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Who I am Maarten Noyons CEO of Noyons Content Consultancy (NCC) Since 1997 advisor of Media Companies, Content Houses, Operators, Handset manufacturers.

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1 Who I am Maarten Noyons CEO of Noyons Content Consultancy (NCC) Since 1997 advisor of Media Companies, Content Houses, Operators, Handset manufacturers and Government organisations, created in 2004 the International Mobile gaming Awards (, created in 2007 the Special Interest group Mobile games of the European Game Developers Federation (, created in 2009 Playground, a platform for geo localised games ( in collaboration with C4MProd, Hyptique, A Different Game and

2 Create your gps game in a few clicks

3 WHO WE ARE Tom Soderlund, CEO of A Different game, creator of Botfighters, the first Massively Multiplayer gps game, launched in 2001 Mathieu Castelli, CEO of C4MProd, creator of MogiMogi, the 1st GPS Community game, launched in Japan, in 2004, Olivier Lejade, CEO of Mekensleep MMO Pioneer and creator of Soulbubbles Maarten Noyons, CEO of NCC Founder of the International Mobile Gaming Awards and initiator of Playground. Pierre Lavoie, CEO of Hyptique Interactive design pioneer; multi-terminal, RA and VR interface architect on Terra Numerica. Jessica Rei, Events Director at NCC Organizer of the Playground Tests all year round and also Playground Festival And Summit 2011.

4 The Context More powerful GPS Chip sets and GPS Antennas and better software solutions provide excellent localisation features to handsets No smartphone leaves the factory without these features.The market penetration of GPS enabled Handsets will continue to grow with an average growth rate of 33% per year to over 200 Mln. Devices by 2015 (Berg Insight), LB applications are emerging and start having a certain success: Foursquares, Gowalla, Loopt, Brightkite, Gipsii (LB Social network), Location based advertising (LBA), Glu Mobile launches 1.000 Find Them All, Nokia launches Ovi Map racing. « Free navigation » is the new trend, launched by both Google and Nokia who are both providing Map data for free.Navigation Software is the best selling application on the iPhone in 2009 in Europe and the US,

5 We are not alone Aka-Aki Around Me Belysio Blumapia Blumni Brightkite BuddyBeacon Buddycloud BuddyMob BuddyWay buzzd Carticipate CitySense ComeTogethr Dodgeball Dopplr Duzine FindbyClick FindMe Footprint History Fraced GeoMe GeoSpot GeoUpdater Glimpse GyPSii ICloseby Ipling Ipoki IRL Jentro Latitude LightPole Limbo Locatik Locatrix Locle Loki Loopt MapMe Map My Tracks MeetMoi Mobilaris MobiLuck Mologogo Moximiti MyGeoDiary MyGeolog Myrimis Now Here Nulaz Pelago Placr Plazes PocketLife Quiro Qlique Rummble Scvngr Shizzow Skobbler Skout Sniff Socialight Sparrow Spot Adventures SpotJots The Grid TownKing TownQueen Tripit Twittelator Unype weNear WHERE TM WhereYouGonnaBe Whrrl Zhiing Zintin

6 Vision Location awareness challenges game designers To create a new powerful generation of games. These games allow players to interact with their Direct surrounding, to explore, discover and make New friends in completely new ways. These games turn the world into a Playground anytime, anywhere.

7 Mission To develop a powerful tool set for the creation of Real World Games, open source, easy to use and accessible to anybody, To moderate and grow the community of developers that are using the game creation tool, To provide marketing and publishing services to the creators of these games.

8 Playground Architecture Mobile Client iPhone initially, later Android, Blackberry, and other smartphones. Server GeoDjango Apache MySQL Game Creator Ajax website. Add items, characters, basic scripting Administration Interface Website. Change permissions, see reports.

9 How it will work Example of a collection game Register Pick a city Create a collection Create a quest Place your items Save your game

10 How it will work Example of a Battle Game Register Pick a city Create virtual opponents Create weapons and shields, power ups Create safe havens and danger zones Save your game


12 Playground Festival For 2 days, the city will be a giant playground. 9 & 10 July 2011 Inhabitants and visitors will become players in a larger-than-life game.

13 Playground Festival The PACA Region: a land of festivals - to set up the worlds first annual festival for geo-localized games Marseille 2013: a real opportunity - to offer a new concept: new dimensions in entertainment, new interfaces and new experiences.

14 Playground Publishing Provides Billing solutions for virtual Items, Additionnal levels, Special Features, High scores. The first specialized publisher of location aware Games and Applications Funds ambitious LBS projects get them - to Operators worldwide to handsect manufacturers - to App stores

15 Timeline 2010 September Start work with a limited number of developers September First test in Marseille November 2nd Test «Zombinades» DECEMBER Workshop July Congres and Playground Festival inMarseille 2011 Version 2.0. of Playground will be launched

16 Vidéo du 1 er test Jeu Le Messager

17 Video coming soon on youtube…

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