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Jennifer L. Pricci April 20, 2007

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1 Jennifer L. Pricci April 20, 2007
McLoone’s Riverside Dining: An Integrated Marketing Plan Revised Presented by: Jennifer L. Pricci April 20, 2007

2 Campaign Objectives Increase walk-in traffic among adult diners age seeking an upscale but relaxed quality dining experience Expand the McLoone’s target demo cell to include a younger consumer set without risking the loyalty and repeat business of the established older demographic Attract increased frequency among the revised target consumer set Regenerate customer base to compliment already loyal clientele Drive top-of-mind awareness for the revised McLoone’s Riverside brand which offers an everyday, year-round dining solution McLoone’s is more than a special event destination McLoone’s upscale atmosphere is now more relaxed McLoone’s menu options satisfy both champagne tastes on a beer budget Communicate unique selling points of McLoone’s Riverside Dining Exceptional Zagat-rated cuisine #1 Piano bar on the Jersey Shore Home of the most spectacular sunset on the Jersey Shore

3 Target Consumer Insights
Currently, McLoone’s Riverside Dining attracts upscale clientele who… are adults 45-65 earn in excess of $75K are socially and civically active support community and charitable organizations enjoy the finer things in life work hard at balancing it all

4 Campaign Rationale McLoone’s Riverside Dining is an everyday destination for year-round dining which offers a comfortable and laid back atmosphere for those who appreciate an upscale dining experience boasting Zagat-rated cuisine, impeccable views and world-class entertainment. McLoone’s Riverside rebranding has afforded a price-point, menu and atmospheric change which offers the same upscale atmosphere in a more relaxed environment with a wider variety of menu options that satisfy champagne tastes and beer-budgets The NEW McLoone’s Friends & Family Loyalty Program launch, executed in conjunction with the Advanced Hospitality eFrequency product, equipped with in-store campaign elements, mailing list components, bonuses and rewards and unique and proprietary promotional incentives will build buzz by… increasing trial among target consumers and consumers’ friends and family on a more casual basis during off-peak days. driving word-of-mouth attention among target consumers’. Consumers are highly influenced by Word-of-Mouth recommendations from friends, family and community trend-setters. encouraging consumers to choose McLoone’s Riverside with greater repetition. keeping McLoone’s in the public eye and top-of-mind.

5 McLoone’s Friends & Family: A Proprietary Loyalty Program

6 Loyalty Programs “… at its basic level, customer loyalty is a balance between the individual’s willingness to give customer loyalty and a company’s ability to earn loyalty.” - Anonymous, Direct Marketing July 1999 This statement describes the key aspects of what needs to happen on the part of the customer and the company for a loyalty program to be successful. When executed properly, a customer loyalty program can be the single most successful way to differentiate your business from your competition, optimize customer loyalty programs by increasing their return on investment, and improve customer communications, brand loyalty and overall customer satisfaction. Promote customer loyalty Increase “best shopper” sales Gain consumer information Maintain/achieve top-of-mind and market leading positioning Enhance brand image Respond to competition

7 Your eFrequency Loyalty Program
Program Description Repeat business is the lifeblood of the restaurant industry. Without loyal customers, a restaurant simply cannot be successful. That's why customer relationship management (CRM) tools are vital to maintaining a competitive edge in today's crowded restaurant marketplace – and that's why you’ve chosen a customer loyalty program. A loyalty program’s scope is broad – traversing in-store operations, corporate systems, existing customer purchasing habits and trends, as well as a new, previously untapped consumer base. Aloha eFrequency provides a restaurant-focused powerhouse of tools that reach all facets of your organization, all of which are designed for ease of use, yet rich in features to ensure that your loyalty program reaches its full potential of increased sales and profitability. Your eFrequency Loyalty Program Web-based Components Bonus Plan & Card Wizards Member Tools eFrequency Store Configuration Single-touch member assignments to checks POS issued rewards, including real-time promotions & comps POS generated member reports and receipts Complete history of member purchases and rewards Enterprise-level or by store/store group reporting Alerts to provide proactive notification Detailed audit reporting Member Analysis and Reporting Aloha POS eFrequency Operations

