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Jeppe Jepsen Vice-Chair TETRA Association TETRA Market Overview.

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1 Jeppe Jepsen Vice-Chair TETRA Association TETRA Market Overview

2 User choice Technology choices: –TDMA 25kHz systems –CDMA MHz networks –APCO 25 –Traditional FM 25/12.5/6.25kHz –MESA broadband –GSM Conclusion – TETRA.... the economic higher capacity solution that can be customised to meet users needs

3 TETRA – the Ideal Common Platform Matches Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) requirements -- 380/400MHz (TETRA) identified by ITU Already widely deployed Longevity – global standard In daily use by Public Safety organisations Competitive procurement = Cost effective solutions

4 3 Country Pilot - Scenario Results Operational tests between Germany, Belgium & Holland First phase report quotes - –First time that communication across three borders was possible –A great success Achievements –Cross border working between individual agencies proven –Cross border working between multi-agencies proven –Showed that TETRA works between vendors systems ISI OK but needs further refinement

5 Advantages of Sharing Operational Cost Environmental benefits Accountability Spectrum efficiency Affordable resilience Physical security of sites Shared control rooms Redundancy can be provided by public systems

6 Supplier Base 2003 Cleartone Damm Cellular DeTeWe ETELM Frequentis OTE Nokia Niros Motorola R&S Bick Mobilfunk Rohill Sepura Siemens Simoco Digital UK Ltd. Teltronic Thales-Defence Thales-ISR Zetron

7 Market Expansion Commitment to supply TETRA equipment in new frequency bands to serve TETRA customers: Russian 300MHz band China 350 -380MHz band

8 Great Expectations Wins............... Abu Dhabi Police Germany Portugal Russia China + + +....

9 The latest wins for TETRA Kuwait MoI Sweden – a nationwide system for Emergency Services

10 UK - Airwave 1400 sites operational and 40-50,000 terminals in operation and soon more than 100,000 terminals sold from 4 terminal vendors. Ambulance Authorities in tender process –Results expected May / June 2004 Fire Authorities in tender process –3 short listed bidders; results expected in October

11 Austria Government is tendering for service –2 TETRA bids –1 Tetrapol bid...................

12 Russia Russia is a great market for TETRA –Many small/ medium size contracts TETRA RUS – a nationwide shared government TETRA network –MoC order 161 – creation of working Group –State Commission Decission 57 – Unified system based on TETRA MOR will use TETRA –Line to Kaliningrad will use GSM-R

13 Hungary Project focus back TETRA Forum Hungary formed

14 Greece MoD purchased system for Olympics Siemens / Motorola / Frequenties provides infrastructure and control consoles Nokia / Motorola provides terminals

15 Italy Government report highligting the need for government agencies to use private network technologies vs. GSM/GPRS/UMTS. Report highlights TETRA as multivendor solution vs. Tetrapol being single supplier only.

16 South Africa South Africa Police Service –Tender process completed – 10 consortia responded –TETRA won Cape Town Municipality –TETRA been installed many years – shared system for all municipal users. –During electricity black-out – all systems EXCEPT TETRA was off air for multiple hours.

17 Germany Equipment or airtime ? Central or de-central purchase ? –Umbrella agreement between states – 15 March2004 TETRA – Tetrapol – GSM-ASCI Vodafone is driving hard

18 TETRA advantages over GSM-ASCI Call setup performance Group call flexibility Security Air-to-ground solution Terminals from 7 vendors Direct Mode Specilized market vs. Mass market

19 South Korea 2002 - Auditor General recommends using unified radio communication system 2003 - Subway disaster – inadequate communications key issue 2003 – Inter-operability feasibility and planning 2003 - Committee decide on TETRA for inter-operability 2004 – Implementation of TETRA for subways

20 Disasters have regrettably often been Major Motivators for Interoperability Planning Germany was first! Mandated Interoperability between blue light services in 1976!

21 Norway –Train accident in Asta, January 2000 followed several marine accidents Sweden –Disco Fire & EU Summit in Gothenburg United Kingdom –Hillsborough, Clapham, Kings Cross September 11th attacks were experienced worldwide –Interoperability is getting more attention than ever –It is becomming inconceivable to plan for non-interoperability France –Decision being formalised to force Fire and Health to AcroPol network. –Arguments used are cost saving and need for Interoperability.

22 Thank you

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