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PLAR Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition SWRK 3152.

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1 PLAR Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition SWRK 3152

2 PLAR Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition refers to a process of recognizing learning as a result of formal and informal study, in a variety of settings and through a diversity of experiences. PLAR provides a mechanism for identifying, documenting and evaluating learning, thereby acknowledging and giving credit to students for what they already know. Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition does not provide credit for experience but does provide credit for demonstrated learning.

3 Who can apply? A student who been admitted into the Bachelor of Social Work program, who has two (2) or more years of previous social work employment experience in the past 5 years may apply to register for the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) course (SWRK 3152) in lieu of his or her first field placement (SWRK 3150)

4 SWRK 3152 is a 12 credit course Successful PLAR applicants are able to register for SWRK 3152 in lieu of SWRK 3150

5 What are the Pre-requisites? Students are expected to meet all of the Facultys requirements with respect to co-requisite, pre-requisite and voluntary withdrawal procedures. Upon registering for SWRK 3152 (12 credit hours), a student must also register for the co-requisite course, SWRK 4200 (6 credit hours). Students are expected to have a Social Work (Subject) Grade Point Average of 2.50 or higher, and to have successfully completed all four foundation courses prior to registering in SWRK 3152. Pre-requisite courses to SWRK 3152 include SWRK1310, SWRK 2080, SWRK 2090, SWRK 3140.

6 How do I Apply? If you are interested in applying for the PLAR course, the following must be submitted in full

7 DUE date is DEC 1 st for the following Sept TERM 1.A letter of intent in request of consideration to take the PLAR course including reasons for request; 2.An updated resume that includes work roles and responsibilities

8 3. Paid Work History Form and Unpaid Work History Form, if applicable. Please note that in order to apply to take the PLAR course a minimum of 3,500 hours is required within the past 5 years, of which 500 hours may include unpaid or volunteer work.

9 4. Written work related references from 3 individuals who can comment on your skills (including at least one individual who has supervised you directly) in the past 5 years. Please note that 2 of the 3 references confirming social work-related experience must possess a B.S.W. R.S.W, or M.S.W.

10 Where do I find all of the documents that I need to fill out? You will find all of the information that you need on line. Please see the PLAR handbook available at: ork/future/564.html ork/future/564.html Or contact the Field Coordinator for your program.

11 What is the Deadline for applications? The PLAR Application, including all required documentation, is due December 1 st for all students applying for course commencement effective September of the following year. It is important to note that LATE applications will NOT be accepted

12 How many times is SWRK 3152 PLAR offered? This opportunity is only offered once a year in the fall term. Sept - April

13 Who do I send the application form to? Completed PLAR packages are to be submitted to the Chairperson, PLAR Applications Committee, Faculty of Social Work, 521 Tier Building, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2N2 or by email to (if you attend the Northern program or the program at St Boniface please send your application to your Field Coordinator.)

14 How long will I have to wait before I am notified if I am eligible to register for the course? A decision regarding eligibility to register in SWRK 3152 will be provided to the applicant in writing within 8-10 weeks of receipt of the application. Applications will only be considered if all required documentation has been received on or before the due date, as established.

15 How much will the course cost? The course cost will be the same as the cost of a Field Placement (12 credit hours).

16 Where will I find the course Syllabus? You will find the course syllabus in the PLAR handbook, this is available on line k/future/564.html k/future/564.html

17 Are there assignments that must be completed for this course? SWRK 3152 is a pass/fail course, consistent with SWRK 3150 or first field placement. The course consists of seven assignments which relate to key personal and professional attributes, as evaluated in a SWRK 3150 field placement. The specific requirements of the assignments are detailed in the course package and include the following:

18 Assignments and due dates: AssignmentDue DateMarks Professional Values and the CASW Code of EthicsSeptember 19 /10 Linking Theory and PracticeOctober 10/10 Self-Awareness and Personal ReflectionOctober 31/10 Effective Engagement and CommunicationNovember 21/10 Advocacy and Social JusticeDecember 12/10 Recorded Video and CritiqueFebruary 13/25 Case Study – AssessmentApril 2/25

19 Do I have to register for a Field Focus course while I am completing the SWRK 3152 course? Yes all students MUST register for and successfully complete a SWRK 4200 Field/Focus of Social Work Practice course while completing the SWRK 3152 PLAR course.

20 What happens if I am not eligible to register for PLAR SWRK 3152? If a student is deemed ineligible to take the PLAR course, he/she can subsequently apply to take SWRK 3150, first field placement, by completing the required application package and submitting all required forms by the established due date for all field placement students.

21 Questions Regarding PLAR Please email us at

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