8 Program Elements On-site mailing list registration drivers
Insured Contest Signage Wait staff and bar staff as Program Ambassadors On-site mailing list data capture collateral and sponsorship material Back office support McLoone’s marketing team coordinate and executes mailings McLoone’s database management team coordinates and tracks captured data to determine success of program among various target consumer sets McLoone’s marketing team modifies program as necessary McLoone’s Friends & Family program advertising in relevant print, online and experiential outlets Print ads to be placed in regional outlets Online banner ads at and to drive awareness of program Sponsorship of area events relevant to McLoone’s target consumer drives awareness Examples: Jersey Shore Rock-N-Soul Revue program inserts and Count Basie opportunities, on-site opportunities at PNC, Red Bank Jazz & Blue Festival, seasonal Pier Village events, KABOOM! Fourth of July Fireworks on the Navesink The McLoone’s Friends & Family program launch will be advertised on Clear Channel Radio properties* On-air ad buys on Z100 Online presence on, and Program launch culminates in an on-site event and insured contest promotion * See Media Component

9 Registration Drivers Consumers will be motivated to sign up for the McLoone’s Friends & Family program with the promise of… A $20 off dining reward immediately issued to their member card Data capture activity will invite registrants to sign up a friend or family member for the McLoone’s Riverside Dining Mailing List. A branded mailer detailing McLoone’s unique selling points and new loyalty program will be sent to this new batch of consumers inviting them into the restaurant Monday through Thursday to also sign up for the loyalty program and receive their $20 off dining reward. A unique viral component will help registrants feel good about themselves and provides an easy and fun way to share that good feeling with others. Registration process is cyclical, continually regenerating customer base with current members electing to prospective member. Profile data is collected from the member at the store when the card is issued to the member. You can choose to collect member profile information on a pre-printed application form, a more polished approach, or use eFrequency’s unique member application feature to print a member application voucher directly on the POS guest check printer the first time the card is used. New McLoone’s Riverside Dining mailing list registrants who sign themselves and a friend or loved one up for the McLoone’s Friends & Family program during a specified promotional period will qualify to participate in an on-site insured contest event.

10 Member Cards & Rewards It all starts with the member card. Members use their cards in your stores to get credit in your customer loyalty program. Some Goal Oriented Options: Your eFrequency program can support as many different cards as you can dream up. Creating different cards is a great way to offer specific guests an extra touch of hospitality For example, you give customers who have a bad experience in your restaurant a comp card for $10.00 on their next visit. When they use the card, it will require manager approval and the manager can always stop by the table to verify that the service and the food was satisfactory In most cases, you will create only one eFrequency card and assign it to a Bonus Plan Since eFrequency allows you to define many different card types we recommend a reward geared around off-peak dining… Bonus plans allow you to focus member buying habits Use Bonus Events to drive trial on specific days, within a set date range, during certain hours of the day, of within certain revenue centers (restaurant versus bar) Cards can have an unlimited number of bonus plans active at any given time, you have the tools you need to keep your loyalty program fun and exciting for your members Bonus plans can optionally be scheduled to reset. Upon reset, a member’s plan standing will be re-initialized, as if they had just started the program and have no credit for rewards… Perfect for that extra promotional push!

11 Operations Now that you have configured your McLoone’s Friends & Family Loyalty Program using eFrequency, your customers are signing up, and they are starting to earn rewards. You will need to add new members into the system once they sign up for your frequency program, view the history for a member, and generate reports. eFrequency offers you several web-based tools to manage your eFrequency program: You can use the eFrequency Member Wizard to search the eFrequency database, and add new members to eFrequency The eFrequency Lookup wizard enables you to manage individual members by viewing their Member History You can schedule one of the many eFrequency Reports to get up to the minute data from all your restaurants. The excitement that customers exhibit about the program is great for your bottom line and will attract new customers. To keep this excitement growing, you will want to add New Rewards

