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Welcome !

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1 Welcome !

2 Induction / Why ? CERN Context Intergovermental Organisation France /

3 Induction / Why ? You your questions

4 Welcome Integration Objectives Effectiveness


6 Executive Board 01/01/08

7 DAO / Departmental Secretaries
AB : L. Van Cauter AT : M. Prola-Tessaur DSU/SG : F. Rabier FI : C. Laignel HR : J. Belleman IT : V. Favrot PH : J. Ruiz SC : A. Vignes TS : F. Ziesler

8 Qui sont vos HRAs? AB, PH (in collaboration): Cécile Granier
AB (in collaboration), AT, LHC: Lore Taillieu FI: Linda Orr-Easo HR: Peter Berry IT: Andrzej Charkiewicz TS, AB-OP: Lisette Van Den Boogaard TS: Michael Dorn Boursiers : Marie-Luce Falipou PH (in collaboration): Clémentine Lehtinen DSU/SG: Geneviève Guinot

9 Induction Programme Central Part - HR Inside the Departements

10 Central Part HR Entry Formalities Induction Sessions Sponsorship
Documents Monthly Trimester

11 Inside the Departements
Presentation Entry Formalities Interview and report Inside the Departements Probation Period Follow-up

12 Interview / report on job requirements
Mandatory for Staff members Highly recommended for fellows … 6 weeks

13 Induction interview form
Work objectives Concrete Detailed AGREEMENT Training needed Induction interview form

14 Objectives SMART Specific Measurable Attractive Realistic Time bound

15 Training Objectives measurable available necessary specific

16 6 weeks Administrative Circulars n° 2 & 26
Interview / report on job requirements 6 weeks UNDERSTAND ! Administrative Circulars n° 2 & 26

17 Skills & talent inventory (STI) Staff members only
Matching skills with the mission of CERN Entering of technical skills via/through a pre-defined model Approval by the supervisor Deadline: after arrival date EDH 2 month

18 Next please !

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