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Mentor: Veronica McLymont Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

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1 Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Department of Food and Nutrition Services Diet Change Study
Mentor: Veronica McLymont Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Jaleesa Diaz Thurgood Marshall Academy

2 Goal Determine whether patients’ satisfaction with the Room Service Program is related to a change in the patient’s diet during their hospital stay.

3 Contents Goal Introduction Side Effects Introduction Pt. II
Top Reasons Introduction Pt. III Room Service Program Introduction Pt. IV Data Methodology Results Graph Summary References Acknowledgments

4 Introduction Cancer patients’ that undergo therapy or surgery may have different side effects which can interfere with the patient’s ability to eat healthy.

5 Side Effects Include Nausea Decreased Smell Decreased Taste Anorexia
Vomiting Early Satiety

6 Introduction Pt. II Previous studies have shown that many patients have not been consuming enough food to maintain their health.

7 Top Reasons Why Patients May Not Consume Enough Food
Patients are out of the room or sleeping during delivery of food Patients health condition prevents them from having an appetite Patients are not hungry during time of delivery of the food

8 Introduction Pt. III To increase the oral intake patient satisfaction, a Room Service Program was created by Food and Nutritional Services.

9 Room Service Program A Restaurant Style Menu Meals On Demand
A Room Service Associate Trained In Hospitality

10 Introduction Pt. IV Press Ganey Survey PATIENT SATISFACTION
Questionnaires are mailed after discharge Scores are monitored by Food and Nutrition Department *special restricted diets explained


12 Methodology The steps required to perform this study involved ……
A patient database Observing amount and types of diets Recording the amount of diet changes during a single admission in the month of July 2006.

13 Results Physicians Change Diets Frequently
Only three of the patients during the month of July were placed on low residue diets During the month of July the average patient stayed at the hospital five days During those five days the average amount of times a patients diet changed was three times For patient’s that were admitted in July, but discharged in both the month of July and August, the most frequently ordered diets were Regular, NPO, and Clr. Liquid. For these patient’s the most frequently ordered diet that they were discharged on were Regular, Soft, and Diabetic 18.

14 Graph

15 Graph

16 Graph

17 Summary We believe that the information, that the studies were collected but may not be as accurate as they should be. We believe that either the information was completely wrong or the results of the study were just very surprising and unexpected. In further studies the goal will be to determine if doctors are placing patients on appropriate diets that fit patients’ health condition. To compare the number of low residue diets on the 16th floor with the amount of low residue diets on the other floors.

18 References Journal of Healthcare Management 45: 2 copy written March/April Creating A Healing Environment: The Importance of The Service Setting in The New Consumer Oriented Healthcare System. Journal of Nursing Care Quality Vol. 18. No. 1, pp copy written Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Inc. Improving Patient Meal Satisfaction with Room Service Delivery. Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing, Vol. 15, No. 3 (July), 1998:pp Clinical Issues. Room Service Improves Patient Food Intake and Satisfaction With Hospital Food. Williams, Ruth. Virtue, Karen. Adkins, Alisa.

19 Acknowledgments Veronica McLymont M.S., R.D., C.D.N James Wu
Anita Apicello Monica Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Department of Food and Nutrition Services Dr. Sat Bhattacharya Harlem Children's Society

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