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908-769-6000 ext 3474.

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1 908-769-6000 ext 3474

2 Head Coach: 2002 – Present Record 70 – 39 – (11-0 vs. South Plainfield) 3 Conference Championships 5 Playoff appearances Asst Coach NP: 1994 – 1998, 2000 – 2001 Asst Coach BR: 1999 2 Years Varsity Football at William Paterson College NP graduate 1991

3 What do we look for? Unselfish – Success of the team comes first Accountable – On and off the field Attitude – Positive Effort – You dont have to be the biggest or the fastest but you do need to give the team all you can Ability – It always helps

4 Goals of the Program To teach life lessons Teamwork, Discipline, Hard Work To help develop young men To Compete To Win

5 Goals of the Team Outwork our opponents Win the Conference Championship Qualify for and advance through State Playoffs Beat South Plainfield

6 Academics Study hall available to all players prior to school everyday 7 AM in room 129 All players monitored on a regular basis Progress reports / Report cards / Teacher updates Offer tutoring / Provide assistance Code of Conduct Education is a right Football is a privilege

7 Speed, Strength, Agility, Conditioning Program designed by Vince Gabriele Emphasis on technique Year round training program 4-6 week phases

8 Canucks playing in college Dexter Anderson – Rowan University Jake Watters – University of Rochester Kyle Belle – Wilkes University Julian Frazier – William Paterson University Tyson Chandler – North Carolina State University Devaughn Gordon – Lehigh University (08) Colin Disch – University of Albany (04) 3 Time All-American LB Matt Barbosa, Coty Mendez, Chris Smith – Class of 2013 being recruited *28 players have gone on to play collegiately since 2002

9 Scholarships????????????????????? 47 players from NJ received a Div. I scholarship (2011) 348 High schools play football in NJ Approximately 255,000 Seniors play football each year nationally Approximately 2485 Scholarships Div. I 1750 Scholarships Div. I AA Majority of these schools DO NOT use the number allowed by NCAA Approximately 1 in 60 get a scholarship Many more opportunities at Div. II and Div. III schools


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