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Matija Mesic High school Everything you should know…

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1 Matija Mesic High school Everything you should know…

2 H i s t o r y On 21st February 1918, Royal Croatian-Slavonian Dalmatian Government decided, to revoke 5th and 6th grade of primary school in Slavonski Brod and open the first and second class in Temporary real high school class in Slavonski Brod. That is how this grammar school was established with a note that other classes will be opened gradually and by special orders.

3 <- 1875 1922 ->

4 This institution, from its founding until today, has "passed through six governments. In accordance with social and political changes, during their work it was forced to change its name. Royal realgymnasium (1919) State secondary school in Slavonski Brod on the Sava River (1929) High school in Slavonski Brod (1945) Gymnasium Zlatko Šnajder (1952) High School "Matija Mesić" (1992)

5 Education Our High School offers three different ways of education:: General Science-Mathematics Language programme

6 General General programme equally balances languages, mathematics and science content. programme

7 Language Language programme has an increased number of foreign languages classes. Students learn English and German. programme

8 S c i e n c e Science-Mathematics programme contains a greater number of classes of mathematics, physics and computer science during all four years of education. M a t h e m a t i c s - p r o g r a m m e

9 Activities A lot of activities, connected with Education or not, take place in our school. Thanks to the efforts of certain teachers, students learn and develop their knowledge and creativity. Activities Extra-curricular

10 Art-club

11 P h y s i c i s t s

12 GLOBE program

13 O t h e r s : Young historians Young astronomers Journalists Facultative language teaching: English and German Sports activities: football, volleyball and handball (...)

14 p r o m i n e n t After leaving our high school many of Its students have not only successfully completed various studies, but achieved respectable careers in science, culture, education, sports, business... e x - s t u d e n t s -

15 We have chosen some of them:: Regular members of HAZU <- Dragutin Tadijanović Ksenofont Ilakovac -> <- Dubravko Antun Jelčić Stjepan Babić ->

16 Literature and journalism Josip Berka Dragutin Horkić Vladimir Rem Stjepan Godić Franjo Dujmović Stjepan Krpan University professors and scientists Đuro Basler Vuk Milčić Antun Klaso Dragan Milanović Vinko Brečić Priests Ivan Berka Stanko Šarić Antun Živković Politicians Josip Zmaić Ivica Račan

17 Music Franjo Pokaz Silvija Dvoršćak Krešimir Špicer Safet Isović Art Jerolim Miše Julije Tomić Nedjeljko Dragić Ivan Domac

18 main entrance to the school

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