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The TVIs To Do List Tasks that TVIs Do Throughout the School Year By Dr. Dixie Mercer.

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2 The TVIs To Do List Tasks that TVIs Do Throughout the School Year By Dr. Dixie Mercer

3 Inservice Week Attend inservice meetings as required by district. Wherever possible, make presentations to groups of teachers on campuses where your high need students are enrolled.

4 As Soon as Possible in August Meet with each Principal, Educational Diagnostician, and teacher to introduce yourself. When you call on them, be sure you leave a folder which contains: –your contact information –a list of the typical roles that you perform –any additional information that they may need regarding your services

5 First Week of School (if not before) Textbooks are delivered to campuses. Low vision devices delivered. Collect schedules for each student. Review folders to fill in dates for ARDS, FVEs/LMAs, etc. needed Be sure your materials production system is stocked and ready, including braille production. Contact parents to introduce yourself

6 Second Week of School Begin direct services and consultation. Put together student notebooks that contain: –student information sheet –last FVE/LMA –eye report –notes on services –etc.

7 Third Week of School Contact the VI Specialist at the Education Service Center and find out: –When the Regional Plan meetings and/or VI teachers meetings are in your region –Information about workshops being offered –If they have you on their listserv Look on TSBVIs website for information re: special courses offered throughout the school year.

8 Fourth Week of School Update information for the APH registry. TRY to have a fairly standard schedule in place which can be distributed to principals, Diagnosticians, and parents.

9 Every 3-6, or 9 Weeks Document student progress on their IEPs.

10 First Week after Christmas Break Evaluate students performance on IEP Goals for information on ESY. If you havent gotten a copy of the APH Registration, start looking for it.

11 February Deafblind census Begin to look for applications to TSBVI Summer School. Begin arrangements for service for ECI students during the summer months.

12 March Review caseload for the following year, and prepare to order state adopted text books. Before and after Spring Break, be sure that you have current levels of performance on each of your students for ESY purposes.

13 April and May Review caseload time allocations for the following year, and develop a preliminary schedule. Meet with your Special Ed. Director to review the State of the VI Program. Confirm service arrangements for ECI students.

14 End of School Collect equipment for inventory, repair and storage. Prepare for ESY, especially if you are going to be the teacher -- YOU SILLY PERSON!!

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