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XETA Technologies Company Overview. National integrator of communication technologies – Extensive converged infrastructure/services portfolio – Headquartered.

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1 XETA Technologies Company Overview

2 National integrator of communication technologies – Extensive converged infrastructure/services portfolio – Headquartered in Broken Arrow, OK – Founded in 1981 with call accounting software in Lodging Financially strong public company, verifiable financials – on NASDAQ since 1987 (XETA) – profitable 15 years straight 470+ employees 25% Growth 24/7/365 national service and support Who is Xeta?

3 A Strong Partner 27 years of customer service excellence Of 1,000 Avaya dealers, only 28 are Platinum Business Partner of the Year Award Of 1,500 Nortel dealers, only 9 are Elite Service Partner of the Year award Nationwide sales and service footprint In-house 24/7/365 Contact Center Direct and Indirect relationships: end users, partners Leading the IP transition from traditional TDM telephony Flexible and nimble, yet substantial

4 ServicesApplications Communication Servers NetworkInfrastructure Where We Play Application Integration Managed/Hosted Services VOIP Readiness Security Audit Contact Ctr UC Mobility Content Multimedia TDM/VOIP Key Systems TDM/VOIP PBX SIP Based Solutions VPN, Firewalls, Protection Network Secure Routers Core Switching Closet Switching PtP/Campus WirelessFiberID and DocumentDesignSecurity Data NOC & Monitoring

5 19,000 Customers Coast-to-Coast

6 Avaya Platinum National Business Partners – Highest level of Certification Avaya Services Delivery Specialist designation – Advanced skills required for true full service delivery – One of only 5 Platinum Business Partners with this designation 2008 Avaya's Enterprise Business Partner of the Year for North America – For significant revenue performance and overall growth during 2008 Avayas National Business Partner Program – XETA receives dedicated marketing planning and execution resources from Avaya – Seat on Avayas Business Partner Council. Avaya IP Hall of Fame – For significant sales and implementations of Avaya IP Solutions, VPN/Security Products, Wireless Products and WAN Products Avaya 3-Star Service Partner Award – Completed a three-tiered Avaya Service Assessment Awards

7 Nortel Elite Advantage Partner – Highest level of Certification. Less than 4% of Nortels entire business partner community has achieved this level of Certification. – Elite SMB Specialization – Elite Advanced Services Specialization Nortel International Award for Services Innovation – Recognition of our abilities to uniquely support Nortel customers – 2007 Nortel Service Partner of the Year Award – Outstanding achievement in providing Nortel design, programming and installation services throughout the United States. Expertise and commitment to outstanding customer service has positioned XETA to become a sub-contractor to Nortel for numerous advanced implementation projects. Awards

8 Professional Services Organization Talent Average 20+ years of experience Highest certs across multiple manufacturers Hands on expertise Manufacturers field trials Right balance consulting & execution Results oriented Expertise 70% of Services has expertise in the areas of: LAN/WAN Modular Messaging Contact Center Customer Relationship Management Wireless Focus Consultative Services Design Solution Creation Application Solutions

9 Servicing our Base Locations Inventory

10 Managed Solutions Offerings Managed Solutions Network Design, Implementation, Assessment Unified Desktop Solutions Consulting & Professional Services Call Center Solutions OutsourcingField Services

11 Managed Services Architecture Xeta MSA Asset Management Engineering Review Voice ServicesServers Alarms Pro-Active Patching VOIP QOS Desktop Management Network Management Network Security Help Desk ( BCM IP Office)

12 Solutions Support Center 24x7x365 Contact Center (Tulsa, OK) Dual / Redundant NOC (Southborough, MA) In-house Lab (problem duplication, apps testing, training) Highly trained engineers and service technicians Technical Support & Maintenance Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Samsung, HP ProCurve, Hitachi, Innovations XETA Call Accounting National network of technicians & 3rd party vendors Performance Focused Escalation Management Service Level Agreements Performance Metrics


14 Social Media / Networking in the Contact Center Rev 202010

15 Whos PSS? Founded in 2002 by former Nortel execs 8 consecutive years of growth Profitable since inception 60+ highly experienced employees distributed worldwide Over 150 customers, impeccable references One of Americas Fastest-growing Private Companies

16 PSS Offering PSS provides … CREDboard Social Media solution IVR solutions (CPE, Hosted & Hybrid) and support CTI solutions and support FlexxX product lines (solutions and support) Professional Services Full lifecycle Support & Managed Services

17 The Hyper-connected world … Facebook has just crossed (as of July 21 st, 2010) the 500 MILLION Users mark. That is equivalent to the combined populations of the US, Japan and Germany 1. More Twitter users update their social networking profiles … using mobile devices, …. One in Five regular Twitter users update the service via mobile phone several times per day, while one in three do so at least daily 2. 1 July 21, 2010. ABC News American Broadcasting Corporation. ABC. 2010-07-21 2 Tom Webster Twitter Usage in American: 2010 (Edison Research.2010), pp. 7

18 The Social Media Customer

19 More than just Facebook & Twitter …

20 Although Facebook dominates, Twitter rules the airwaves! The Face-time Quandary... 3 Google Trends twitter, facebook, youtube, linkedin, Google 2009 3

21 Here to stay – and they talk about YOU!

22 Some interesting statistics*... 93% of B2B and B2C customers want to CONVERSE with the Companies they do business US adults spend 15+ hours a week in Social Media – its the 4 th most popular activity online today! 78% of consumers trust PEER recommendations... less than 14% trust ads in any form! Generally, Call Centers cost $29 per customer contact, lower-touch contact (such as Social Media response) = $9... and MAY be 1 to many! Over 64% of companies are less than 12 months into their Social Media strategies 39% have not initiated a strategy at all! *

