ive heard. >> Birth control pills slow down the rate at which alcohol is eliminated from the body. (Note: you should probably not skip your pill just so you can drink more.) Students at smaller colleges tend to drink more than students at larger schools. (!) One in three 18-to-24 year olds admitted to the E.R. for serious injury is intoxicated.

8 What you need to know about alcohol THE UGLY << Chronic alcohol use can damage the frontal lobes of the brain and cause an overall reduction in brain size. Not very scholarship-y! Binge drinking is more common in men than in women, but women who drink regularly are at a significantly greater risk of liver damage. Moderation is key. Alcohol use is implicated in one-third of drowning deaths. If youre drinking, stay off the lake.

9 Finally, Use your head when youre around alcohol. You never know when some of your valuable knowledge will help a friend out or even save a life! Search with Google, ask your doctor or go to the library. Youll find out that alcohols effects (and the regulations that have been put in place to contain those effects) are interesting and fun to discuss! Be smart, safe and conscious of risks. Thats all we ask of every brother.

10 NOTES Much of the information in this presentation came directly from If you doubt the validity of the facts, take it up with BRAD. (BRAD stands for Be Responsible About Drinking, an admirable organization.) PSP-related policy came directly from the bylaws. Check it. While we absolutely do not condone any wiggling in regards to state alcohol laws, it is important to note that you have rights when questioned by police. Do not consent to any personal searches if there is no warrant; this refusal cannot be held against you. Keep your personal items out of plain view, because police do not need a warrant to seize things they can see clearly. Do not answer questions without your attorney present if you feel you might incriminate yourself. Above all, however, exercise your rights without appearing hostile or confrontational – you never want to give an officer a reason to detain you. More information concerning law is available at Interesting answers to a variety of alcohol- and other health-related questions are available at Thanks for watching!

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