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L IETUVA L ITHUANIA. Vilkyciai Basic School Vilkyčių pagrindinė mokykla.

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2 Vilkyciai Basic School Vilkyčių pagrindinė mokykla

3 Vilkyciai Village History Vilkyciai (in German Wilkieten) is a village situated in the Western part of Lithuania, in Silute district, by the main road Silute-Klaipeda. Klaipėda region Šilutė region In Vilkyciai there are Vilkyciai basic school, medical station, auxiliary branch of the public library, community center, Roman Catholic Church of St. Brunon, sports car club, post office, several shops and factories.

4 According to the historical sources the village was mentioned in 1540 for the first time. Archaeological monument – the graveyard, some graves date back to II – XIII centuries. Historical monument – the Evangelic-Lutheran graveyard (XIX century).


6 Vilkyciai Basic School History In 1930 in Vilkyciai there was opened the primary school (1-4 grades). After the war there were only 2 classes in Vilkyciai. In 1949 the school (1-7 grades) was established in the rich Germans homestead. In 1992 the school starts its work in a newly built building. From 1949 till 1997 Vilkyciai school in several stages is reorganised into basic school (1-10 grades).

7 Lithuanian Education System

8 A component of the Lithuanian education system is pre-school education. Primary school is attended from age 6 to ages 10. Lower secondary school (and youth school) is attended from ages 10 to 16. Then students have the opportunity to attend the secondary school (age 16-18) or upper secondary school (age 14-18) or specific vocational training. The general secondary for 16 to 18 year olds fulfils higher education entry requirements

9 Organisation Compulsory school attendance is until student turn 16 years old. The school calendar, which is established by the Education Authorities, covers a minimum of 175 days for compulsory education. The school year is from September 1st until June 30th. Grading system 1-10; 10: excellent; 9: very good; 8: good; 7: highly satisfactory; 6: satisfactory; 5 : sufficient; 4 : very weakly 3-1: insufficient.

10 Moments from the schools life...

11 Vision To provide qualitative general education, to foster general valuable attitudes. The center of settlement culture, information and education, providing educational services to the whole community of the village. Independent, open, ready for experiments, and for its activities responsible institution.

12 Mission To be the institution that improves pupils' spiritual, physical, intellectual and aesthetical education.

13 Strategic aim To improve the teaching quality, to influence the pupil for self-evaluation, to assure his social security.

14 Education in Vilkyciai Basic School There are 215 pupils and 28 teachers in the school. Our school provides general education. It is a public school and students do not pay for the education. The lessons are given 5 days a week and usually there are 6-7 lesons a day. After the lessons students have the opportunity to express themselves in various clubs, competions and contests.

15 Every day the lessons begin at 8.10 All students of primary grades get free lunch. At school there works a social educator that provides a social help. Teacher assistant helps the students that meet difficulties in learning. Students have the opportunity to use IT during the lessons and after school.

16 Our schools experience in projects Vilkyciai basic School takes part in two national projects Lets encourage the future and Collaboration with A. Adamkiene charity and support fund. LETS ENCOURAGE THE FUTURE LETS ENCOURAGE THE FUTURE The main aim of the project is to initiate the participation of the most active and successful people in schools every day life. These people with their personal authority and successful examples may encourage the students to reach honorable personal goals, good work and learning results and successful career in the future. Our school joined this project in 2007 andit has 11 honorable persons, who are very welcome in our schools every day life and who share their life experiences.

17 C OLLABORATION WITH A. A DAMKIENE CHARITY AND SUPPORT FUND C OLLABORATION WITH A. A DAMKIENE CHARITY AND SUPPORT FUND In 2001 (February) Vilkyciai Basic School teachers prepared a project It is good at school even after lessons and made a request for support to A. Adamkiene charity and support fund. Alma Adamkiene is the wife of the Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus. The request was accepted and the money that the school got was used for buying computers, musical instruments, clothes for dancers and many other things. Since then till today our school has been collaborating with A. Adamkiene charity and support fund, took part in various national projects such as Me-Lithuania-Europe, Europe – thats us, My beautiful, dear homeland, a project for young guides Take a look at your country and also our students took part in many annual celebrations and festivals in presidency.

18 Traditional festivals Our school has several traditional festivals which we celebrate every year. 1st September (the beginning of the school year) European Day of Languages Constitution day 10 best sportsmens of the school day The Advent afternoon The concert dedicated to the Lithuanian Independence Day (16th February) Earth Day Mothers Day The Last Bell (the end of the school year)

19 Also our school takes place in various local and national contests, competitions and exhibitions.

20 Dance contest

21 Sports day Sports day Mothers Day Mothers Day

22 Project Lets Encourage the Future

23 The concert dedicated to the Lithuanian Independence Day (16th February)

24 St. Valentines Day We like to act too...

25 Thank you for your attention

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