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National Health Service Corps Some Basics 9/8/10

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1 National Health Service Corps Some Basics 9/8/10

2 NHSC Scholarship--What is it? Competitive federal scholarship for those pursuing primary care – FP – Internal – Med/Peds – OB – Peds – Psych

3 What does it cover? Tuition– ALL of it Required fees (Licensing exams, Student fees) Other reasonable costs – Books – Health Insurance – Computer – Clinical Supplies – Instruments – Travel expenses for one clinical rotation Monthly Stipend – Right now, about $1289/ mo (taxable); may increase or decrease slightly

4 How does it work? One year of tuition= one year of service Minimum of 2 years payback – Makes sense to borrow at least 2 years tuition Pay back at an NHSC approved site located in a health professional shortage area (HPSA) – Anywhere in US or territories

5 Where could I end up working? Community and Migrant Health Centers – Lots of local clinics all over the country Some in large cities, some in the boonies – See website for a list of currently approved locationssearchable by state and specialty Rural Health Clinics State or local health departments Indian Health Service Federal Bureau of Prisons Options for going into your own private practice

6 Who qualifies? You must be: 1.A U.S. Citizen 2.Enrolled or Accepted for enrollment as a full- time student in a: 3.Fully Accredited Medical School Not too complicated

7 Benefits $$$$$$ (all your tuition, books, fees + living expenses)not a bad deal Guaranteed work – You are going to need a job anyway – You negotiate your salary in a location to which youd like to relocate Network of scholars across the country for networking purposes

8 The FINE PRINT NOT for those unsure about a career in primary care If you breach the contract (i.e. decide to go into Pathology or Plastic Surgery): – Pay back 3x the scholarship PLUS interest As an example, if you borrow 3 yrs of tuition, you are looking at roughly $225K + interest – In some states, non-payment of this could result in suspension of clinical license – This is NO JOKE

9 How to apply Directions found at : oapply.htm Deadline for the 2010-11 school year passed on June 1, 2010 Lengthy processgive yourself lots of time – Application, school documents (financial, etc), letters of rec, transcripts, essays etc.

10 Contact me: Mark Mueller, M3 Happy to share my experience with applying, process of receiving benefits, plans for payback, etc.

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