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LGBT Issues in Fraternity Life

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1 LGBT Issues in Fraternity Life
Mark Kalinich, 2013 DKE

2 Overview Why I’m Here Why You Should Care about LGBT Issues
LGBT Issues in Fraternity Life Suggestions for Improvement 2/28/2013 IFC LGBT Presentation

3 Who I Am Senior in Chemical-Biological Engineering
Played Football Middle School-Freshman Year MIT Love weightlifting/powerlifting ΔKE Brother Gay 2/28/2013 IFC LGBT Presentation

4 Why I’m Here Explain LGBT Fraternity Issues
Suggest ways to help provide a safe and accepting environment for LGBT brothers (both in and out of the closet) 2/28/2013 IFC LGBT Presentation

5 Family Rejection Because of Homosexuality Leads to1:
Why You Should Care Family Rejection Because of Homosexuality Leads to1: 8.4-fold increase in suicide attempts 5.9-fold increase in serious depression 3.4-fold increase in illegal drug use 1Ryan et al. “Family Rejection as a Predictor of Negative Health Outcomes in White and Latino Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Young Adults.” Pediatrics peds 2/28/2013 IFC LGBT Presentation

6 It’s More than Just Numbers
“I was extremely close to killing myself. I now know that suicide is never a good option, but back then I thought that was the only way out of this whole mess. . . Anyway, thank you Mark, because although you didn't actively do anything for me, without knowing it, you were honestly the first positive "thing" in a sea of negative shit that was eating away at me” — from February 22nd 2013 2/28/2013 IFC LGBT Presentation

7 Main Problems I Saw NOT: Active bullying or harassment
Use and Acceptance of homophobic language Heteronormative assumption Combine to yield an environment of “passive hostility” that prevents LGBT brothers from feeling safe/accepted 2/28/2013 IFC LGBT Presentation

8 Insert Link to “”
2/28/2013 IFC LGBT Presentation

9 Problem #1 Homophobic Language
“That’s so gay” “Faggot” “Queer” “Fairy” “No homo” “Dyke” 2/28/2013 IFC LGBT Presentation

10 Language Suggestions Try to remove homophobic language from your vocabulary Speak out when others use homophobic language Discuss derogatory language use as a house 2/28/2013 IFC LGBT Presentation

11 Issue #2: Heteronormativity
Basic Problem: Assumptions Coupling of Sexual Orientation and Masculinity Leads to Gender-specific Language 2/28/2013 IFC LGBT Presentation

12 Suggestions Use Gender-Neutral Language
Ask supportive questions “Who were you out with/dating” Don’t assume! 2/28/2013 IFC LGBT Presentation

13 FAQ: A Brother Comes Out4
DO: Be Patient/let them come out at their own pace.  ASK who they want to know and what you can do to help them Commit yourself as an ally DO NOT: Out them Push them to disclose information they don’t want to Make Derogatory Gay Jokes 4 “Tips for When a Person Comes Out to You.” USC Student Affairs. 2/28/2013 IFC LGBT Presentation

14 Summary: How You Can Help3
Accept and Support LGBT Equality Avoid homophobic language Confront those who don’t Don't assume everyone is heterosexual. Use inclusive language (date vs. girl) 3 “What is an Ally.” University of Akron’s Lesbian, Gay Transgendered and Bisexual Union, 14 December 2/28/2013 IFC LGBT Presentation

15 Resources/Contact Abigail Francis-Director, Rainbow Lounge Mark 2/28/2013 IFC LGBT Presentation

16 IFC Presidents’ Council LGBT Presentation
Questions? 3/14/2013 IFC Presidents’ Council LGBT Presentation

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