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Plagiarism: are international students a special case?

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1 Plagiarism: are international students a special case?

2 Is it a problem? Over-represented in cases taken forward Strong face-validity argument -intrinsic and extrinsic motivation -issues about time management Language issues Assumptions about cultural differences

3 What the research says All students are confused International students know about the concerns plagiarism ISs dont know how to avoid it (neither do stay-at- homes) Catching ISs is easier

4 I know what plagiarism is. We have it in Korea, too and we take it very seriously. I do not cheat deliberately. But I get into trouble when I write because I know some subject knowledge better than other and I can write it better. So the lecturer thinks I am cheating when it is my knowledge and I write it better than other times.

5 When I get nervous about writing up my thoughts in poor English even when I know the subject OK, I cant think. So I use other peoples words.

6 Writing skills necessary to avoid plagiarism: Expressing opinions In-text referencing Using direct quotes Creating reference lists & bibliographies Mining text [extracting short, relevant quotes] Paraphrasing Summarising

7 Teaching the skills Different, not deficit Active, not telling Practice and feedback Scaffolding the skills. Is there a place for patch writing? Warnings without help are disempowering

8 The key idea: explicitness Offer definitions for plagiarism and collusion - then explain the definitions Explain and share academic beliefs and values Provide very clear assessment criteria % for language % for citing sources % for structure and organisation

9 Detection: possible signs of plagiarism Changes in text Language accuracy or complexity American spelling Out-of-character for the student Arrives fully formed Off topic or covering only some aspects

10 Detection: confirmation Electronic tools: Google, Turnitin, CopyCatch Viva Interview -plan your questions; -neutral and open Whole-group authentication activity: -asking for drafts or sources -meta-essay, in-class quiz

11 Setting Tariffs / punishments Factors to consider: -extent -level of student -assumptions/rules in the discipline -previous academic experience -consequences for the student

12 Institutional support Consistency Informing, inducting and teaching the skills Expertise / consensus in staff administering policies Staff development Record keeping and monitoring

13 Short-term solutions or longer term reputation? International students want respected, valuable awards arising from robust and reliable assessment. Institutions want the same. Neither will happen without effort.

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