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Breaking down barriers in the kitchen for people with disability By Sabrina Spillane.

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1 Breaking down barriers in the kitchen for people with disability By Sabrina Spillane

2 Learning Outcomes What is Disability Obesity the Facts Disability the Facts What is a Balance Diet Effects of the Environment and Healthy Eating How people with disability can advance in kitchen

3 What is Disability? The term Disability summarizes a great number of different functional limitations occurring in any population, in any country of the world. People may be disabled by physical, intellectual or sensory impairment, medical conditions or mental illness. Such impairments, conditions or illnesses may be permanent or transitory in nature. - United Nations Standard Rules

4 Obesity The Facts Currently in Ireland every second adult is overweight 1 in 8 Obese in Ireland Why? 57% blamed take-away food, 59% blamed overeating and 67% blamed a lack of exercise. 2,500 Deaths in a year - Lansdowne Market Research

5 What is a Balanced Diet A balanced diet is one that includes all the food groups of the food pyramid. Change to Food Pyramid 2005 by United States Department of Agriculture –

6 Balanced Diet Continued A balanced diet is one that includes all the food groups of the food pyramid which are Grains; Vegetables; Fruits; Milk; Meat and Beans. Other factors such as age, body size, activity level, gender will also affect the amount of food you eat. The pyramid is based on the best available scientific facts concerning links between diet and good health. To maintain a health weight the RDA for adults is – Men (2,500) – Women(2,200)

7 Balance Diet for Children A Balanced Diet is also necessary for Children as Obesity is growing in alarming rate.

8 Video

9 Negatives Out Environment is polluted with alternative, quick, easy and cheap bad food choice options with high calorie intake Cost of kitting out a kitchen for disability is expensive What product(s) if any are on the market suitable for my needs – it is hard to find a product that suits, some product make it harder to perform a task as they are uncomfortable and unmanageable

10 Our Environment

11 How easy is it? Always Available - Fast Food Restaurants are now opened 24/7 Drive Through – customers can stay in the comfort of there own vehicle Always Cheap - Cheaper menus are available to encourage the customer to buy more and often, which caters for low budget spenders Always Easy – Customer can use drive through, place there order, pay Always Fast - While paying, food is prepared and ready in a short space of time Why prepare your own meals, this is easier, cheaper and faster?

12 Calories in Typical Food Item in one of the top Fast Food Chains Average meal is about 1000 Calories

13 Positives Change your Environment – you are in charge of it. Bring responsibility back to Kitchen Design and Development of suitable food aid product which are on market today Cheaper products available on market Government Grant to help kit out your kitchen Online food shopping – Tescos, Super Quinn, Super Value

14 Food Aids to Prepare Food Make a Ham and Cheese Sandwich for lunch

15 Food Aids to Prepare Food Contd Voice Output Microwave Voice Output Thermometer

16 Food Aids to Serve Spill proof Pouring Devices Support Grip Mats

17 Food Aids for Eating Spill Proof CupsGrip Handles Clothing Protection Bibs Scoop Plate

18 Irish Funding Disabled Persons Grant (DPG) replaced by Housing Adaptation Grant for People with Disability Maximum grant available is 30,000 which mean you may not receive a full grant Housing Adaptation Grant for New Houses for People with a Disability will be increased to 14,500 Types of aided work grant includes: the provision of access ramps, downstairs toilet facilities, stair-lifts, accessible showers, adaptations to facilitate wheelchair access, extensions, kitchens, etc;

19 Funding Contd Mobility Aids Housing Grant Scheme - Fast track grant aid to address mobility problems Types of f works to address mobility problems, primarily but not exclusively, associated with ageing Maximum grant of 6,000 Housing Aid for Older People – Aim is to targeted support to improve conditions in the existing housing of older people Types of works which will be grant aided include structural repairs or improvements Maximum grant available will be 10,500

20 Online Grocery Stores with Delivery Tesco – 101 stores in Ireland – 24/7 online shopping – Weight loss programme – 26.3% Grocery Market Share in Ireland Super Quinn – 20 Stores in Dublin – 7% Grocery Market Share in Ireland Supervalu


22 Video

23 Interesting Create new goals and challenges for you in the kitchen Have dinner parties for your friend and family Download movies from YouTube Create your own movie, to help others with a disability Cook with a Celebrity Chef


25 Name 3 Items from the Food Group that appear on the Food Pyramid? – ____________________ What is the RDA of Calorie intake for Men and Women Adults? – Men 3000; Women 2500 – Men 2500; Women 2000 – Men 2000; Women 1500

26 POP QUIZ Name 3 ways to make kitchen disability friendly? – _____________________ Select one option from the following that supplies Online Grocery Shopping – SuperValu; Dunnes Stores; Tesco – Tesco; SuperQuinn; SuperValu – SuperQuinn; Dunnes Stores; Marks & Spensers

27 POP QUIZ Name 4 products people with disability can use in kitchen? – ___________________________ What is the maximum amount you can receive for Housing Adaptation Grant for People with Disability? – 30,000 – 40,000 – 20,000

28 Thank you

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