23 United Airlines: A Customer Service Debacle 4 sonsofmaxwell United Breaks Guitars, YouTube 2009 Reports of a 10% drop in stock price (in just one week and 1.5M hits on the Video) Not only flags airport agent/handlers issues, but he spends almost 1 minute of a 4+ minute song SPECIFICALLY calling out the Contact Center: even pointing out a specific Individual! 4 "United will donate $3,000 to the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz for music education for kids," a United spokeswoman said yesterday. … The airline's change of heart came after "United Breaks Guitars" appeared on YouTube this week, gathering 1.5 million hits by Friday night and coverage on CNN. 5United Breaks Guitars 5 The Canadian Press, United Airlines give to charity in guitar gaffe, July 11, 2009

24 GAP, Inc. : Social Media = Direct Feedback! Oct 10 – Gap, Inc. posted a redesigned logo to their website in anticipation of a marketing campaign and updating some stores. Within a few days of posting the logo, Gap had 1000s of negative postings to their Facebook Fan page and Twitter account. RESULT: Gap has pulled the logo! Customer Sentiment … 1 "Gap's new logo stirs outrage from customers," San Francisco Chronicle, 08 October 2010, online. "People talk about it being bland and having a more corporate feel," Spier said. "But the other thing I found interesting was the number of people expressing nostalgia for the old label, saying it's classic or classy, or had an old-school feel to it. 1 "

25 Contrast: Southwest Airlines vs. Kevin Smith Watches and responds to @thatkevinsmith offering help and to talk through the situation Blogs their side (@southwestair) of the story which includes the fact that Kevin was on standby for an earlier flight!

26 The Enterprise is catching on to Social Media! The ants have megaphones! – Steve Kaay, US Auto Parts We met our SLAs and Failed! – John Belanger, Yahoo, talking about a Customer Service debacle regarding #pleasehelppiper Outsourcing is not an option! In Social Media authenticity is key and only you can provide that! – Harvard Business Review, November 2010 talking about Social Media and Customer Response

27 Click to edit Section title style Social Media Reputation Dashboard

28 No one department owns the customer... Most Social Media / Networking Tools are geared / focused on the CMO and Marketing Department, but... – Marketing needs to be involved, this is a channel to Inform and Entertain about your Products and Services – Sales also needs to be involved, theyre the best to seek out commercial intent as well as potential leads, etc. – Contact Center / Customer Service as well as they are TRAINED to deal with Customer Issues/Inquiries in both good and bad situations. – Others??? – Corporations must avail themselves!

29 Not just Monitor – ACTION! Most tools were built on the concept of Monitor and React... CREDboard is built for ACTION: – Can Start/Update a Conversation/Status online – Can watch for trends and Alerts and activate MULTIPLE responders (SMS, Tweets, Email, CTI events, etc.) – Can spawn events in any of the above media-types to proactively engage customers –... And, of course, we can REACT too! ;)

30 Built in the Cloud, for the Cloud! Based on our proven FlexxBridge in the Cloud tm technology. Every interaction is standardized and aggregated through FBitC. – Allows fast, tight integration to new/different Social Media APIs/capabilities – Single tool provides consistent interface for rapid changes / additions Multi-Tenanted: Multiple employees for a given customer can View/Monitor/Update a single Corporate Brand ID – all with Logging!

31 @PSSHelp helped us solve a 3 year old issue with our Call Center! DM User: Thank you for the wonderful Tweet! Please accept this 10% off coupon on your next transaction with @PSSHelp! An example of CREDboard in action … Sentiment: +3.5 (out of 5) Influencer: 77 (out of 100) Send Thank You + Call Ring, Ring!

32 Get the benefit of Industry Leaders … Clarabridge – Sentiment Analysis – Clarabridges advanced Sentiment Scoring automatically understands negation, conditional sentiment, and other linguistic nuances to provide accurate context and insight about attitudes expressed in customer feedback. Sentiments can be tuned via the Clarabridge Navigator interface to allow for concepts specific to any organization or industry. Klout – Influencer Scoring – Klout tracks the impact of your opinions, links and recommendations across your social graph. We collect data about the content you create, how people interact with that content and the size and composition of your network. From there, we analyze the data to find indicators of influence and then provide you with innovative tools to interact with and interpret the data.

33 Get the benefit of Industry Leaders … RapLeaf – Customer Insight – Rapleaf helps you better understand who your customers are so you can personalize communications and boost interactions while lifting conversions. Deep Social Insight; Rapleaf helps you understand your customers: Demographics, Lifestyles and Interests, Influence, Occupation, Social Media Memberships, Offline Brand Affiliations, Friend Connections, and more.

34 The CREDboard Supervisors Tool....

35 The Agent popUp – Reputation Responder

36 Lets hope this doesnt happen to your company... Hey @ you suck! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! Im gonna kill you!!! @LovnKittens May 9, 2010 10:45:08 CDT via Twitteriffic Hey @ you suck! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! Im gonna kill you!!! @LovnKittens May 9, 2010 10:45:08 CDT via Twitteriffic You tell your Friends about a good experience... You tell the WORLD about a bad one !!! - Tom Peters, Business Management Best-Selling Author

37 Keith Ward 925-208-2405 Twitter: kward_pss @PSSHelp Thank you Maria Adkisson 925-208-2380 Twitter: Madkisson

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