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Technical Institute L. Einaudi Manduria. With green eyes The way we help keep clean our town.

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1 Technical Institute L. Einaudi Manduria

2 With green eyes The way we help keep clean our town

3 It s 7 in the morning, early December. I wake up at 7, as usual. Its a sunny day and Id like to waste my time strolling around. But its already late, I have to go to school: just a fast shower and a good breakfast. I have to brush my teeth: meanwhile, Ill turn off the tap so I wont waste water! In our town we are trying to reduce the waste of water. So I have decided to use only the necessary water In the morning: I have a shower instead of a bath and turn the tap off when I wash my teeth ; I drink running water from the waterworks instead of mineral water, also to reduce the amount of plastic bottles

4 Going to school Today its a so wonderful day and Im still asleep: Ill get to school on foot or by bike. Its so enjoyable and also I wont produce any pollution ! If it rains, Ill get there by bus! Public means of transport are very important because they allow us to reduce the number of cars in circulation and, at the same time, the amount of gas released into the air and therefore pollution. In that way, we help safeguard the environment and, our planet.

5 At school From the window, I can see the solar panels situated on the roof of the bookshop in front of my school. Solar panels are a new source of clean energy. They convert the solar energy into thermic one. This kind of energy is very useful for human life. But it is important because in this way we can protect and preserve the environment around us. At last, in Manduria too, we are developing this new way to produce clean energy!

6 Still at school This is a beautiful view from the window of my classroom. It's a sunny day and it's possible to see the garden; it is not very well-kept, in fact there are some plastic bags and papers on the ground. There are many trees and there is an outdoor place where last year my classmates and I played outdoor games such as football. I hope to see it clean in the future because school belongs to everybody and everyone has to do his best to live in an environmentally friendly place.

7 Back home and lunch time As everyday, my mother prepares a good lunch with genuine products produced in Mr. …..s field. In fact, he keeps a small stall at the corner of the street near my house. He produces almost all types of vegetables: courgettes, aubergines, pulses, fruits. My mother always buys what she needs for cooking from him, because she is sure that his products are natural, good and cheap!

8 Hanging around After doing my homework, I go out for a walk or a ride by bike. Today I want to look at things with different eyes, so to say with green eyes.

9 On the road This is a wall I can see in my way to school. It isnt a simple wall but a its special one because on it there are some mural paintings and graffiti. Many people express their emotions in this way, writing on the walls of their town, but this is wrong. They can express their sad emotions or their love matters differently. Personally I have never written on walls because I prefer expressing what I feel in different ways.

10 … on These are the waste containers that are located in our town. In the first picture, there are bins for separated rubbish collection and, as you can see, each colour corresponds to a precise type of rubbish : you dont have to make mistakes, but you must put each kind of waste into the suitable container. Even if the collection of separated rubbish is underway, In our town there arent enough dumpsters available. I regret for that because if all citizens could separate their garbage we all could help solve the problem of pollution, and the environment where we live would be cleaner!

11 … and on Here is one of the level crossing in Manduria. In Manduria there is no much traffic but when the level crossing is down the cars concentrate behind and in front of it. Fortunately I live in a small town and Im happy for this, because there are no many cars in the streets. People can have a walk, run, ride by bike. There is no much smog and the air is clean. Obviously air isnt totally clean, because smog is everywhere.

12 I catch the bus and go to S. Pietro in Bevagna. This is the beach where I spend my summer holidays. This place is very nice in that season: both the sea and the beach are clean and beautiful. But in winter it is often different: bottles, plastic containers of cleaners, boxes of wood... rubbish. The sea, which is a huge living creature, where thousands of other creatures live, becomes a sort of huge landfill where people throw anything, also their intelligence and their good sense. I think that it could be considered as the symbol of our barbarism and our ignorance. School, families and authorities should do everything to preserve nature. Everyone should learn to have respect for it, that is, for ourselves, because we come from water and we are water in large part. I like this place so much and I would always see it clean and wonderful! A stroll to the seaside

13 In the evening Its late. Lets switch the light on! It's always better to use clean light bulbs: these ecological bulbs allow to cut the amount of carbon dioxide emissions, consume less so we can save money on energy bill! It has been a very long day, but I m satisfied at last : I have discovered a new face of Manduria, and now Im more aware of what I can do to change and improve my beautiful town. Conclusions

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