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2012 J EAN S AUNDERS H ISTORY C ONTEST Putnam History Museum.

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1 2012 J EAN S AUNDERS H ISTORY C ONTEST Putnam History Museum

2 R ULES Entries must focus on some aspect of history of Philipstown, Putnam County, or the Hudson Highlands. Essays should not exceed 1,000 words. Audio and visuals should not exceed 30 minutes. Posters and models should be a reasonable size for display. Entries may be submitted by individuals, or a group of no more than 2 students. Teachers, parents, relatives, and friends may be used as advisors and resources, but the project must only be the work of the STUDENT(S).

3 R ULES C ONT. Entries will be judged on presentation, accuracy of content and sources, quality of research skills, creativity, originality, and the students ability to draw logical conclusions based upon the source material. Entries must be accompanied by a bibliography that includes at least 3 books or primary documents. Wikipedia is NOT a source, nor a primary, or a secondary document.

4 First Place: $100 Second Place: $75 Third Place: $50 A WARDS

5 RESEARCH The Putnam History Museum will be open to students for primary and secondary source research. The museum will be open select weekend days throughout October and November. Research can also be done by appointment by reaching John Duncan at 845- 265-4010, or by email at Students can also communicate with museum staff and each other at Log in using class code: cpy58

6 R ESEARCH C ONT. Students may also find additional materials at the Desmond-Fish Library, the Butterfield Library, or your school library. The more books you have access to, the better!

7 T OPIC T HEMES I. Native Americans, Wappingers Tribe and the Algonquin Confederacy through the Adolph Philipse British Royal Patent, 1697 II. The American Revolution III. Trade, Transportation, and Local Industry IV. The West Point Foundry, including the Civil War Era V. Housing from the 18 th Century to the present VI. The Hudson Highlands as inspiration for arts and literature VII. Area Mythology VIII. Late 19 th and early 20 th Century schools, churches, clubs and associations

8 T OPIC T HEMES IX. Barons, Statesmen, their families, and estates X. Environmental Concerns and Historic Preservation Movements XI. The Development of Main Street and Local Commerce

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