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EHealth Wellness through Weight Control Prototype Business Plan Travis Neel TeleMedicine.

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1 eHealth Wellness through Weight Control Prototype Business Plan Travis Neel TeleMedicine

2 Agenda Project Overview Executive Summary Introduction The Nine Dimensions of Weight Control Conclusion

3 Project Overview Project Description Develop a business plan to present to outside investors Conduct a competitive market analysis (instead of a technical paper) which will be part of the business plan Develop a website to demonstrate the technology Target the Baby Boomer generation

4 Executive Summary Telemedical can significantly reduce both consumer and provider costs while extending both quality and range of services Healthcare costs soaring by 7 % each year US healthcare costs attributable to obesity will increase to $344 billion by 2018 Accounting to 21% of direct healthcare spending Obese employees cost employers 20 lost sick days per year

5 Background Statistics show a dramatic rise of obese and overweight adults in the last decade in the USA making it the number two health concern. Weight control wellness requires daily monitoring of physiological data, direct patient feedback, coaching, and education. Telemedical directly addresses the geographical distance widening between wellness programs and patients through the application of technology; however technology also introduces the problem of digital literacy and effective multimodal communication. Telemedical programs involve patient education, monitoring, communication, participation, social outreach, and participation.

6 Wellness Market Assessment Weight Management Product Market Size (Millions)

7 Why Wellness through Weight Control? The Baby Boomer generation provides an optimum audience for Telemedical with 79 million turning 65 in 2011 and growing at a rate of 10,000 per day. Baby Boomers present a rapidly aging in place population that will migrate from traditional urban concentration centers to a more rural center.

8 TeleMedicine: Wellness through Weight Control Wellness through Weight Control is an integrated solution using telemonitoring, telehealth, and telemedical to deliver a complete wellness solution addressing nine dimensions of weight control: Nutrition, Diet, Social Support, Psychiatric Treatment, Exercise, Education, Telehealth, Telemonitoring, and Analytics.

9 Copyright 20109 The 9 Dimensions of Weight Control Nutrition Diet Social Support Social Support Telehealth Psychiatric Treatment Exercise Education Telemonitoring Analytics

10 SWOT Analysis StrengthsWeaknesses Ideal in a rural setting Can be used 24 x 7 consultations, diagnostics, therapeutic A follow up tool. reliability of communication channels technology and requires some technical expertise OpportunitiesTreats eHealth could help health in supplying quality, fast, and economical services to rural patients A way to attract more clients from isolated areas Promote additional services Surgeon Syndrome which is conservatism to all technologies than ones own inhabiting the uptake of eHealth and Telemedicine Few clients are currently using eHealth; most eHealth systems are used for administration and education[10]

11 Product Architecture

12 Personal Home Page

13 Tracker - Analytics

14 Meal Planning & Support



17 Psychiatric & Psychological Counseling Our professional therapists help with: Stress Management Setting realistic, attainable goals Instilling confidence in patients who are depressed, isolated and demoralized (primarily youngsters or high school students) through motivational interviews and therapy Focusing on the ideology of How to do? rather than What to do? with respect to achieving the weight loss goal

18 The path to success The telemedical-supported program consists of three modules: exercise, diet, and telemedical weight monitoring. Sufficient exercise and a healthy body image constitute the foundations of successful weight reduction. Exercise units range from gymnastics to Nordic Walking and endurance to weight training. Nutrition experts present everything that is worth knowing on the topic of healthy eating, on reducing enjoyment without going hungry. The participants can check their own progress at any time. They receive Bluetooth-enabled scales, which automatically records the daily weight. The participants have online access to the analytic Scorecard which documents weight changes, waist slimming, and improvement of physical performance. 3 Modules for Success

19 Educational Programs The key elements that are covered in our educational programs are: Increase awareness that overweight and obesity are major public health risks. Increase early identification of excessive weight gain. Enhance awareness of the psychological impact. Improve supervision of people who are overweight or obese and those with obesity-related diseases. Improve life-long healthy eating. Increase life-long physical activities. Develop observation and program evaluation to prevent obesity.

20 Telehealth Person to Person telephone interaction Telehealth technologies can be used in all dimensions Allows for interaction & preventative action Hotline Q&A

21 Summary We wish to provide truly individualized weight management Our goal is to enable easy viewing of test results, regiments and medical statistics as well as easy access to progress reports Reports encompass all dimensions -Psychological Counseling -Social Support -Medical Monitoring -Nutrition -Educational -Exercise -Diet -Health statistics

22 Be Sure to Visit Us On-Line Dont let this be you! Copyright 201022 A complete web delivery system for weight contol

23 Thank You! Any Questions?

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