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Helping People Lead Healthier Lives GetFit Health Manager.

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1 Helping People Lead Healthier Lives GetFit Health Manager

2 The UK health challenge More than 29 million overweight or obese people in the UK and growing (DOH 2006) Adult obesity rates in Britain are the highest in Europe at 24 percent (OECD 2006) Someone in the UK has a heart attack every 2 minutes. It is still the leading killer in the UK (BHF 2006) 2.4 million people have Diabetes (1 million of them dont know it) Diabetes care costs £4.9 billion a year (diabetes UK 2003) >100K people were diagnosed with bowel, breast or prostate cancer in 2003 (cancer research UK)

3 The cost of ill health Learning from US trends Obesity is estimated to account for 43% of all healthcare spending by US businesses on employees. Obese workers are more than twice as likely to have high levels of absence as other staff. The cost of obesity to an employer with 1,000 workers is $285,000 a year, with increased levels of sickness absence accounting for 30% of this. Medical costs for obese employees are 77% higher than those for workers with an average body mass index.

4 The cost of ill health to UK business Workplace absenteeism costs the UK economy £12 billion every year (Health & Safety Executive 2006) 18 million working days are lost due to obesity-related health problems every year in the UK (Department of Health) 10.5 million work days lost due to stress, anxiety and depression in 2005/6 (Health & Safety Executive 2006) Each case of stress-related ill health leads to an average of 30.9 working days lost UK business loses 4.9 million days a year to work related back pain (Health & Safety Executive 2005) ~ 2% of capital spent on workforce is lost to disability, absenteeism and presenteeism caused by chronic diseases and an equal amount is spent on the direct costs of healthcare (Price Waterhouse Coopers Report 2007)

5 How healthy and motivated is your workforce or community?

6 Effective Health Engagement GetFit Wellness provides an award winning online health engagement programme to improve the health of a workforce or community: Each participant receives: A highly personalised online health and lifestyle assessment Personal health and wellbeing report and action plan Email-based coaching to achieve personal health goals Seamless access to online exercise, nutrition and mental wellbeing programmes Access to relevant, local support programmes and other interventions already available to them Access to their online wellbeing account for continuous engagement and support

7 Stakeholder Health Our stakeholder partners receive: Extensive management reports to show: Participation in the programme Health risks and priorities across the population suggesting where to target finite health resources User satisfaction and behaviour change indicators Health improvement among participants over time An effective health management programme to engage and motivate every member of a target population on their health and lifestyle

8 Stakeholder Health (2) Their own web panel to access real-time reports Ad hoc reports can be built to focus on key objectives A customised and localised solution for each target audience including: –Rebranding to assume stakeholders corporate or project identity –Tailoring of health content, key messages/recommendations –Customised links and referrals from within the programme to other support and resources available to their population e.g. Referral to a Health Trainer or EAP programme

9 Stakeholder Health (3) E-marketing tools as standard to recruit/manage participants on the programme A Health Professional module (optional) allows stakeholders to provide a one-to- one service to some or all of their population including: –Recording of health measurements from e.g. a health screen within their online programme –Tracking and monitoring progress Support – GetFit Wellness works in partnership with all of its stakeholders to ensure the optimal running and results of its programmes

10 Programme Results Engagement is everything Up to 50% take-up rate from target populations 90%+ completion rates of our health and lifestyle assessment across all registered participants 85%+ of registered participants engage in their personal wellbeing programme* Up to 60% of a participating population set personal SMART goals Up to 80% of those setting SMART goals complete their 4-week goal-based, interactive programmes We can demonstrate positive behaviour change from significant numbers of participants in all of our programmes * View detailed levels of their personal health report

11 Play the Tour

12 Endorsements Medical Futures Innovation Award Winner 2007 Best e- Health product "This is the most effective wellness platform on the market by some margin. My clients are some of the biggest corporations in the world (GE, Halliburton, Shell) and the GetFit Wellness offering has been deployed within them to great effect. It adds a new strategic dimension to my healthcare management company and is now a core component of what I deliver to my client base. I will be rolling out GetFit Wellness' services to several more of my clients in 2009 Penny McIntosh – CEO, The Centre for Workplace Health Promotion

13 To find out more about how our services could support you, please contact People Asset Management Ltd : Fiona Hall Account Manager (o) 01925 227000 (m) 07960 240722

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