12 All This Data… Database tracking is a powerful tool that can carry brands a long way if it is used properly. While recognizing and welcoming the profitable outcomes, companies should not overlook other tools and efforts such as personal contact and customer service. Ideally, brands should strive to optimize all components by using them to complement each other. The need for brands to find a way to differentiate themselves beyond price and product lies in the competitive edge inherent in the ability to build relationships with their best customers and reward them for their loyalty. Consumers are more willing to expand their relationships with companies which operate loyalty programs… spending is estimated at up to 46% higher among brands with loyalty programs. Customer retention, repetition and regeneration Reduce competition’s opportunities to lure consumers away 80% of loyalty program consumers say they used to spread their purchases around more before joining a specified loyalty program Rewards are the most compelling feature, along with awareness and have the greatest impact on participation Loyalty program participation increases with household income Retail loyalty program participants are more likely to take advantage of special offers Source: Carlson Marketing Group (CMG) research study, Loyalty Monitor with Total Research Corporation

13 Key Program Insights Ground the program around your brand. Your customer loyalty program should reflect the same values, beliefs, and core business benefits of your company. The beauty of a loyalty program is that it allows you to be creative, provided it's grounded in the reality of what customers want and expect. Rally employee support, then make it happen in the restaurant and behind the scenes. Without broad organizational support and without internal excitement about launching a customer loyalty program, your staff won't understand its benefits, how it works, and how to sign up members. Loyalty programs have the power to generate interest at the point of sale and give your staff a way to immediately interact with customers, demonstrating that they are, indeed, valued. Adapt messages and offers to keep customers coming back. The real core of the loyalty program is to offer motivation. Whether it's a spring menu promotion or an incentive for those who haven't visited recently, your loyalty program provides an unparalleled opportunity to understand what drives your customers and to measure what worked and what didn't offering the ability to revise and improve. Keep it simple! Complexity is not an asset in loyalty programs. Customers are more likely to sign up for, and your staff will be more likely to promote, a loyalty program that has easily communicated benefits and that's realistic, identifiable, and attainable. Once everyone has caught on to the program's basics, provide continuous support by adding additional targeted promotions over time. Use face time and implement a strong point-of-sale strategy. Generate programs that take advantage of employee interactions with customers. According to a recent Point of Purchase Advertising Institute (POPAI) consumer buying habits study, more than 70% of purchasing decisions are made in store. Perhaps as much as 70% of the opportunity to effectively communicate with a loyal customer base occurs there, as well. Adopt a strong strategy that propels the introduction, overall customer benefits, and ongoing enhancements of the loyalty program in your restaurant.

14 Keeping The Love Alive…
One of the great challenges to a loyalty program occurs between the sixth and 24th months of operation. It's in this period that the excitement and anticipation created by the launch wanes and customers and the company's CFO start to measure the program and its results. Consider these five critical factors during after the initial push of your program launch promotion: Communicate, communicate, communicate. Time is your friend (for a change). Build a strong database management team. Measurement is about control. Protect your customers' trust in you. The factors above are critical considerations when operating a new loyalty program. Keeping them in mind as you work with your loyal customers will help maximize the value of the program to your business. During the first months and year of a loyalty program, a profile of your company's best customers will emerge. That profile and those individual customers will help the business build retention and grow more profitable and ensure active, positive participation.

15 Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.
It takes a lot of planning to create a loyalty program, including thinking of ways to educate staff about it and ways to garner customer participation. Once the planning is over, the key messages of keeping staff informed and customer participation top of mind need to be reinforced constantly. Create a presence for a loyalty program by thinking of it as an asset. When advertising, include information about it. Devote an area on the company Web site to the program. Continue in-store presence and point-of-sale promotion of the program. Reinforce the program message to customers. If addresses are collected as part of enrollment, they should be used to communicate with members (those who opted in for this type of communication). Let employees know some simple information about loyal customers. Factors like "40 percent of in-store purchases are made by loyalty program customers" and "the top 10 percent of loyalty customers have spent more than $500 and made an average of seven purchases" demonstrate the program's value, going a long way toward fostering good employee attitudes about it.

