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Special Event Parking: RV Parking, VIP Parking, and More

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1 Special Event Parking: RV Parking, VIP Parking, and More
Jeff Rahn – Parking Facilities Operations Manager Jeff Horesowsky – Parking Field Services Supervisor Paula Jantz - Assoc Director of Athletics, Operations/Event Matt Getz – Asst Director of Event Management

2 Background Information

3 Hawkeye Express

4 Kinnick Stadium

5 Cooperation is the Key UI Athletics UI Foundation UI Parking UI Police
Whelan Security UI Hospitals and Clinics City of Iowa City City of Coralville University Heights Fans

6 Areas of Emphasis #1 is Customer Service Fan Friendly
Separate RV and Car parking Pre-Paid Parking “Think Before You Drink” Campaign Focus on Post-Game #2 is accommodating UIHC staff, patients and visitors

7 Contribution Levels Membership Level Kinnick Society Gold
Champion Hawks Golden Hawks Silver Hawks Annual Contribution $15,000 and above $10,000-$14,999 $6,000-$9,999 $2,500-$5,999 $1,200-$2,499

8 Evolution of Football Parking


10 Parking - Lot 43 W 2009 2013

11 Suite Parking - Lot 43 W

12 RV Parking - Lot 43 N 2013 2009

13 RV Parking - Lot 43 N 2013 2009

14 RV Parking - Lot 43N

15 RV Parking - Lot 40

16 RV Parking - Lot 40


18 Changes for 2014 Specific Lot Assignments No Tents in Lot 43W
Larger Parking Passes of Differing Colors No Entry into Lots after 11:00 PM on Fridays Social Media Updated Signage

19 UI Parking and Transportation Game Day Operation Goal - Is to support the event!
Provide a customer friendly safe environment for fans Provide processes that allow for fast moving access in and out of parking lots Provide auditable processes to ensure for security of revenue Provide parking for patients and working staff

20 Pre – Season: Get Ready! Meet regularly
How to make it better, coordinate all processes Ensure we are all on same page Facilities RV lot design/painting VIP sections Signs, barricades, traffic cones “The Perfectly placed Porta-Potty!” Include “neighborhoods” in discussion Parking lot design / concrete pads / pick up or leave out? Focus on getting parking information out to Permit Holders General out to all Permit Holders, Deans, Department heads Specific s to specific parking lot with specific information

21 Game Day Operations Cashiering – Getting vehicles into the parking lots Around 20 parking lots that we staff for football Permit lots (contracted staff) / Public lots (our staff) Cashiers (around 60), in-field supervision (4), office supervision (2) Audit process: Cashier/Controller, transports, begin and end at office, end of shift count down Maintenance Set up, signs, painting, trash, garage bags hang out, controlled areas Sunday morning clean up, volunteers, garage trucks (contractor) Field Services Friday night controls – clearing Game day Non Football staff/patient controls – Ramps and Lots Traffic Controls in football lots - counts, provide service/information

22 Future Plans Credit Cards for in the field cashiering
Web based parking purchases Improved sign package – update, lighted signs, look good Way-finding, real time parking lot capacity information Recycling in parking lots

23 Thank You! Any Questions???

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