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The University of North Carolina North Carolina Chapel Hill.

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1 The University of North Carolina North Carolina Chapel Hill

2 Setting UNC-Chapel Hill's 729- acre central campus is among the most beautiful in the nation.

3 A map of the campus. It extends from Franklin Street where the UNC Injury Prevention Research Center (IPRC) is located and the North campus to the UNC Hospital in the southwest and the Dean Dome Stadium in the south.

4 Healthy environments The University currently has no designated smoking areas, and the practical effect of the policy is that the campus is smoke-free.

5 A Safe Communities Affiliate Centre Only a third of the staff and faculty are represented in this photo…

6 UNC – IPRC as a Safe Communities Affiliate Centre Task: To serve as the Safe Communities Network Support Centre for evaluation Types of activities: 1. Evaluation of specific Safe Communities Programmes throughout the world by means of creation of common indicators 2. Establishment of evaluation criteria by defining short-, medium-, and long-term goals. 3. Training Safe Community groups on developing and implementing evaluation criteria and conducting analyses of programme goals

7 Safe Communities Evaluation activities Developing projects: 1. Evaluation of Safe Communities Programmes in the United States Collaboration with the U.S. National Safety Council, a Safe Communities Affiliate Centre. – Development of evaluation indicators for Safe Communities programmes 2. International Collaborative Grant to develop core indicators for the development, implementation, and evaluation of Safe Communities Programmes in 4 Asian Countries. Collaboration with the Karolinska Institutet and the Korean Centre for Injury Prevention and Community Safety Promotion, a Safe Communities Affiliate and Support Centre. Participating countries: Bangladesh, China, Iran, Thailand.

8 Safe Communities Evaluation activities New ideas: Development of an evaluation programme for the new Safe Communities Network in Latin America (currently seeking funding) Systematic review of Safe Communities Programmes: Update of the previous 2005 Cochrane Collaboration Systematic Review to assess the effectiveness of the Safe Communities Programme in preventing and reducing injuries and promoting safety. - Review led by researchers at Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia)

9 UNC IPRC – Research and evaluation experience VIOLENCE Youth violence, child maltreatment, suicide, intimate partner violence, workplace violence HOME SAFETY Falls, fires, poisoning, disabled, built environment SPORTS & RECREATION Athletics, American football, hockey, football, cheerleading, baseball OCCUPATIONAL Health care providers, young workers, construction workers, professional athletes, military, workplace violence GLOBAL HEALTH Intentional and unintentional injury prevention in multiple settings CAPACITY BUILDING Training and education on planning and evaluating intentional and unintentional injury efforts

10 UNC IPRC – Global experience Research, evaluation, and capacity building

11 UNC IPRC – Synergistic components Infrastructure development Biostats/ methods support Research Translation Student mentoring Dissemination Intervention & Evaluation Faculty mentoring Methods support Center Sustainability Advocacy Admin. support Technical assistance Evaluation is key to success!!

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