16 Time Is Your Friend There's a reason the first two years are critical. When a loyalty program launches, better customer retention usually tops the list of objectives. Better retention has a direct tie to profits. Bain and Co. reports that with respect to increasing retention "...the impact of retaining 5 percent of your customers can result in 25 percent to 85 percent increase in profit over time ...“ The two key words are "over time." Seeing the results of improved retention requires time -- time to establish a baseline performance and time to be able to measure year-over-year performance. Be careful about using the first six months of loyalty program data to start formulating year-over-year activity. Because most programs sign up new members when they make a purchase, the first few months show high levels of enrollment and spending. The critical factor here is for organizations to continue to believe in the reasons that dictated the creation of the loyalty program and allow it to perform. There are many chances to meet short-term objectives -- knowing who your customers are, communicating with them more frequently and planning promotions. Measuring longer-term objectives takes time.

17 Strong Database Management
It is critical to build a strong database management team. Because loyalty programs are successful through the information they gather, they require large databases. The customer knowledge represented by those databases is why the loyalty program was created. It's important to have the expertise (internal or external) to leverage the value inside the database. Building a strong database management team is necessary to show success of campaigns or increased retention.

18 Measurement = Control Measurement is about control. When planning promotions for the most loyal customers, there is a tendency to want to include everyone. However, without a control group, the results will not necessarily drive good business decisions. Include a control group. Accurate promotional measurement helps drive better business decisions. To address the concern about excluding any loyalty members from the promotions, track which members have been excluded from a promotion in the past (because they were in a control group) and ensure they are included in the next few promotions.

19 Your Customers' Trust… In creating a loyalty program and asking customers for personal data (name, address, phone number, address, etc.) the company likely has made privacy promises to the customers. Even if no promises were made, there likely is an implicit trust. Companies must never break the trust between their best customers, the strongest asset of the business. Do not sell or rent customer lists to third parties, and let customers opt out of various forms of communication ( , promotional distribution, etc.).

20 McLoone’s Friends & Family: Meets Criteria For Success
The features that make a loyalty program successful are its ability to develop relationships between the brand and the customer, along with the data gathering features that help it know, understand and reward customers. Brands need good data to help them develop knowledge so that they can make intelligent decisions when it comes to products, services, promotions and incentives. Loyalty programs serve as a tool to help gather that data; in turn, data can help brands build out loyalty program drivers, incentives and rewards. To develop a successful loyalty program, the following criteria has been tested: Present genuine communications that reflect credibility and the essence of the company itself.* Develop meaningful relationships with their best customers and reward them for their loyalty. Know what to do with information; i.e., create and deliver promotions that reflect what truly loyal customers want, need and prefer. Look at the interaction between customer loyalty, brand experience, employee loyalty, and workplace culture and practices

21 Things To Remember… Grassroots Marketing The McLoone’s Friends & Family loyalty program as described currently rests on the laurels of the McLoone’s mailing list. Though Aloha eFrequency is built-in to the latest Aloha POS version and all member activity happens in real-time and is virtually effortless to staff, the additional “Friends & Family” angle behind the grassroots marketing initiative is a unique viral component which aids in customer regeneration driving traffic and trial during off-peak period. Your Strategy Keep your loyalty program front-of-mind for your members by introducing new ways in which they can use their card. For example, when your spring menu rolls out, invite members in to sample the new menu items by creating a tour based bonus plan, featuring only the spring menu items - in which they must sample each new entrée in order to qualify to compete in an insured promotional contest event. Program Dedicated Website A McLoone’s Friends & Family program website can be created to drive registrations to the mailing list and rely on the powerful internet tool to drive viral awareness. This website could make a big difference in registrations when complimented with a major media schedule. You are never done Loyalty programs are living, breathing entities. As long as they adapt, they never get old. Continually adjusting your program to address changes in your business, customers, and market trends ensures that it's always relevant and valuable. Keeping up with these adjustments requires an ongoing commitment that pays off handsomely when executed well. Cross-marketing adds value If you have established a powerhouse loyalty program, your marketing power extends beyond the walls of your business. Take advantage of your new investment to drive new partnerships and offer new and added value for your customers.

