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Welcome !

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1 Welcome !

2 Induction / Why ? CERN Context Intergouvernemental Organisation
France / Swiss

3 Induction / Why ? You your questions

4 Welcome Integration Objectives Effectiveness


6 Executive Board 01/01/09 Director General Rolf-Dieter Heuer
External Relations (F. Pauss) Internal Audit (L. Esteveny) Safety Commission (R. Trant) Host State Relations (F. Eder) VIP Office (W. Korda) Communication (J. Gillies) Technology Transfer (C. Parrinello) Legal Service (E.-M. Groniger-Voss) Concil Secretariat (B. van der Stichelen) Translation and Minutes (J. Pym) Director for Administration And General Infrastructure Sigurd Lettow Resources Planning and Controlling Director for Research And Scientific Computing Sergio Bertolucci Review of Research Collaboration Director for Accelerators and Technology Steve Myers Projects Office HR Human Ressources Anne-Sylvie Catherin PH Physics Philippe Bloch BE Beams Paul Collier FP Finance & Procurement Thierry Lagrange IT Information Technology Frederic Hemmer TE Technology Frederick Bordry GS General Infracstructure Services Thomas Pettersson EN Engineering Vincent Vuillemin

7 BE: L. Van Cauter-Tanner
DAO / Departmental Secretaries BE: L. Van Cauter-Tanner DG/SC : F. Rabier EN : F. Ziesler FP : M.C. Pelloux GS : C. Laignel HR : L. Leroux IT : N. Thiers PH : V. Brunner TE : G. Hobgen

8 Who are your HRAs? BE: Clémentine Lehtinen DGS: Geneviève Guinot
EN: Michael Dorn FP, PH: Marie-Luce Falipou GS: Kate Fox DG, HR: Peter Berry IT: Florence Licci-Ounnough PH: Cécile Granier TE: Benoît Delille Boursiers: Katharine Thomas-Chevreux

9 Induction Programme Central Part - HR Done inside the Departements

10 Central Part HR Entrance Formalities Induction Sessions Sponsorship
Documents Monthly Trismester

11 Done inside the Departements
Presentation Entrance Formalities Interview and report Done inside the Departements Probation Period Follow-up

12 Interview / report d’entrée en fonctions
Mandatory for Staff members Highly recommended for fellows … 6 weeks

13 Induction interview form
Work objectives Concret Detailed AGREEMENT Training needed Induction interview form

14 Objectives SMART Specific Measurable Attractive Realistic Time bound

15 Objectives / Training measurable available necessary specific

16 6 weeks Administratives Circulares n° 2 & 26
Interview / report d’entrée en fonctions 6 weeks UNDERSTAND ! Administratives Circulares n° 2 & 26

17 Skills & talent inventory (STI) Staff members only
Match the skills together with the mission of CERN Saisie des compétences techniques à partir d’un modèle pré-établi Validation by the supervisor Delay : from arrival date EDH 2 month

18 Next please !

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