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CULTURAL COMPETENCY Technical Assistance Pre-Application Workshop.

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1 CULTURAL COMPETENCY Technical Assistance Pre-Application Workshop

2 Growing diversity across the region, including in suburban communities. Patients bring various perspectives about health based on their social and/or cultural backgrounds. Cultural competence can improve provider-service recipient communication, trust and adherence to medical instructions – leading to better health outcomes. WHY CULTURAL COMPETENCY?

3  Improve service delivery and reduce health disparities by … Increasing understanding and the practice of cultural competency in nonprofit health and human service organizations. INITIATIVE GOAL

4 TA Recipients Steering Committee Learning Community TA Consultants EvaluatorFunders KEY COMPONENTS

5 Cultural and linguistic competence is a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system, agency, or among professionals that enables effective work in cross-cultural situations. 'Culture' refers to patterns of human behavior that include the language, thoughts, communications, actions, customs, beliefs, values, and institutions of racial, ethnic, religious, or social groups. 'Competence' implies the capacity to function effectively as an individual and an organization within the context of the cultural beliefs, behaviors, and needs presented by consumers and their communities. [Adapted from Cross, T., Bazron, B., Dennis K., & Isaacs, M., 1989.] WORKING DEFINITION

6 1. Build understanding of national best practices in cultural competency. 2. Strengthen awareness of how cultural competence, access and delivery of health services connects with health outcomes. 3. Enable health and human service providers to recognize and respond to the needs of their target populations. INITIATIVE OUTCOMES

7 4. Engage the region’s foundations in supporting efforts to strengthen cultural competency. 5. Build the capacity of local providers to lead future cultural competency efforts. OUTCOMES (cont)

8 Lead by Example Organizational Sustainability Infrastructure Development Diversity Integration Organization and Community Inclusiveness INITIATIVE OVERVIEW

9 Organizational Focus Organizational Structure Cultural Competence Sustainability Diversity Integration Policy Review Assessment / Survey Development of Program Indicators Sustainability Plan Training Evaluation BOARD OF DIRECTORS MANAGEMENTSTAFFVOLUNTEERS TA FRAMEWORK

10  Board  Employee  Workplace  Community  Service Incorporate Inclusion and Diversity as an Organizational Value Workforce with Best Talent / Increased Staff Satisfaction Integrated Inclusive Work Environment Positive Reputation In all Communities Integrated and Diverse Organization Integration of Inclusion and Diversity in Decision Making / Organizational Development Retention / Diverse Workforce Increased Performance & Innovation / Flexibility Community Partnerships and Involvement Inclusive Policy and Service / Increased Access to Diverse / Underserved Consumers / Clients To Organizational Outcomes To Diversity Outcomes From Current INITIATIVE BENEFITS

11 People/Personnel Organization-Specific Interaction 1.Attitudes 2.Motivation 3.Skills 1.Policies 2.Procedures 1.Leadership Support 2.Planning 3.Service Design 1.Direct Services 2.Environment Reduction in Disparities in Provision of Services Technical Assistance 1.Indicators of success 2.Systematic feedback process EVALUATION FRAMEWORK

12 Participants agree to: Participate in focus group(s) during learning community Complete two online surveys Be available to participate in interviews by evaluator as needed EVALUATION REQUIREMENTS


14 Up to 10 organizations will be selected. Technical assistance term runs 12 months. Organizations must meet Foundation’s general eligibility criteria. Completed application can be mailed or emailed. APPLICATION PROCESS

15 Application Consists of: 1.Cover Page 2.Statement of Commitment 3.Narrative Statement of Request 4.Copy of Organization’s IRS Letter APPLICATION PACKAGE

16 Should address (within four pages): 1.Describe organization, and your experience with diversity and inclusion. 2.Describe conditions in your organization and/or community that explain your interest in cultural competency. 3.Discuss level of commitment of board of directors and capacity to sustain efforts. 4.Describe organization’s ability to dedicate staff resources and capacity to continue efforts beyond the TA period. NARRATIVE STATEMENT

17 Evidence of organizational readiness (including commitment of the board). Demonstrated understanding of the barriers affecting culturally competent delivery of services. Evidence of commitment to sustain efforts beyond the TA period. SELECTION CRITERIA

18 Application Deadline:Thursday, December 13, 2012 @ 4:00 p.m. Notification of Awards: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 T.A. Period: April 1, 2013 – March 31, 2014 APPLICATION TIMELINE

19 Carla Gibson – Senior Program Officer REACH Healthcare Foundation (913) 432-4196 / Adriana Pecina – Program Officer Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City (816) 241-7006 / Theresa Reyes Cummings – Director of Program Development Jackson County Community Mental Health Fund (816) 842-7055 / trcummings@jacksoncountycares.orgtrcummings@jacksoncountycares.orgCONTACTS

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