22 Insured Contest Promotions

23 About Insured Contesting
Big Prize Giveaways, Small Budget Requirements Think your budget is limiting your brainstorming capabilities? With insured contesting, you are able to offer big money prizes for just a fraction of the cost. All insured contests offer a chance to win – such as attempting a half-court shot at a basketball game. You pay a fee based upon the size of the prize, the probability of a winner, and the number of contestants attempting the contest. You are provided all the materials and merchandise you need to execute the promotion and your insuring third party agency can also be available during your contest execution. Unleash your creative brainstorming capabilities – or let me help you brainstorm. The following custom promotional ideas are some thought starters on how you can use an insured contest to generate buzz around your new proposed loyalty program, cut through the advertising clutter, increase sales, gain press coverage and ultimately exceed your expectations!

24 Insured Contest Option: Never Cook Again! Sweepstakes
McLoone’s is giving you the chance to take a year off from cooking with the Never Cook Again! Sweepstakes. Ten (10) lucky McLoone’s Friends & Family program participants will be invited to a VIP Dinner Party. At the event, each of the (10) finalists will have the chance have $36,500 added to their loyalty program card... $100/night x 365 days! Anyone who signs up for the McLoone’s Friends & Family program during the promotional period is automatically registered for the chance to win a seat at the VIP Dinner Party. No purchase necessary… Registration Options Include: Listeners may visit the restaurant and/or station website to register. Contestants simply click an banner ad promoting the sweepstakes and complete the registration page including their name, address, phone number, – and that of their friend or loved one. (Send an automated confirming their entry, and provide digital coupon and buy-one, get-one offer to registrant and friend/family member, respectively.) Direct listeners to the restaurant for dinner, and set up a register to win display including registration sign, entry blanks and ballot box. Randomly select a total of (10) finalists from all entries received. Contact the (10) finalists and invite them to a station hosted VIP Dinner Party at the restaurant. All (10) finalists and their guest will enjoy a free dinner*, and have the chance to win $36,500 in gift certificates from the restaurant during the dinner party.

25 Contest Option 1 Contest Option #1 – eFrequency Number Guess
At the VIP Dinner Party each finalist will be given a McLoone’s branded mock oversized eFrequency member card. The last three (3) digits of the membership number will be left blank. Each finalist writes in their number guess on their certificate. The predetermined winning number will be contained in a sealed prize envelope. After each finalist has recorded their number guess – the station will reveal the winning number. If any finalist has guessed it correctly – they win the $36,500prize on their membership card! Bonus Prize Idea Based upon getting any numbers correct: Guess the 1st digit Win $100 eCard Guest 1st 2-digits Win $1,000 eCard

26 Contest Option 2 Contest Option #2 – “Meal or No Meal”
In a take-off of the popular “Deal or No Deal” game show, each finalist will get to play (10) rounds of “Meal or No Meal”. If they make it through all (10) rounds – they win $36,500 in gift certificates. During the dinner party, each finalist will be presented with (10) sets of (2) envelopes. Within each set, one envelope will have a certificate printed with “Meal”, and the other envelope will have a certificated printed “No Meal”. The finalist will select one of the two envelopes from each set and reveal the enclosed Certificate. If they choose the envelope with “Meal” – they win that rounds prize, and continue. If they choose “No Meal”, their attempt is finished. Depending on how far they get will determine the value of their prize: Round 1 - $1 eCard Round 2 - $5 eCard Round 3 - $10 eCard Round 4 - $25 eCard Round 5 - $50 eCard * Denotes insured value Round 6 - $100 eCard Round 7 - $200 eCard Round 8 - $500 eCard* Round 9 - $1,000 eCard* Round 10 - $36,500 eCard*

27 Insured Contest Option: Table for 2… in Italy!
McLoone’s Riverside is giving consumers the chance to win a Trip for two (2) to Italy with $100,000 spending cash. Twenty-five (25) selected finalists and their guest will be invited to a VIP catered event where they will create their list of (7) favorite Wines. If any finalist creates a “Winning List” – they win the trip to Italy with $100,000 spending cash! How It Works: Clear Channel media campaign will direct consumers to visit the restaurant (or loyalty program dedicated website) to enter the contest for their chance to win Randomly select finalists from McLoone’s Friends & Family Program registrants and invite them to join the restaurant for a VIP catered event. At the event, serve cheese and other appetizers – and have a wine specialist on site to answer questions and give advice on how to choose wines.* NOTE: Co-marketing opportunity with wine vendor During the grand prize event – each finalist will be given a list of (7) different popular Wines Each finalist will create a “Winning List” by arranging the wines in any order from 1 to 7 The predetermined grand prize winning “Wine List” will be contained in a sealed prize envelope. After each finalist has submitted their list, the station will reveal the grand prize winning list. If any finalist submitted a list that matches the winning list – they win the grand prize – a trip for (2) to Italy with $100,000 spending cash! Bonus Prize Idea Award eCards to each finalist for every wine they have listed in a correct position – i.e. item number 3 & 7 correct wins a $50 eCard to McLoone’s. * $2,000 event bill maximum

