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Bexley Middle School Parent Orientation.

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1 Bexley Middle School Parent Orientation

2 Tonight’s Agenda PTO International Baccalaureate Community and Service
Integrated Studies Camp Tar Hollow PowerSchool & Sakai Activities/ Clubs/ Sports Schedule, Policies, and Supports Questions and Answers

3 PTO Caryn Shapiro & Charlotte Parsons





8 International Baccalaureate
Nate Maier


10 Almost 3,400 IB World Schools in 141 different countries

11 What is IB? The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programs of international education and rigorous assessment. These programs encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners

12 Bexley City Schools & Bexley Middle School
A community of lifelong learners becoming productive global citizens and leaders. Dedicated to educating the middle level child for academic excellence, developing informed, responsible, respectful, and productive citizens.


14 What is IB at Bexley Middle School?
We offer a whole-school model. IB offers a framework from which to work and not a prescribed curriculum. The IB Middle Years Program (MYP) is offered over two years*at our school.




18 Benefits of IB 1). Emphasis on real-world connections and positive action 2). Thinking skills framework through the Approaches to Learning 3). Increased emphasis on student-reflection 4). International focus

19 21st Century Learning

20 Community and Service Chevy Sidel

21 Community and Service Days
Three days across the school year October 26 March 22 May 24 Adjusted academic schedule Students do not have academic classes No binders or books are necessary

22 Community and Service Days
Seventh Grade Design and plan student-led initiatives On campus

23 Community and Service Days
Eighth Grade Volunteer at non-profit organizations in and around the Bexley community Off campus

24 Integrated Studies Chris Melville

25 Integrated Studies Rotation Class All students take 9 weeks of…
Visual Arts General Music Health and PE Technology

26 Integrated Studies Students choose one of the following year long options… Band Orchestra Choir Extended Visual Arts Extended Health and PE Extended Technology Study Hall

27 Camp Tar Hollow Dan Jax

28 Camp Tar Hollow

29 PowerSchool/ Sakai Carrie Washburn

30 Parent Letter


32 PowerSchool

33 PowerSchool

34 Class Grades


36 Sakai

37 Sakai

38 Activities/ Clubs/ Sports
Steve Podlasiak

39 Extracurricular Activities
Football Cheerleading Volleyball Cross-country Basketball Wrestling Baseball/ Softball Golf Tennis Track Field Hockey The Beacon Theater Math Counts Power of the Pen Student Council Ski Club Spelling Bee Eco-PRIDE

40 Fall Athletes May 23 7pm, Cassingham Theater
Meeting for athletes (parents welcome) Physicals – June 6 for details


42 Schedule, Policies, & Supports
Jason Caudill

43 7th Grade Schedule 5 Core classes – 50 min each
Language A, Language B, Humanities, Science, and Math IS Rotation – 50 min, 9 week rotation Extended IS / Study Hall – 50 min Lunch –60 min

44 Policies School Day 7:54-3:15 Tardies Absences 5 free each quarter
Must call in each morning of absences Student is responsible to make up work Student may sign themselves out with note Absences will disallow participation after school that day

45 Policies Dress Code Electronic Devices Online Activity/ Facebook
Loitering Positive School Climate

46 Supports Guidance Counselor/ Asst. Principal Team Teachers Study Table
7th Grade Academy (I’m)agine

47 Summer Information Schedule Verification - July
Schedule Pick-up - Aug. 10 School Starts - Aug. 15

48 Questions & Answers

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