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Electronic Course Selection using SOLUS: Info Session March 19 th, 2012 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. Room 001 Macdonald Hall.

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1 Electronic Course Selection using SOLUS: Info Session March 19 th, 2012 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. Room 001 Macdonald Hall

2 Law 418 A & B Correctional Law- separate manual application process Applications must be submitted Wednesday, March 21st by 3:45 p.m. to Wendy Moulton in MAC 106. Email 613.533.6505. Selections will be reported to Nancy Somers by March 23 rd for manual entry into SOLUS. There are 18 spots for upper-year students Special rules apply for eligibility: no actual or potential interest or loyalty which would conflict with his or her duty to client – see prior employment which could give rise to such an inference Penitentiary security clearance also required. Mr. Robert Goddard Law 418-Correctional Law Project: full academic year (total 8 credits)

3 Clinical Programs: satisfy the Practice Skills Reqt Law-590 A&B Clinical Litigation Practice (Queens Legal Aid) full academic year, total 8 credits, 18 spots, Crim Pro and Evidence recommended, not reqd Law-521Clinical Family Law (3 credits, fall OR winter terms, 12 spots fall, 10 spots winter) –Pre-reqs: Law 520 Family Law, Law-519 Childrens Law for some placements Law 438 A & B –Queens Business Law Clinic – separate application process due Tuesday, March 14 th by noon to Nancy Somers (, MAC 512 (8 credits, full year, pre-req/co-req: Law 440 Business Associations

4 Monday, March 26th from 8:00 a.m. to Tuesday, March 27th until 11:59 p.m. SOLUS is open to THIRD year law students (Law 13) for course enrollment. Wednesday, March 28 th, 2010 SOLUS closed. Thursday, March 29th from 8:00 a.m. to Friday, March 30 th until 11:59 p.m. SOLUS is open to SECOND year (Law 14) students for course enrollment. Saturday, March 31st from 8:00 am to Monday, April 30th at 11:59 p.m. SOLUS course enrollment is open to all upper-year law students (Law 13 AND Law 14). Open Enrollment(add.drop) opens Tuesday, September 4 th, 2012 at 8:00 a.m.

5 no ones career is ruined irrevocably by bad choices during course selection, although where you go after law school may be influenced by your cumulative roster of courses taken. take the time to read course info material, review degree requirements, consult with Assistant Dean of Students and professors for advice. Review the SOLUS procedures for course enrolment appointments and how to do a course swap prior to March 26 th 2012 at how_to.pdf and at e/how_to_swap_courses_SOLUS.pdf. how_to.pdf e/how_to_swap_courses_SOLUS.pdf General Comments

6 Check-List: review pre-reqs& co-reqs check for timetable conflicts review the evaluation process for each course exam timetable (enough space between exams?) exclusions (i.e. Negotiations OR ADR; only one clinical program per year; only one trial advocacy course per academic year at this point in time; only one appellate advocacy course, criminal or civil per academic year) Organization: make sure you have written down the course number, course name, and which term Multi-term courses have an A component in fall term and B component in winter term – MUST add BOTH Plan back-up selections for each term General Comments

7 Consider the 2 upper-years as a program Are there any special interests you have? e.g. litigation, business law, family, criminal, public law, legal theory Explore varieties of course offerings and evaluation techniques: –seminars vs. lectures; term papers vs exams, presentations –practice skills & advocacy courses; moots meet the advocacy reqt too –more active learning in clinical programs & seminar courses Interest courses will help your education and ultimately the practice of law Plan to fulfill pre- or co-requisites for advanced level courses and for moots Long Term Academic/Professional Plan

8 9 upper-year credits at BISC in spring session Need 59 upper-year credits over 3 terms (e.g. 16 +17+ 17 heavy, but possible) all degree requirements e.g. Civ Pro, STP, Practice Skills, Advocacy Skills must be completed within the three upper-year terms. LSUC licensing exams can be written in March; New York Bar examinations in February. BISC term & Early Completion

9 Largely 4 credit courses, offered both terms Law 225, Civil Procedure – compulsory (4 credits)* Law 440 Business Associations(4 credits) * Law 320 EvidenceLaw 427 Administrative Law 520 Family LawLaw 404 Criminal Procedure Law 341 ADR (3 credits) Law 508 Tax * In 2013-2014, Civ Pro and Bus Assns will become compulsory in 2 nd Yr J.D Also courses offered only once per year (3 credits) : Law 463 Trusts (F) Law 462 Wills and Estates (W) Law 441 Commercial Law (F) Law 335 Negotiation (W) Law 460 Land Transactions(F) Law 550Conflict of Laws (W) Law 334 Legal Ethics (F)**.** In 2013-2014, a new course in Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility will become mandatory in the upper-year J.D. Bar Admission/ Licensing Process (New competency-based regime for common law degree will mean more consistency)