28 Contest Execution Requirements
Z100 will commission Million Dollar Media to execute the Insured contests. McLoone’s will provide Z100 an insurance premium against total prize value. Prize coverage is not valid until a contract has been issued by Million Dollar Media, and the contract has been signed and returned by Z100 and McLoone’s prior to the contest. Z100 and McLoone’s are bound by Million Dollar Media to comply with all contract terms & conditions. Prize insurance premiums do not include any potential costs associated with bonding or registering the contest. Million Dollar Media will provide a sealed prize envelope containing the randomly selected pre-determined winning “Wine List” and “eCard” Numbers. After each finalist has selected their lucky list or GC numbers, the station will contact an MDM representative by phone to report the submissions by each finalist. Option – An MDM representative may be present for the contest event. The MDM representative will confirm if a winner has been submitted. If there is no winner, the station will open the sealed prize envelope and reveal the winning combination to the finalists. If there is a winner, the sealed prize envelope must be returned to MDM in its original unopened conditions.

29 Million Dollar Media will provide: Client is responsible to provide:
A Turn-Key Promotion Contest Materials Million Dollar Media will provide: Client is responsible to provide: 1. Prize Coverage Contract Maximum of 1 grand prize award 2. Official Rules 3. Event Execution Checklist 4. POS Signage for Contest Event a. (1) Custom 2’ x 6’ Banner b. (1) Custom 11” x 17” RTW Sign 5. Contest Materials as needed i.e. prize envelopes 6. Shipping (Ground Service) 1. Finalists 2. Contest Administrator 3. Restaurant – to host VIP Dinner Party 4. Bonus Prizes a. eCard values 5. Website Set-up for Online registration 6. $3,000 Insurance Premium

30 Media Component

31 CCNY In the four (4) weeks preceding the McLoone’s VIP event your brand will receive major presence on Clear Channel New York online properties and promotional spot copy will be produced and aired on the most listened to station in the country, Z100! The media campaign (2 weeks on-air, 4 weeks online recommended) will call your target consumers to action… driving them to your location to sign up for the McLoone’s Friends & Family program or online to (Keyword: McLoone’s) for more information. Spot copy will be produced by the world-famous Clear Channel creative team and will be designed to build awareness around the benefits program participation, such as $20 off coupons for themselves and a friend or family member as well as the upcoming VIP Event offering the chance to compete for a unique and exclusive prize!

32 Proposed Weekly Schedule
Day Daypart # of Comm/Length Mon-Fri 6am-8pm x (5x:30sec/5x:15sec) Mon-Fri 8pm-12mid x (5x:30sec/5x:15sec) Sat-Sun 10am-8pm x (5x:30sec/5x:15sec) Sat-Sun 8pm-12mid x (5x:30sec/5x:15sec) WEEKLY NET INVESTMENT: $17,000 Mon-Sun Streaming Spots 6am-8pm x :30 Sec 6am-8pm x :30 Sec 6am-8pm x :30 Sec WEEKLY NET INVESTMENT: $1,500 Banner Ad 120x90 at 25% rotation Banner Ad Banner Ad 1 MONTH $5,000 Keyword 1 MONTH $600 BONUS! FREE inclusion on the Contest & Event Listing Page Weekly Commercials: 40x Total Weekly Reach: 1,094,000+ Weekly Frequency: 2.3 Weekly Reach: ~3 100% Weekly Reach: ~ % Weekly Reach: 100% Weekly Reach: ~65,000 Weekly Net Investment: ~ $24,100 Pricing Expires

