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2 2 Fire departments respond to 350,000 home fires every year in the United States 2,500 deaths and more than 12,000 injuries Children under five are at the greatest risk from home fire death and injury [Add local or state fire statistics.] Home Fire Realities Home fires impact the whole community. They create emotional strain and can affect healthcare, insurance and social service costs, attendance at school and worker productivity.

3 3 Fire Safety Education Saves Lives In April 2012 the Kingsport Fire Department and the City of Kingsport, Tenn., marked five years without a fire death More than 40,000 adults and children participated in the fire departments fire prevention presentations and activities We have continued to increase the level of safety through the combined efforts of quick-responding, highly trained firefighters; regular fire inspections; and aggressive fire and life safety education programs. – Chief Craig Dye Kingsport marks five years without a fire death

4 4 > [Local example can be substituted for or included in addition to Kingsport page – consider including number of trainings conducted, children reached, materials distributed, fire death or injury reductions, success stories or photo.] Fire Safety Education Saves Lives

5 5 Fire service personnel have been leading local efforts to raise public awareness about fire prevention and safety Fire Prevention Week is celebrating its 90th year Financial resources for lifesaving fire safety materials are limited and face further cutbacks Community members are joining with fire departments in support of continued local education efforts Teaching Fire Safety – Everyone Can Help

6 6 Support Fire Safety Education Communities can partner with their local fire service on these efforts, through … Sparkys Wish List TM allows residents, local groups, business owners and others to help fire departments to provide educational materials for kids and the community

7 7 Fire departments create a community-focused wish list on Community members can then purchase specific items, which are sent directly to the fire department [Leave as is or replace image with screen shot of your departments wish list page.] How It Works

8 8 By purchasing materials, you can make a big difference in keeping our community safe Click Give to Wish List and type in [name of town/state] Select and purchase the items you would like to contribute Know that your support helps us protect lives in our community How You Can Help

9 9 Visit [INSERT FIRE DEPARTMENT CONTACT INFORMATION] Its quick, its easy and its brought to you by the National Fire Protection Association The nonprofit NFPA is proud to sponsor Sparkys Wish List to support lifesaving fire safety education across the country Thank you! Learn More

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