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Indian Health Service Office of Tribal Self-Governance May 6, 2012 New Orleans, Louisiana.

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1 Indian Health Service Office of Tribal Self-Governance May 6, 2012 New Orleans, Louisiana


3 3 DIRECTOR (Vacant) Program Analyst (Larney) Program Analyst (Manydeeds) Program Analyst (King) Financial Analyst (Mayo) Program Analyst COTA (Johnson) Ofc. Auto Assistant STEP (Parkinson) Secretary (Beardsley) Office of Tribal Self-Governance Total FTE: 15 Note: Current Office as of 3/7/2012 Financial Analyst (Quinn) Policy Analyst (Patton) Deputy Director (Smith) Policy Analyst (Vacant) HHS Emerging Leader (Smith-Kaprosy) Financial Analyst (Vacant) Staff Assistant (Longenecker) Financial Analyst COTA (Vacant)

4 4 Self-Governance Goals Formalize U.S. & Tribal relations on a Government-to- Government basis Promote social, economic, political, and cultural stability and self-sufficiency Establish better fiscal accountability through expanded Tribal decision making Change U.S. role from day-to-day management to advocates of Tribal interests

5 OTSG Key Activities Self-Governance Implementation Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (ISDEAA) Policy Development for TSGP Agency Advisor Compact/Funding Agreement Negotiations Special Project Oversight Nation-wide Self-Governance Education and Outreach Tribal Consultation 5

6 Roles of OTSGProgram Analysts – Administer and Facilitate Self-Governance Negotiation process – Analyzes and evaluates the PSFAs being considered for Self-Governance. – Process completed Compacts and Funding Agreements – Provides support and technical assistance on Self- Governance issues 6

7 Roles of OTSGPolicy Analysts – Works on a wide range of national issues – Administer OTSG Cooperative Agreements – Maintains and updates OTSG Policy Manuals – Review HHS Agency policy and regulations – Composes responses to Congressional inquires – Prepares briefing materials for OTSG and the IHS Director – Conducts research and analysis 7

8 Roles of OTSGFinancial Analysts – Makes the payments to the Self-Governance Tribes at the beginning of the funding cycle (Fiscal, Calendar). – Makes payments based on amendments to funding tables throughout the year. – Audit Review for Self-Governance Eligibility – OTSG Budget Activities 8

9 Availability of Options is a Success Direct Service IHS Tribal Self-Governance Program IHS Tribal Self-Determination Program Other Tribally Specific Initiatives

10 Participation Rates are a Success


12 Increased Budget Portion is a Success

13 Diverse Geographic Representation is a Success

14 OTSG Efforts to Ensure Tribal Consultation are a Success Coordinates the IHS Tribal Consultation Summits Drafts IHS input for the HHS Tribal Consultation Report Coordinates Tribal Delegation Meetings Helps to determine when Tribal consultation is needed Reviews and comments on circulars, policies, manuals, guidance to ensure Tribal consultation occurs

15 OTSG Efforts Ensure Tribal Consultation is a Success

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