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Center for Innovative the Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education 1.

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1 Center for Innovative Practices @ the Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education 1

2 To support the healthy development of children, youth and families through evidence based and promising practices Our populations of focus are children, youth and young adults - and their families – who have multiple and serious behavioral health needs and most often involved in child welfare and juvenile justice. 2

3 Practices and Processes Practice Areas  Multisystemic Therapy  Intensive Home Based Treatment-IHBT  Integrated Co- Occurring Treatment- ICT  Co-Occurring Disorders (MH/SA) in youth  Functional Family Therapy  Wraparound  Resilience and Trauma Process Areas  Technical assistance  Quality assurance  Fidelity monitoring  Consultation and planning  Grant support  Training & Education  State level inter- system policy engagement 3

4 To promote access to evidence based and promising practices  Network partner for Multisystemic Therapy-MST  Developer and dissemination for Integrated Co- occurring Disorders- a promising practice for adolescents with mental health and substance use disorders, and their families.  Promotion and support for Intensive Home-based Treatment (IHBT) for children, youth and families  Promotion of Resilience framework  State partner in implementation for Functional Family Therapy-FFT  Dissemination of High Fidelity Wraparound  Quality Assurance and Fidelity for Targeted Reclaim sites 4

5 By the Numbers  14 MST teams in 12 counties across Ohio & 1 North Carolina site & 1 Detroit site  4 ICT teams in 4 counties in Ohio and 2 in Montana  IHBT consultation and learning communities  Partnering with 4 FFT sites in Ohio  Over 700 youth served in Ohio MST sites  Over 100 youth served in Ohio ICT sites 5

6 Resources  State Block Grant- Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services  Ohio Department of Youth Services- Targeted Reclaim  ENGAGE- OMHAS  Provider and community contracts for consultation and support  Other contracts and services TOTAL: $1.5M 6

7 MST Outcomes fy 13  86% of kids living at home  80% of kids attending school  78% of kids with no new arrests  84% completed treatment  3.4% closed due to lack of engagement  9.6% of youth placed 7

8 Dissemination  82 presentations/trainings  Attended 12 conferences or trainings  Provided training to 1,400 (fy 13)  2 publications (Co-occurring brief on NCMHJJ/NCJFCJ and the MHAS e-Journal article)  1 appointment to MHAS Clinical Roundtable  1 appointment to the MHAS Trauma Informed Care Advisory Board  1 appointment to the Child Welfare Funding Group 8

9 Training and Education Topics  Screening, assessment and treatment of youth with Co-occurring Disorders  Differential Diagnosis for youth with COD  Resilience and Trauma  In-home treatment modules  Identification and implementation of Evidence Based and Promising Practices  Family and youth engagement  Intersystem collaboration  Family therapy  Behavior Management skills  Cognitive behavior therapy  Motivational Interviewing (ramping up)  Wraparound 9

10 Policy and Advocacy  Juvenile justice reform in collaboration with the Schubert Center and supported by the MacArthur Foundation  MHAS Clinical Roundtable Member  MHAS Trauma Informed Care Advisory Board  CW Leadership Funding Group  MHJJ Task Force  COD Brief sponsored by the National Mental Health and Juvenile Justice Center and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges  Member of the SAMHSA Technical Assistance Network 10

11 Unique feature of the Begun Center is facilitating both Research &Evaluation + Practice & Implementation 11

12 Collaboration  BHJJ  Targeted Reclaim  Evaluation of ICT  ENGAGE grant-Wraparound  PERI-Partnership for Evaluation, Research and Implementation  Grants 12

13 Opportunities and Implications for further collaboration within the Begun Center 13

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