33 Clear Channel New York: A Relevant Fit for McLoone’s
4 of the top 6 NY Market stations reaching Persons are Clear Channel! Target: A25-54 Core: M35-44 Median Age: 38 “NY’S ONLY CLASSIC ROCK STATION” Strong Suburban Coverage Top reach vehicle for all Male demos Upscale qualitative… high income & education levels Target: A18-49 Core: A25-34 Median Age: 30 “THE BEAT OF NY” Top ranked in key female & adult demos Reaches nearly 2 million people Reaches listeners in the city & the suburbs Target: A18-49 Core: A25-34 Median Age: 31 “NY’S#1 HIT MUSIC” Among the most weekly listeners in NY & the USA Award winning talent features Elvis Duran & the Z-Morning Zoo… #1 Morning Show in NY! New York’s Most promotionally active station Upscale qualitative… high income, education, home ownership and suburban listenership Target: A25-54 Core: A35-54 Median Age: 44 “LITE FM” Exclusive format reaching an upscale audience A DECADE OF DOMINANCE, #1 with A25-54 & 12+ … more times than any NY Station Foreground station with limited spot load Extensive playlist satisfies 30 & 50 year-olds Leads the market with in-office listening


35 Contact Jennifer L. Pricci Account Executive
Clear Channel Radio

36 How I Can Help… Encouraging your customers to repeatedly choose you over the competition is a marketing challenge that many organizations face. Differentiating yourself with a loyalty program can go a long way toward winning long-term consumer loyalty. I can help you develop relationships with your target consumers. The loyalty program I have built for you will boost new trial, customer regeneration, customer loyalty, top-of-mind awareness, brand recognition and spending by personalizing messaging, rewards and promotional drivers. Add the power of the media and the sky’s the limit for your marketing campaign! Here’s what I can do for you: Increase Profit Well designed loyalty programs can increase customer retention and improve your bottom line. Depending on the industry, it is estimated that companies can boost profits by 25% to 100% by simply improving their customer retention rates by 5%. Communicate When it Counts Leverage the McLoone’s mailing list to deliver personalized redemption, accumulation and rewards information directly to your customers. Improve Marketing Effectiveness Program elements give you additional opportunities to connect with your customers through innovative messaging, contest promotions and couponing. Measure the effectiveness of these programs and gain a more accurate understanding of your marketing ROI. Gain Strategic Insight Summary and detailed reports provide the intelligence you need to make informed strategic decisions. My recap reports capture relevant program data and program activity from the customer and employee level. Focus On Your Business I’ll take care of the program details so that you can focus on the important business at hand. I’ll work with you every step of the way from initial development through implementation, management, execution and reporting.

37 Proposed Responsibilities
Definition Work with owner and management team to define your ideal loyalty program campaign elements including drivers, incentives and rewards Member Services Individual responsible for member inquiries that go beyond the scope of questions on plan credit or reward history, which can be easily responded to with the POS Member Report. Issues like when a member card has been lost or stolen, or when the member made purchases at a store but forgot to present their card, can require one-on-one interaction with the member, either via , phone call or in person at one of your restaurants. Commitment to learn the eFrequency Member Lookup feature allowing for effective dialog with your customer loyalty members and waitstaff training and support. Fulfillment Design of loyalty program collateral consistent with the McLoone’s brand. Provision of mailing list materials, member cards and data capture activity/applications Implementation While the store staff will find POS eFrequency operations very intuitive, it is important that the in-store personnel be fully versed in selling customers on the loyalty program and the how-to’s in enrolling new members. This means thorough training and management. The store staff should also possess a general understanding of how the plan works – how the member accumulates credit (i.e., points, frequency of visits, dollars spent, etc.) and some examples of rewards and program perks the member can expect. eFrequency web system administration managing which team members have access to the various web applications and reports, and which stores or store groups site users can access and report on. Data Management Reporting and analysis to help make strategic decisions and collection of key consumer data to drive revision of McLoone’s offerings. Refinement Optimization of your program and addition of new, refined campaign elements, rewards, drivers, incentives and promotions. Awareness Drive awareness of the McLoone’s Friends & Family program through execution of: Integrated media campaign (online, print, radio, experiential marketing and sponsorships) Publicity and PR initiatives

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