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CSNAV Milestone College List

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1 CSNAV Milestone College List

2 Have students log in to their CSNav Account at:
Then click on “View Your Planning Milestones” .

3 Locate College List and click on” “Explore Schools”.

4 Exploring Schools to create a college list
There are three ways to explore schools in CSNav. Search For Colleges-Allows the student to enter a specific college or locate schools by state. School Exploration Tools- This has four features that help students explore schools: School Finder- allows students to search for schools that match their needs from a comprehensive list of school characteristics College Matching Assistant- uses common items such as size, location and majors to perform a quick search for schools Compare Schools- this provides a side by side glance of schools Distance Search- this is a search for colleges by zip code Browse for Schools- Allows the student to search for four-year, two-year or graduate schools

5 When a school of interest is located, have students click on it.

6 A screen will appear showing information about the school
A screen will appear showing information about the school. The tabs on the left side of the screen will provide further details about specific areas.

7 This is the time the student should save the college to their portfolio by clicking the link on the left. Remind them to repeat the process as they add additional schools. Saving colleges to their portfolio is extremely helpful when adding a self-reported application in CSNav.

8 The student simply selects a school from the saved list of schools by clicking on the triangle, highlight the school and click on it then click continue.

9 Next enter the month, day and year they applied and remind them to click “Save”.

10 To check for completion of the College List Milestone, have the students click on the Home icon at the top of the page, then click “View Your Planning Milestones”. They will see a number based on how many colleges they saved in their portfolio.

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