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1 Towards Service Oriented Geoscience SEE Grid and APAC Grid Dr Robert Woodcock Mr Ryan Fraser Division of Exploration and Mining

2 2 Outline The geoscience modelling workflow Inefficiencies The Solid Earth and Environment Grid The APAC (Geoscience) Grid Putting it all together: pmd*CRC Modelling Workflow

3 3 What is the role of: Competency contrasts? Permeability? Pore fluid pressure & flow fields? Modelling Workflow Define the geological problem Build the model Run the model View and Interpret Results Iterate to achieve Understanding Report and feed into knowledge base …Must be repeatable, robust and timely very weak strong weak strong Tensile failure mod. strong Block model of dilation: showing impact of Fault set A Dip variation

4 4 Inefficiencies in the Workflow Information is scattered across: Organisations – company, geological survey, etc Resources – different hardware and software platforms Geography – geological surveys in each state and territory Cost of data integration is high, in some situations exceeding all other costs Computational resources: Different architectures suit different numerical codes better Are often available but outside your organisations direct control Are setup in different ways Cost of adapting an investigators specific toolkit to use multiple sites is often prohibitive Can these issues be removed?

5 5 The SEE Grid Community Working together (loosely) to develop a toolkit for interoperability for the Solid Earth and Environmental Sciences Together… because our information and services need to be shared more easily to achieve our goals Loosely… because ultimately we are separated by political and economic boundaries Toolkit… because our World is dynamic and we need tools that can be reconfigured and chained together quickly to answer our questions …in this context we must reduce the barriers to becoming a part of the community

6 6 Data Structures Proprietary Software Versions of Software Client Pre-competitive geoscience data - The trouble is…

7 7 XML GML/XMML Client Our aim…

8 8 PIRSA Web Feature Service (WFS) Common Interface Binding – GML/XMML GA Geochemistry Feature Data Source DOIR Geochemistry Feature Data Source DOIR Web Feature Service (WFS) GA Web Feature Service (WFS) Geoserver (Open Source) PostGIS (Open Source) Oracle PostGIS (Open Source) CLIENT APPLICATIONS DATA ACCESS SERVICES DATA SOURCES WebMap Composer GA Reports Application PIRSA Geochemistry Feature Data Source Little or no change required here Translation to standards here


10 10 Features – Geoscience Community (XMML & GeoSciML) Borehole collar location shape collar diameter length operator logs related observations … Fault shape surface trace displacement age … Ore-body commodity deposit type host formation shape resource estimate … Observation location subject/specimen/station property/theme method operator date/time result (+ type/reference system/scale/classification) … Basin? formations shape – time dependent resource estimate …

11 11 A user makes a request and gets back GML based data which can be …. Rendered into a map layer AND queried by a user or…. … formatted into a report or …. … read and used by any enabled application Slides courtesy Stuart Girvan – Geoscience Australia How would you use an interoperable service?

12 12 Web Map Interface (courtesy of Social Change Online) Bounding Box Known Layers

13 13 Tabular Reports by Source (courtesy of Geoscience Australia)

14 14 Desktop Visualisation (courtesy of Fractal Technologies)

15 15 Client The Grid Application… Service Interactions Resource Registry Data Management Service HPC Repository Login Job Monitor Run Simulation Edit Problem Description Local Repository Archive Search Geology S.A Geology W.A Rock Prop. N.S.W Rock Prop. W.A Information Authentication Job Management Service Finley Service FastfloRT Service User Workflow... Computation Community Infrastructure Physical Resource

16 16 Grid Technology Layers APAC Grid pmd*CRC SEE Grid

17 17 Traditional Mechanical Modelling Workflow Powerful desktop computes several models at a time Limitations are in the order of ~2 models per week. Models (mesh + data files) are individually and labouriously constructed The manual process is error prone Results are manually visualised one at a time. Screenshots are manually taken and made into movies. Very little, if any, standardised data archiving is done. This results in potential confusion or loss of the originating conditions of the experiments, making it unrepeatable in the long term. Slide courtesy of Robert Cheung and Warren Potma

18 18 New Refined Workflow Parameterised template or wizard driven model geometry/mesh creation. Boundary condition & model properties parameter sweep utilities automatically creates a family of model, data files based on varying a set of parameters. Inversion algorithms determine input parameters of future iterations automatically based on the user ranking of previous results. Automated generation of visualisations Automated movie generation Automated archiving 3D Time varying volume visualisation Parameterised Geometry Creation Multi-site data storage via Storage Resource Broker Slide courtesy of Robert Cheung and Warren Potma

19 19 Results to Date For one Investigator, on one investigation: 500 Models in 4 months (100x more!) Inversion/parameter sweep algorithms – semi-automated model creation; faster, less errors Automated post-processing/visualisation – all views X all timescale X all models await the investigator automatically Automated archiving – metadata searchable, more accurate store of experimental conditions, delivered to your store!

20 20 Conclusion Major modelling inefficiencies have been removed by: Integrating the pmd*CRC geoscience modelling workflow with the: Solid Earth and Environment Grid, and APAC (Geoscience) Grid

21 Thank You Exploration and Mining NameDr Robert Woodcock TitlePrinciple Software Engineer Phone+61 8 6436 8780 Contact CSIRO Phone1300 363 400 +61 3 9545 2176 NameMr Ryan Fraser TitleSoftware Engineer Phone+61 8 6436 8760

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