10 LSUC LICENSING PROCESS Barrister CompetenciesSolicitor Competencies Ethical and Professional Responsibilities Knowledge of the Law: specifically relating to Civil Litigation, (Civ Pro, ADR, Evidence, Advocacy); Criminal Procedure, Family Law, Tax, Public Law (Public, Constitutional, Charter, Administrative) Knowledge of the Law: specifically in Business law (corporate, commercial & taxation), Land Transactions,Wills, Trusts, Estates Administration& Planning Establishing and Maintaining the barrister- client relationship (interviewing, conflicts of interest, retainer, communication) Establishing and maintaining the solicitor- client relationship (interviewing, conflicts of interest, retainer, communication) Issue Identification, Analysis & Assessment Litigation Process – ADR & Civ ProFulfilling the Retainer (information gathering, file management, action plan)

11 IF considering articling in a specialized area - eg Criminal, Labour & Employment, Environmental, IP, Family, then take at least 1 course in 2nd year IF you might want to apply for a clerkship, take one or more paper courses in fall term of 2 nd year ( clerkship applications early in winter term) IF you are selected to take a term away on exchange, plan to satisfy degree requirements (except credits) while here & consider licensing subjects; 15 upper-year transfer credits are earned on an international exchange. IF you plan to Moot –check pre-reqs on Moot pages at ml ml. Short Term Academic/Professional Plan

12 Resources for academic advice: Instructors teaching in areas of interest –make appointment to see profs who teach upper-year courses –Email faculty or sessionals –Law firms/lawyers Assistant Dean of Students Jane Emrich and Nancy Somers, Manager of Academic Program the Student Career Advisor List on CSM Grade breakdown reports at Upper year students - very good on their experiences, but take into account their individual interests, personality and perspectives, particular career plans, strength in writing exams or papers, competing in moots etc. 3. Getting advice:

13 2012-2013 Enrolment Appointments and Registration Process for All Upper-Year Law Students (Full-Time, Part-Time, Exchange, Combined Programs) Step 1 March 26 th to April 30th, 2012: Enroll in 2012-2013 Fall and Winter term courses at appointed times for your level in law studies during the course selection period. Exchange and outgoing LOP students must select courses for next year, for back-up plan. Once you have confirmed registration at the host law school, we will remove you from your Queens courses and your tuition will be re-assessed. Step 2 Pay all outstanding debts of $50 or more and debts of any value older than 150 days. Step 3 1 September, 2011 2012-2013 Tuition payment is due or Alternative Payment Arrangement must have been made with the University Registrar. Step Step 4 Confirm your contact information in SOLUS for the 2012-13 academic year.

14 Part-time performance requirement is a minimum of 7 credits up to 12 credits per term. Full-time performance requirement is a minimum of 14 to a maximum of 17 credits per term Manual Course Enrollment by Administration (Nancy Somers, Room 512, ) Law-418 Clinical Correctional Law Law-587/Law-588/Law-589 Queen's Law Journal Law-591/592 Queen's Legal Aid Student Leadership Law-438 Queens Business Law Clinic Individual Supervised Projects (see form at ects.html. ects.html Law-473, Law-495, Law-477AB, Moot Oralist and Law 487,488 and 489 Competitive Moot Coach/Researcher CREDIT COUNTS & MANUAL ADMINISTRATION

15 Law 699 – Federal Government Internships Call for applications will be issued by Leeann Beggs likely in the summer for manual registration in the fall or winter term. Time needed to apply for security clearance. These are externships are research-intensive work placements in offices of the Department of Justice and other federal government offices offering legal services. Students work one day a week, usually in Ottawa, although a couple of placements were in Toronto. Student must commute; partial subsidy provided (limit $500 per student) Selections are manually entered into SOLUS by Faculty

16 Law 698 AB– Clinical Externship: Community Advocacy and Legal Centre – Belleville Call for applications will be made on behalf of the Director, Michelle Leering, possibly before close of the open enrollment period. Position entails clinical work on behalf of low income residents of Belleville and surrounding rural counties, and landlord and tenant work, similar to Law-590 Clinical Litigation Project. Usually two placements for both fall and winter terms. Watch listserv for announcement from Nancy Somers

17 2012- 2013 Course Information and SOLUS Help For all course information go to For timetables and sessional dates, see: Please report timetable conflicts to Nancy Somers at or call her at 613.533.6000 ext. Please report SOLUS problems to Patti Evans at or call call her at ext, 75132 or email SOLUS at or call 613.533.2040. SOLUS is accessed through the Queens See also the SOLUS HELP for enrollment appointments at SOLUS help for course swap at wap_courses_SOLUS.pdf wap_courses_SOLUS.pdf

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